Tainted AEther

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Tainted AEther


Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, its controller sacrifices a creature or land.

SufferFromEDHD on Numot: Leave. Everything. Destroyed.

4 months ago

Training Grounds = [sad horn sound from The Price is Right] Mystic Remora is a great replacement.

Faith's Reward I run a playset of these effects. I will cut one and add this.

Tainted AEther = Epic card. Epic tax... Wrong colors haha

Land Equilibrium = you suggested this in my Skip Turns deck. This is a great tax after MLD but weak before. Going to chew on it.

Profet93 on Numot: Leave. Everything. Destroyed.

4 months ago

SufferFromEDHD +1

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding training grounds. but your commander's ability is a triggered ability, not an activated ability, correct?

Mystic Remora - Draw

Faith's Reward - To go with your MLD plan or just recursion?

Tainted AEther - Goes well with your MLD, creatureless strategy

Land Equilibrium - More stax!

Last_Laugh on It's time for their daily penance, honey.

5 months ago

Price of Progress and Blood Moon will hate on good mana bases (assuming the 36 basics is accurate and not just a lazy placeholder... I've been there lol). Blood Moon can definitely cause some saltiness though.

Archfiend of Depravity will screw go-wide creature strategies. Tainted AEther is another card that punishes creature strategies. Feed the Swarm and Chaos Warp are your only 2 answers to enchantments in these colors. Oubliette is another premium piece of removal (use on commanders for maximum effect).

Vicious Shadows, Emberwilde Captain, and Unquenchable Fury will hate on large hands. I'm not sure I like the Black Vice effects (or at least so many of them).

Exsanguinate would be a nice finisher here.

You are a bit light on creatures. Koskun Falls can be hard to find if you aren't shopping online but it does provide some defense.

Last One Standing and Blasphemous Act are a pair of good budget friendly boardwipes here.

hootsnag on Overgrown Garden

8 months ago

Honestly, I feel that magic has taken a weird direction. It seems entirely creature focused these days. When I play some of my decks against newer players, it's rage inducing for them. I play a lot of enchantments and artifacts that affect the entire board at once. These players say it's unfair or that they only lost because I have older and expensive cards. However, years ago magic explored more with enchantments and artifacts than they do now. Take for instance Tainted AEther. When I play with this card against newer players, they are forced to remove it or lose. Maybe I just enjoy control decks in general, but magic used to print a LOT of these powerful cards. It seems that the R&D team for wizards have mostly moved away from these powerful kinds of cards and focused much more heavily on creatures and creature abilities. Also, I love counterspells and tutor cards. This is something you don't see nearly as many of anymore unless they have some ridiculous cost associated with them. Long gone are the days of newer cards similar in cost to Counterspell and Mana Drain. I have consistently won more games against people by mass control than some cheesy combo deck. I guess that's why I still play cards like Jester's Cap. By exiling 2-3 cards from their main deck's combo, they concede because the rest of the cards in their decks are useless. In a way I find that playing against more modern decks and cards is a bit boring. Just my random thoughts on magic over the years and my experience with games against all kinds and types of decks.

SteelSentry on top cards of each color

1 year ago

Partly a list of the best, partly a list of pet cards

Mother of Runes, Swords to Plowshares (I know Giver is usually better but mom protecting herself, or threatening to, has come up surprisingly often in my games)

Telepathy, Dramatic Reversal

Tainted Strike, Tainted AEther

Goblin Welder, Greater Gargadon

Crop Rotation, Constant Mists

zAzen7977 on TINY PUNISHER - Discard/Stax [cEDH Primer]

1 year ago

Hey Awdiehl7, Praetor's Grasp is definitely situational, it depends on your playgroup. The higher the power level of the group, the more relevant Grasp becomes. It also helps if you play against the same decks or archetypes frequently, so you know how they work and what you can utilize with Grasp. I’ve also considered dropping the Swamps and running 1 of each card to enable Tainted Pact, that way I can steal Thassa's Oracle and win by exiling my library with Pact. I’m weighing whether the occasional extra mana potential with Cabal Coffers is worth running over Pact.

Profet93, yes, Castle Locthwain is rarely used, but it can come in handy in a tight spot. At least there is the option to draw a card at instant speed, even if I take some minimal life-loss. Plus I can use it in conjunction with Words of Waste on an opponent’s turn.

And yes, the stax pieces are always being targeted by other players, so the trick is layering them as the game progresses to overwhelm the other players, and eventually lock their hands down before they can kill you. If your meta is super creature-heavy, consider adding additional removal like I mentioned earlier. I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but Tainted AEther is very effective as well.

Also, I’d love to see pics of the deck. I’ve been meaning to post picks of mine, but I haven’t gotten around to it!

SufferFromEDHD on

1 year ago

I like your build. I too have been exploring the interesting strategy Myrkul allows. Some enchantments from my list that have been really strong:

Heartless Summoning speed up the strategy.

Last Laugh value for all the creatures coming and going.

Necropotence guarantees Myrkul trigger and a handful of tricks.

Sphere of Safety self explanatory.

Spreading Plague we get enchantments, opponents get nothing.

Sterling Grove self explanatory.

Tainted AEther we get enchantments, opponents get nothing.

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