Sterling Grove

Sterling Grove


Other enchantments you control have shroud. (They can't be the targets of spells or abilities.)

, Sacrifice this: Search your library for an enchantment card, reveal it, then shuffle your library and put that card on top.

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Sterling Grove Discussion

Happymaster19 on

3 days ago

Sometimes you venture into the salt mines. You find an opponent that wants nothing to do with what’s going on. Even when they’re in a solid state to win. I was playing a mono-blue Delver of Secrets  Flip deck that was running Murktide Regent . They also hit me with two Counterspell s. So obviously they know about Modern Horizons 2. So it struck me as off when my opponent sent me a link to Gatherer on Enchantress's Presence to show me that despite it being in MH2, Gatherer didn’t show it as Modern legal. I don’t know why they didn’t question my Invasion version of Sterling Grove but whatever. That’s just an issue of databases getting updated. They refused to agree but pressed on anyway. Once I established Solitary Confinement the opponent took a moment to comment that the game had gotten boring.

Please do that. That’s why I play this deck. So you can counter all my things and say my deck is annoying when you get shut out. The salt mines are the bread and butter of this deck and whether it’s good in the meta or bad, getting those reactions only embolden me to play it more. That salt is the seasoning of victory. It’s all the more delicious. I try not to be petty so it really helps when my opponent takes the mic. I play for those moments. So keep countering all my stuff and call my strategy annoying. I call it honest. At least you know what you can’t do against me rather than hiding behind dishonest counters.

I won’t be called a cheater because my accuser’s ignorance. Yes, I was using an Onslaught version of Presence. I did ask if this individual knew it was printed in MH2 and although they confined this, they adhered to the gospel of the Gatherer page’s outdated database. I looked into the link sent to me and to their credit the page did only read that Presence’s legal formats were Legacy and Vintage. So I looked up Murktide Regent.

As of 6/9/2021, according to, Murktide Regent is NOT LEGAL IN ANY FORMATS.

Call my deck annoying. Delicious. Call my deck illegal? Discredit my skill, my play, my deck building? And with a resource that can’t even back up the legality of your own deck? You’re only making yourself look foolish. It taints the experience. I may prey on the misery of my opposition but beating an ignorant opponent is a hollow victory.

I’ve run into the salt mines plenty. It comes with the territory. I’ve had players discredit my deck building, calling this a pile of jank. I can walk away happy with the match win. I’ve had my game play discredited, told ‘that’s not how my deck wins’. I can walk away happy with a match win. I hadn’t yet run into someone questioning the legality of my deck. That one makes it hard to walk away happy with the win. But hopefully that’s just a matter of updating databases. Gotta take it in the meantime. I lost a game recently because I didn’t realize phased out tokens do still come back. I’m totally open to having my play rule-checked. But please don’t @ me with an outdated source that invalidates your deck with the very claim laid before me.

Long story short, staying up to date on format legal sets isn’t a mountain of work. I try to see this isolated incident charitably on all angles. I was playing a new card to the format using an older print of it. They did take a step in the right direction by looking up my new card even if they didn’t check their own. So maybe when you look at a bunch of decks on this site and you see a bunch of red highlights that are all in the same set, maybe, just maybe the site is uploading the cards before they program format legality, as does Gatherer? So as new sets come out and players slot in upgrades (from any new set, this can happen with new Standard sets), just be mindful that the format illegal highlights are just a matter of databases updating and not new cards being banned in a format.

And be nice.

multimedia on Tuvasa- Enchantment Voltron

4 days ago

Hey, you're welcome.

Nice updates and having lots more enchantments should really improve gameplay with Tuvasa. The update also has reduced the mana curve to a better 2.5 avg. You really should get some kind of manabase in place even if just a temporary one to get to 99 cards. You currently have room for only 31 lands which is low; you may have to make some cuts to add more lands.

