Flood Plain

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Premodern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Flood Plain


Flood Plain enters the battlefield tapped.

, Sacrifice Flood Plain: Search your library for a Plains or Island card, put it onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library.

DreadKhan on Fata Morgana

3 months ago

Not sure how helpful this would be, but you could try some Flood Plains to help with fixing, they are slow and you don't have duals, and this is the only one you'd likely want, so I'm just tossing it out there. If you take out 1 Plains and 1 Island for 2 of them, you effectively have improved your access to W and U mana. If you run 4 of it, you effectively have 2 more Plains and 2 more Islands with the same number of lands. This would let you toss in another Mountain if you wanted, and still have improved odds of finding all 3 types of mana. You don't run many 1 drops, so you could play one turn 1 I guess at little cost, but I guess it'll stink when your 5th land drop comes in tapped and you can't Desertion on time!

Really cool deck idea, the deck might be more funny if you went 'all in' on the Political Trickery/Undiscovered Paradise interaction, they'll lose the land when they tap it, you just keep their I guess, but it's hard to justify cutting cards that'll actually help you win for a combo that is mostly about trolling them. I actually might try building that some time, Political Trickery is also stapled to a body, which can be flickered I would think.

Gidgetimer on Are all fetchlands banned on …

4 months ago


That link is to the official banned and restricted list. Pioneer lists 22 cards as banned. Those 22 cards are the only things banned. However there are other cards that are simply not legal in the format. To be banned a card must first have the possibility of being legal in the format, which for pioneer means a standard legal set since Return to Ravnica. Polluted Delta was printed in Khans and is banned. Flood Plain has not been printed in a standard legal set since RTR and is not legal. Evolving Wilds was printed in M15 and is not banned, so it is legal.

While you are getting used to what was printed when it is probably going to be best to just use a card search engine (I prefer Scryfall) and just look at the legality of cards there if you are unsure. If you would prefer the official source Gatherer is the official WotC website, but the interface is pretty bad.

LoliTron on Are all fetchlands banned on …

4 months ago

First of all, i am new to the game, so i get a bit lost sometimes. But hear me out, the thing is, there is a small amount of people who play magic (non digital version) here where i live, and the format everyone here plays is pioneer, so here is my problem: I have been having this argument with a friend who plays with me, he says (and other players back him up on it) that all fetchlands are banned from pioneer, things like Evolving Wilds. That are, in fact, some fetchlands banned from pioneer, like Flood Plain, but every site i looked into says that evolving wilds is not actually banned from pioneer, and the same goes for other fetchlands, such ass: Blighted Woodland and Fabled Passage. I recently went and did some research. when wizards announced the pioneer format back in 2019, the format actually came with 5 cards banned initially, all of them fetchlands (from Khans of Tarkir).

So, the thing is, these guys i play with are thinking that those bans meant all fetchlands that got released during that time or any fetchlands that were released after the format began, are banned. I do not know what to believe, being a new player and having so much info and so many rules thrown at you is already too much, but now i can't even be sure of which cards are banned or not? What should i believe? What is the truth here?

Thanks for your atention, sorry for such a big question.

Mortlocke on The Queen's Egg

6 months ago

Hey abierto,

Indeed it’s been awhile since you commented, glad to hear from you. Thank you for bringing these cards onto my radar, let’s discuss them - I can easily tell that Survival of the Fittest would dramatically change the way the deck plays – with Survival of the Fittest + Dregscape Sliver on the board, access to at least 3 mana, 1 creature in hand, and at least an additional I can combo out and win the game on that turn. The only drawbacks I can see here are the mana requirements coupled with the more than likely opponent interaction that would be coming my way. Given that Dregscape Sliver’s ability is only sorcery speed – that only solidifies my concern as A simple Bojuka Bog could wreck me If I do not populate my graveyard with care and proper timing. This makes me wish that Paradox Engine wasn’t banned – I really miss that card. The verdict is out on Survival of the Fittest, I want to like to this card but I can’t help but feel hesitant in including it (let alone the investment). I think I’ll maybe proxy it in and see where that takes me. Speaking which, check out this really awesome alter:

Survival of the Fittest Sliver Alter Show

Dregscape Sliver on the other hand I’m considering including. Maybe cutting Patriarch's Bidding, as I do not like the mana investment and the potential added bonus of assisting opponents. In the metas I play in there are a lot of tribal decks – I’m sitting across from at least one or two other tribal decks every game. I’m ordering a copy today, so thank you for mentioning that card again.

Hi Sneuxfox (death by Snu snu?),

Welcome to my deck page! Thank you for posting. I’ve always wanted to work Magma Sliver into this decklist, but I don’t think it would be a good fit – Magma lends itself toward a Sliver deck that compliments a more Aggro strategy where the goal is to hit a “critical mass” of creatures and abuse enough evasion keywords to get a single creature to knock an opponent out. First Sliver's Chosen would be an absolute must include alongside Magma Sliver, as it would solidify a Voltron strategy by stacking Exalted triggers alongside Magma’s ability. I definitely agree that the aforementioned can get out hand when you have just one Sliver be the target of multiple triggers.

I agree that it's criminal that Magma doesn't make it's way into alot of lists, maybe it's due to most decks wanting to lean into the Mid-range Sliver tool box? Or maybe it's because the deck would need to be more Voltron centric? I decided to throw together a quick decklist as an example of what I think the average deck running Magma Sliver would look like:

Budget Aggro Sliver Decklist Show

What're your thoughts on the list, Sneuxfox ?

enpc on Improving Budget Atraxa

1 year ago

With the release of the new snow dual lands from Kaldheim, you have access to comes-into-play-tapped-always fetchable lands on a budget. Glacial Floodplain and the like.

By combining these with cards like Wood Elves , Nature's Lore , Skyshroud Claim , Farseek , Into the North , as we ll as the set of bad fetches ( Flood Plain , Bad River , etc.) then you have an ok mana base which you can eventaully directly swap shocks into (though you may have to swap in some snow basics or drop Into the North ).

In general though, part of the reason that the deck is a bit slow is that you're lacking ramp. you have 8 pieces that I counted and typically you want double that. Additionally, the higher the overall curve or the more complicated the mana base (and Atraxa isn't an easy one) then the more ramp you want to pack. I know you run a high artifact count however you still have a lot of coloured mana symbols to deal with.

You also don't have a huge amount of draw-card either. Given that the majority of your draw is cantrips (which work much better whne you have lots of them or in conjunction with a bunch of other draw), you may want to look into a few repeatable draw engines.

DemMeowsephs on Obuun, Mul Daya ancestor

1 year ago

Hey there! Here are some suggestions you might like:

Lower/mid budget:

Higher budget:

Hope this helps! Good luck on your deck and have a wonderful day! Feel free to check out some of my decks.

Minousmancer on Historic STOMPY Flash

1 year ago

Just do you, you could use cards like Flood Plain , Hallowed Fountain , or Hengegate Pathway  Flip...

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