Elspeth, Sun's Champion

Elspeth, Sun's Champion

Legendary Planeswalker — Elspeth

+1: Create three 1/1 white Soldier creature tokens.

-3: Destroy all creatures with power 4 or greater.

-7: You get an emblem with "Creatures you control get +2/+2 and have flying."

Elspeth, Sun's Champion Discussion

NV_1980 on You Know Nuthin Jon Snow

3 weeks ago


We like your deck! It looks fun to play and you have a decent all-around mix in here to make it relatively resilient. Here are some ideas we had:

We hope these suggestions helped you. If you like white decks, please have a look at ours. We have one based on Kemba, one based on Odric and one based on Avacyn.

Have fun brewing and playing! Many regards,

Mrs. and Mr. NV_1980

enpc on Fixing White in EDH

3 weeks ago

mccabej140: While I can understand that you're miffed that the thread got sidetracked, it does raise an important point here; it's important to get your basis correct.

You posted in a forum about commander where the premise was that white has a deficit on card draw compared to the other colours and that it was somehow a problem that needed fixing. The counter argument was that white's card draw is plenty fine considering the colour as a whole and the other things that it does.

Your premise was fixing a problem, not "hey, I came up with a cool new mechanic that white (and potentially others) could have" which was posted under the Custom Cards section of the forum, so the response is talking about whether there actually is a problem and if it does indeed need fixing. Context matters and we (as in all of us, myself included) can get caught up wasting a lot of time and energy trying to fix problems that don't actually exist.

If you're keen on the mechanic and think that it's got potential, I would recommend that you keep developing it. But some feedback on the design idea:

  • For a white ability, your tokens should have at least 1 power. I doesn't make sense for white, a martial colour to make tokens which have no teeth.

  • Exiling cards off the top of your library so you can play them is actually quite a red mechanic. The red design is very much a "use it or lose it" attitude which fits with the colour scheme.

  • If you do want to adapt this to white, I would have the ability only every exile 1 card, however it can create multiple tokens. When at least one of them dies/leaves the battlefield, then you can flip the exiled card. This way you're not giving white the ability to dig super deep but your are giving them token, which is a white thing.

  • Skullclamp exists and is a very strong card, but don't be afriad of its existence. There are lots of cards which are broken with clamp, that's the fault of clamp, not your card. It's like saying that Elspeth, Sun's Champion + Skullclamp become a card draw beast. Of course it does, but that's not becuase of Elspeth.

  • Figure out how the mechanic gets triggered. Are you going to tie it to ETBs, or mainly instants/sorceries? Are you going to have repeatable versions of it on a card?

Those would be my thoughts on the ability itself. I would also recommend creating a new thread over in the Custom Cards forum and don't talk about this "fixing white", just talk about the mechanic. I would also look into the ability not just being white, you might have white/blue and white/red cards which can do this too.

multimedia on conclave Exile

4 weeks ago

Hey, you're welcome.

Something to worry about is there's 23 cards here that are 5 CMC or higher which is lot. You risk with only 31 lands and few ramp sources not being able to cast spells. The Devoted + Vizer combo is nice, but can be difficult to assemble in Commander as one ofs and you're kind of relying on the combo too much. My advice is trim the high CMC creature base for some low CMC tutors that can search for the better creatures and cut the majority of the cards that create little creature tokens for more ramp and lands.

Some cards to consider cutting:

These three are the least good cards as they don't do enough to warrant taking a card slot. Navigator's Compass is not ramp, it's only color fixing for one land, but you can get both ramp and color fixing with a two drop mana rock or better yet Faeburrow Elder. Wake the Reflections is fine since it's a one drop spell, but is not really needed because you can get repeatable populate from better sources. Could cut it for Garruk's Uprising which will have much more overall impact in a game.

These four are the least good of the creatures and they could be cut for more tutors that can search for the better creatures or other cards.

Making 1/1 creature tokens to populate is not taking enough advantage of populate. All these cards could be cut for more lands and ramp to consistently be able to cast many high CMC cards. The exceptions can be Assemble the Legion, Dragon Broodmother, March of the Multitudes and Elspeth, Sun's Champion, but these are good cards for effects that create lots of 1/1 tokens, that's better especially with Purphoros/Terror and March with Devoted + Vizer combo.

