Pentad Prism

Pentad Prism


Sunburst (This enters the battlefield with a charge counter on it for each colour of mana spent to cast it.)

Remove a charge counter from Pentad Prism: Gain one mana of any colour.

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Pentad Prism Discussion

king-saproling on Intet's grand entry

1 week ago

Component Pouch, Worn Powerstone, Palladium Myr, Somberwald Sage, Overgrowth, Coalition Relic, Pentad Prism, Generator Servant, Eye of Ramos, Heart of Ramos, and Horn of Ramos would all ensure that Intent comes out on turn 4 assuming you've drawn your 4th land by then. Your land count is too low to reliably achieve this though. Would need to be at least 39 lands.

Personally I would cut thought vessel, farseek, rampant growth, wood elves, yavimaya dryad, and utopia sprawl in favor of some of the aforementioned cards.

Also these might interest you: Lightning Greaves, Bloodsworn Steward, Blood Mist, Berserkers' Onslaught, Brass Knuckles, Fireshrieker, Embercleave, Lizard Blades

legendofa on Does Brago’s Ability Refresh Sunburst …

1 month ago

Pentad Prism would return with no counters. Your "does not retain original casting data" is a good way to put it. It's basically treated as an entirely new object. Since no mana was used to cast it when it enters, it doesn't get the Sunburst effect.

bjgivesbj on Does Brago’s Ability Refresh Sunburst …

1 month ago

Long story short, I have a Pentad Prism on the battlefield which I payed two colors of mana to cast. Later in the game, with all the counters spent, I do combat damage with Brago, King Eternal, and flicker the Pentad Prism. Does it return to the battlefield with 2 counters because it retains the “metadata” from when it was first cast, or does it enter the battlefield this way with zero counters because it entered in such a way not cast with mana? (Thus, does it not retain original casting data between battlefield and exile)?

Last_Laugh on The most boring deck you'll ever play

3 months ago

Ok, better late than never...

Spirit Mantle is a great for evasion. Crystal Vein is a nice piece of ramp depending on how glass-canon this deck is. Pentad Prism is the only 2 drop mana rock that'll net you +2 colored mana (albeit once). Sword of Feast and Famine + Aggravated Assault equals infinite combat steps. Divine Reckoning and Razia's Purification are a pair of boardwipes that'll leave Narset untouched.

lagotripha on Grixis Cat Pact

3 months ago

Going into grixis without fetches needs a little tweaking to be reliable - missing your mana is a major issue. You have the card selection to help offset it, but a few tweaks would really help things, even on a serious budget.

Try to plan for the mana you need, right now its blue/red/black straight from the start. If instead you always needed blue turn one, blue turn two, then eventually black or red, you could plan your manabase to reflect that, with more blue lands then fixing for the final part. Its sometimes worth using 'worse spells' and delaying wincons just for the sake of easing mana concerns.

If you only ever need to cast 1 non black spell, Aether Hub is almost a perfect land. Field of Ruin is cheap hate that lets you do something when your mana is off that also fixes your mana. You won't be able to run more than three or so utility lands without making your mana even worse, but this one is worth it.

Mirrodin's Core is fine if you are happy taking a turn off, or playing at instant speed (like with say, blue cantrips and counterspells), while also being a second mana for Mana Leak etc.

This is the next part of the plan ;'pseudo' fixing - if you see a land of the right colour and put it in your hand, thats almost the same.

The rule of thumb is that for every 2 Serum Visions/Opt type 1 mana cantrip, you can cut a land. If you combine this with the earlier idea about planning your lands, you can go to mostly islands and dip into other colours later in the game far easier.

Finally, pact/harmless is a combo, which has a few other options - Aggressive Mining does a lot by giving backup combo options all in red, while some of the traditional combo setups are also ramp/fixing - I love Pentad Prism wherever a deck might go 'I pay 7 mana to win'. If you have a little artifact synergy, Chromatic Star, Sphere of the Suns or Prismatic Lens can work.

The rest is testing and experimenting. Good luck!

WolfShadowmancer on The Modular Factory

3 months ago

I don't know if you're in the market for any more infinite combos, but I actually came up with one earlier this week and I think you could try it out for size if you'd like.

It uses Throne of Geth and either Pentavus or Thopter Squadron to infinitely Proliferate. You need any artifact that can remove charge counters or 1/1 counters to add mana, such as Pentad Prism, Cryptic Trilobite, or Crystalline Crawler. The trilobite will give you infinite mana that you can spend on activated abilities and I'm sure you could win from there. The key piece is Dross Scorpion, which will untap your throne every time you sac an artifact creature. If you don't have the mana producers you can still Proliferate as many times as you have mana, which is a crazy good rate!

Is it a good combo? Probably not, seeing as it needs 4 pieces plus a board state that can take advantage of all the Proliferation, but I would love to see someone pull it off. I kind of live for jank lol.

lagotripha on Lightning Cajones

5 months ago

There are some fixes for tri-colour mana for elementals, especially if you are racing to higher mana. Pentad Prism and Smokebraider do a lot. The triple costs for ball and skele can be awkward still - its all about how it feels in testing.

Assault Strobe also turns that t4 ball lightning with celebrant into a otk.

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