Looking at the color pie, white is the primary color, but I think this is deceiving since green is overall much more important than white especially to have in the early game for land auras, enchantresses and land ramp spells. The majority of the cards that are making white the largest part of the pie are the four and five drops that are double white casting cost which you want to cast later in the game. Green as primary can help to get white and blue much more than white can get the other colors.

The amount of sources of each color from lands in the manabase is really wanted equally to consistently cast Tuvasa early, but if you're relying on budget lands then more green as well as green dual lands than the rest of the colors/Azorius duals will help to get the other colors. Canopy Vista , Prairie Stream and Rimewood Falls are budget dual lands for Farseek to search for one of them to help color fixing.

Modern Horizons 2 has a new enchantment enchantress, enchantment mana dork, enchantment reanimation and reprinted enchantment tutor: Sythis, Harvest's Hand , Sanctum Weaver , Resurgent Belief and Sterling Grove . All these are excellent upgrades, but unfortunately currently their prices are not budget. Watch them and wait a month after MH2 is released, June 18th. Currently the hype of most MH2 cards is pushing prices through the roof, but these prices will not hold when tons of product has been opened.

Happymaster19 on

6 days ago

Zoo is going control! I played a very interesting build of Zoo that incorporated a slew of one drops to recur with Abiding Grace . I was able to seal a quick game 1 with an incidental Rest in Peace backed by Sterling Grove s but ok some bleeding from Wild Nacatl and Vexing Devil . Eventually I got Solitary Confinement to seal the deal. In game two it looked very similar but I got surprised by Caustic Caterpillar which with Abiding Grace are my board up as they could sacrifice Caterpillar between reanimation triggers. Owie. I had to lean more heavily on those Sterling Grove s and mulled to six with double Grove. They had Ranger-Captain of Eos as a tutor but I had developed my engines behind some prisons and eventually was able to toss a spare Grove to get some angels for the finish.

That was a scary one and Abiding Grace alongside strong self-sacrifice creatures like Caterpillar and Spore Frog could really cause some problems for many decks. Very fun. I got my eye out for this graveyard based Zoo build.

Happymaster19 on

1 week ago

Played a couple games and it seems like green was coming out. First match up against Modern Maverick with Knight of the Reliquary , Noble Hierarch , Voice of Resurgence , Stoneforge Mystic , and MAINDECK Qasali Pridemage . I managed to slow them down off of two Ghostly Prison s by turn 6 until I could draw into Sphere of Safety . Closed off the removal with double Sterling Grove and maybe four turns bought off Out of Time the opponent had to wave the flag before the fleet of angels. In the second game, they had removal creatures and tutors galore to keep me off enough early plays that I folded to Eternal Witness to get back Eladamri's Call on my end step and I folded not needing to see what they’d pull, I was behind enough on board and stuck on two lands. Tiebreaker started out looking like the second but with double Sterling Grove in my opener, I could at least absorb a removal if not close them off removal completely. I was mainly leaning on that while Sythis, Harvest's Hand fed me into more board control. We went back and forth with me removing or isolating singular threats along the way until they blew me out with Engineered Explosives for three to get rid of two Ghostly Prison s, Enchantress's Presence , Out of Time , and Solitary Confinement but not before I could deploy a second Grove. They didn’t have a very threatening board with On Thin Ice and Runed Halo still doing work. So I got back Confinement with Hall of Heliod's Generosity and sent in the final blows with Heliod, God of the Sun .

That was a close fought battle and much more back and forth than I anticipated. Those tutors provided for a rather consistent toolbox package. Alas, strats with one way to win are relatively easy to hate. It’s less about accumulating hate and rather about using enough hate to get to that one piece. That Engineered Explosives blowout scared me but we just needed that one piece. Ironically, I drew into Confinement off of Sythis’s trigger when I replayed my Halled back first Confinement. Guess I knew what I was discarding on that first upkeep.