Something to think about for futures upgrades is how can you make Ghired better? Technically all you need is Ghired because he's an army in a can since he creates the 4/4 Rhino token to populate. Protecting Ghired and the Rhino is important and making it safe to attack. Attacking is what makes Ghired good therefore the more attacking you can do the better. Aurelia, the Warleader is the right idea, but you can expand on the multiple combat steps idea much more including infinite attacks.

My suggestion of Garruk's Uprising gives you another repeatable draw source by populating or creating big creature tokens other ways. More draw is area to expand on especially cards that let you draw when creatures attack or do combat damage. Included in the Ghired Commander precon are such cards you should consider adding.

UnbanHogaak on The White Party, Planeswalker edition.

1 month ago

Serra the Benevolent seems bad seeing as none of your creatures are flyers, and Basri, Devoted Paladin doesn't really seem enough to warrant being included. I'd recommend Elspeth, Sun's Champion if you want a strong CMC 6 walker that can close out games.

The_Legionarre on WhAT, BUdGET ConTROL? (Esper Control Ft. Snow)

1 month ago

I'd cut the tar pits and just add in more collonades, also I'd play 2 dead of winter (which you are) with 3 unconditional wraths, just so that you can 2 for 1 against tron or something. Also i'd go up to 3 gearhulk, and replace dream crawlers with a single AEtherling and an Elspeth, Sun's Champion. Aetherling requires you to keep mana up, but you should have lots of mana since you're not playing fetches. Also it allows you to speed up your clock and it dodges edicts and wrath effects, something the crawler doesn't do, meaning that as long as you're smart your aetherling can stay alive for ever. Elspeth pulls double duty as a conditional wrath as well as a win con with her plus, providing you huge amounts of blockers as well as swarming opponents, letting you stabilize against most decks on her own.

In terms of more objective changes you should make, add drown in the loch, its insane. add a playset of cantrips, Thought Scour has good synergies with Drown in the Loch as well as Into the Story which is a nice card advantage spell you might want to try. Serum Visions or Opt should work well though in a vacuum. Also take out the inquisitions.

SynergyBuild on Help on my First Vorthos …

2 months ago

RNR_Gaming For sure, and honestly I think I need Elspeth, Sun's Champion in the list, sure makes some non-humans, seems sweet in the deck!

Serabelle on Avacyn Worldslayer

2 months ago

Hey, nice to see someone else is trying to make Avacyn competitive! Here are some thoughts from my own Avacyn deck, I’m still in the process of building it as well. :)


Card Quality:

Protecting Avacyn:

  • Avacyn is a huge threat and most people will definitely try to stop you from using her by: countering her summoning, exiling her, -x/-x, sacrifice, copying or stealing her.

  • Teferi's Protection is complete board protection. Probably the best defense white has.

  • Effects like Otherworldly Journey or Long Road Home allow you to save her from exile board wipes, Cyclonic Rift and the like.

  • Arcane Lighthouse is useful in circumstances that someone copies or steals your Avacyn.

  • Whispersilk Cloak can also combo well with Worldslayer (just be sure to equip Worldslayer first).

Spot Removal:

  • Oblation (shuffles back into deck)

  • Condemn (puts attacking creature at the bottom of its owner’s library)

Counter Spells: (Not that there are many in white).


Potential Planeswalkers:

Good Luck! I hope the deck building goes well! :)

Daveslab2022 on Jank Control?

2 months ago

Lurrus seems incredibly fun- but not necessarily for a control deck. Although Orzhov control, while lacking in counter spells, has basically everything else you need.

It’s got board wipes, premium removal, card advantage, and a vast assortment of finishers.

If you did go that route I would play a lot cheap permanents like Dark Confidant and Stitcher's Supplier for card advantage, Bitterblossom for lots of blockers. Notreally any aggressive cards. You finishers being walkers like Elspeth, Sun's Champion and Sorin, Grim Nemesis.

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