Razortide Bridge

Razortide Bridge

Artifact Land

This enters the battlefield tapped.


: Gain or .

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Razortide Bridge Discussion

mrweaselman on America Control

3 months ago

Chandra Ablaze does not seem very good in this deck, I can't see a time you really want to use her +1 and her -2 is pretty situational for control. Neither is really worth the cost either. Chandra, the Firebrand is alright, but I think that there are better planeswalker options. Chandra, Torch of Defiance is probably the best Chandra, although she's a bit more expensive. Ajani Vengeant is another pretty solid option.

Detention Sphere is better than Banishing Light in your colors. Mana Leak is probably better than Negate. You can always sideboard swap them if you have the space too.

Fire / Ice can replace Lightning Bolt if you find yourself light on card draw. You'll want to replace Drawn from Dreams with instant draw. A couple options are Precognitive Perception, Sphinx's Revelation, Chemister's Insight, or Thassa's Intervention.

Going over the land base, you may be able to go down 1-2 and replace them with draw, your high end is only 4-5 mana. Take out basics for 4 Mystic Monastery, 3 Battlefield Forge, and 2 either Celestial Colonnade or Wandering Fumarole. I'm not completely sure what your colored distribution is, so those numbers may not be optimal.

If you run any of the artifact bridges like Razortide Bridge you can also run Cleansing Wildfire, which may not be competitive, but is pretty spicy.

plakjekaas on How Good are the New …

4 months ago

Commander is an increasingly fast format because of the cry for not ramping on turn 2 being a death sentence. You can still Farseek off of one of these if you play it turn 1. The only turn they're bad is turn 2, and if you have to play it tapped turn two, you should probably have mulligan'd your hand. I'll play Deserted Beach over Seachrome Coast in any commander deck. Which doesn't mean I'll play it, to be honest, I think it goes the two-colored equivalent of:


Hallowed Fountain

Sea of Clouds

Glacial Fortress

Horizon land if available (Horizon Canopy and such)

Mystic Gate

Hengegate Pathway  Flip

Prairie Stream but only with fetches

Celestial Colonnade

Adarkar Wastes

Irrigated Farmland better with fetches, cycling still solid

Deserted Beach

Temple of Enlightenment

Azorius Chancery

Seachrome Coast

Port Town

Glacial Floodplain higher with fetches, of course

And then all the tapped minor downside stuff like Razortide Bridge or Tranquil Cove or a Campus for enemy colors, whatever fits your deck for synergies could raise those too of course.

That's the general order I'd consider them to include in my 2-color deck if available, I guess.

Darth_Savage on Blue White Eldraine-Inspired Artifact and Flyers

4 months ago

Given what you are trying to do, Razortide Bridge seems like a card you would want. I'd suggest Portable Hole rather than Glass Casket, also not sure you want the more expensive spells, 4 mana, in a Modern setting is a lot...

mynameismawky on Affinity Infinity

5 months ago

Wow, this is such a cool idea! I think there is a ton of potential for the golem + mystic forge combo. I think, though, that a lot of the affinity cards that you play lessen the strength of Mycosynth Golem - seems like you'd want to play things that would be busted if they had affinity and fewer things that already have it.

With that said, you'd probably benefit from the artifact dual lands from mh2: Razortide Bridge and Mistvault Bridge. It also seems like a perfect slot in for Urza's Saga. I would replace the nexus lands with the duals for sure.

Springleaf Drum is also just insane value for getting your artifact count up.

I really love this idea!