Second match brought more green creatures with Heliod Company. First game went pretty smoothly as I got out a quick Sythis backed by Grove. Also started with Leyline of Sanctity . Always nice to get that incidental gotcha. They plopped out some creatures. I deployed Ghostly Prison and frankly, off the back of not being able to combo me, they folded to Sigil of the Empty Throne . Second game went very similarly too first match second game. Off the back of Grove and Halo, I got stuck on two lands and they widened their board beyond saving as I never got another land. Last game was very intriguing. They managed a decent board but I managed to get a draw engine behind Solitary Confinement early. They Walking Ballista + Heliod, Sun-Crowned to an arbitrary amount of life and asked how I was going to win. While I didn’t have a guaranteed win, I could theoretically moderate how many draw engines I had out and use Hall of Heliod's Generosity to keep me from milling out until the opponent eventually would. They decided to close up there. A theoretically infinite amount of life: defeated. That made for a very interesting finish. I’m sure my opponent was just thinking ‘How can they possible overcome all the life? They only have Heliod, God of the Sun and Sigil Angel beats.’ Well, we found out. Very slowly. Very miserably.

Guerric on Enchantress's Pillowfort: A Tuvasa Combo Guide

1 week ago

More exciting news from Modern Horizons 2. Sythis, Hand of Harvest (not in tappedout's card database yet apparently) is a new 2cmc enchantress that can also gain us some life, so she's probably going in somewhere. Also, with Sterling Grove being reprinted that will probably go in. Its real great in conjunction with Privileged Position , and adds so more tutoring to boot. Mirari's Wake is also a possibility, but I don't know if we need that effect at that cmc. I'd probably just rather go with Sanctum Weaver , who will be great at putting Omniscience on the board.

C--8CLARK8--D on G/W/x enchantress modern MH2 update

2 weeks ago

(4) Privileged Position protects all of your permanents Greater Auramancy only protects enchantments and is replaced by Sterling Grove

(5) honestly this could be Oblivion Ring , i previously played mone creatures making the convoke on Conclave Tribunal important

(6) having both isint necessary but it can save you in corner cases such as your oponat having Maelstrom Pulse

(7) Solitary Confinement is best played alongside Enchantress's Presence and Setessan Champion to fill your hand and discard extra copies or lands while digging for a win con, if your about to loose it can buy you time but only if you have a way to draw cards

(8) it gets back enchantments if your oponant has destroyed one, you could also use it to get back a Solitary Confinement that you have sacrificed

(9) Canopy Vista is a sometimes untapped forest for Utopia Sprawl but generally you wold want to enchant a basic forest, you could use a different forest + white land but canopy vista seems to do the best job besides Temple Garden

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Modern Horizons 2 Spoilers

2 weeks ago

Dermotaxi: The unexpected Phage the Untouchable tech

The fact that I can make infinite squirrels without Earthcraft just tickles me. Scurry Oak is going straight into my squirrel deck.

White got some nice new toys in Esper Sentinel and Solitude (actually a good card in the cycle which is rare)

Ragavan is pretty neat, not sure if it will replace Grenzo or Breeches at the helm of those style of decks, but I like the card

Piru is another awesome callback to deep MTG lore.

Lonis is fantastic. I love it when they print commanders for narrow archetypes

Not sure what all the hub-bub about Gaea's Will and Yavimaya, Cradle of Growth is about. The cards are strong but not too strong, and they fit perfectly within Green's color identity. Seem well designed to me. I could see Gaea's Presence being a bit gross in modern As Foretold or Living End decks, but that's about it It'd actually be nice to see a full cycle of Urborg and Yavimaya printed someday.

Nice to see some good $$ reprints in Greed , Mirari's Wake , Enchantress's Presence , Zuran Orb , and Sterling Grove . None of these will impact Modern, but it's great for commander. Other than the clear cash grab choice to print Cabal Coffers at mythic, the reprints have been on point this set so far.

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