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If you like not letting your opponents play, you'll love this deck. The main goal is to make the game as slow as possible, thats why it's almost instantless. Another important fact is there is almost no creatures so there is no drawback in playing any of the boardwipes.

I gotta tell you I started this deck as a planeswalker and enchantment deck, but then I realized that stax is one of the best ways to play planeswalkers in a multiplayer deck, that's why I started with the stax. But once you go stax you can never relax, so I did cut some planeswalkers to add more stax.

We're talking about optimizing grief, agony and despair among our opponents. So our goal is to reach a maximized point in the suffering curve, We'll call this lovely moment: Max Stax Level

Max Stax Level is the point of the game when it goes so slow and boring that everyone ragequits. You need to have some board advantage like Atraxa or any Planeswalker when you reach MSL.

There is plenty of cards on it's own that disrupt you'r opponent's (and most of the time yours as well) mana base like:

With Stasis you can easily increase the Stax Level, but it's not a great card on its own. There are some cards in the deck that helps us get without tapping. If you combine Stasis with any of the following cards you can keep Stasis on for ever and reach Max Stax Lvl:

The main combo of the deck is similar to the one used in Chronatog decks. To achieve the complete lock you need:Kismet or Frozen Aether, with any of those and Stasis in play, everything your opponents play comes tapped and don't untap. But you need one of the cards above to pay for stasis. There are also 2 other cards that do as Kismet:

Also as we are trying to annoy everyone we are also playing some combo cards, there is great synergy between stax cards:

  • Winter Orb and Nature's Will for tapping opponents lands while playing like winter orb was not there. congrats it's now Max Stax

We all now that if you wanna play combo you need tutors, I'm still missing some but I do have great ones:

There is not only combos in this deck, there is also plenty of control. There is about 7 boardwipes or things alike. My favourite among them is Spreading Plague, it's such an amazing card if you dont like creatures being alive. It does not only make my opponents kill their own creatures, it also makes my atraxa (almost) a Wrath of God.

In the deck I run 9 artifacts that provide mana, It's a lot! but necessary because of Winter Orb, Static Orb, and Armageddon.

I hope you like the deck =) and feel free to comment, I'm looking forward to make this deck even nastier. love ya


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