Winds of Change


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition Common
Portal Rare
Fifth Edition Rare
Fourth Edition Rare
Legends Uncommon

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Winds of Change


Each player shuffles the cards from his or her hand into his or her library, then draws that many cards.

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Winds of Change Discussion

CaptSillva on Nekusar Just Wants the Best for You

1 day ago

You could consider these cards Phyrexian Tyranny, Whirlpool Warrior, Winds of Change, Otherworld Atlas, Teferi's Puzzle Box, Toil / Trouble, and Vision Skeins.

Also just in case you don't know Day's Undoing won't trigger Nekusar's effect. Well it will, but the triggers will all be removed from the stack when Day's resolves because it ends the turn.

charliedastrike on Seriously, screaming helps... not at all.

1 week ago

I've always loved/hated this commander, made for good games or painful ones but either way. A couple of cards that I can think of is Incendiary Command, Commit / Memory, Jace's Archivist, Memory Jar, Teferi's Puzzle Box, Winds of Change, and Windfall to give you a few that are relatively cheap.

cdkime on Nekusar, Offerer of Knowledge

2 weeks ago

I had a couple of suggestions:


Jace's Archivist is a pretty nifty card to have, as it gives you a repeatable, inexpensive wheel.

Chasm Skulker can get quite large, particularly if you're throwing wheels around. Makes for a great blocker, as, even if it should die, you've just generated a substantial number of chump blockers.

Psychosis Crawler can be a decent blocker if you have many cards in your hand, and its damage ability can be quite nifty.

Sangromancer goes well with wheel effects, netting you fairly significant life gain.


Winds of Change is an easy to cast wheel card.

Windfall triggers both discard effects and draw effects.

Whispering Madness triggers both discard effects and draw effects, and can be imprinted on a creature to cast repeatedly. I generally don't use its cipher effect all that much, as I go more pillow fort Nekusar, but you've got a lot of creatures here, so might be more effective for you.

I might consider more removal--black has some good destroy creature effects, red is wonderful for artifact hate, and Blue has permanent bouncing, which can help with some pesky enchantments black/red don't usually cover.


Personally I run a bunch of pillow fort enchantments and artifacts (Dissipation Field, No Mercy, Propaganda, etc.), but that does not seem to be your strategy.

Megrim is a slightly worse costed Liliana's Caress, but I've found it's generally worth the slot.

Forced Fruition is great--players have to choose to take 7 damage every time they play a spell.

Helm of the Ghastlord combos well with Nekusar--every time they draw a card, so do you, and they also have to discard a card. It helps neutralize the biggest threat with Nekusar--you're giving your enemy the chance to get their combo pieces.

Phyresis is something I have been testing out some--infect + wheel mechanics can be really deadly, really quickly.


Teferi's Puzzle Box - Large card draw every turn, and disrupts their hand.

Iron Maiden - fairly inexpensive artifact giving consistent damage.

Force_of_Willb on Why Did It Have To Be Dragons

2 weeks ago

some cheap cards to draw lots of cards at once Windfall, Whirlpool Rider, Whirlpool Drake, Whirlpool Warrior, Jace's Archivist, Teferi's Puzzle Box, Winds of Change, and Blue Sun's Zenith

I would remove Blistercoil Weird, Stuff Doll, Electrostatic Bolt, Remove, Blast of Genius, Urza's Incubator & Belbe's Portal. What creature types do name use to make those cards worthwhile? - Dragon? I don't think Belbe lets you cast your commander.... Lastly Heartstone besides Pili-Pala I don't think you have a creature this effects

PookandPie on If you could run one ...

3 weeks ago

I'd basically want the same cards in each deck if color options opened.

In green, it'd be Beast Within or a creature tutor, depending upon deck. Chainer would want a Beast Within for artifact/enchantment removal at instant speed, while Kemba would really like to get Stoneforge Mystic more consistently (doesn't matter if it would be Birthing Pod, Eldritch Evolution, etc., just a tutor that doesn't just grab a green creature).

For blue, it'd be Mystic Remora, Rhystic Study, etc.. Or Mystical Tutor/Cyclonic Rift, depending upon the deck (Kemba wouldn't have much use for Mystical Tutor, but it'd certainly love a Rhystic Study, for example).

For black, Demonic Tutor. Necropotence would be nice, but DTutor is easier to cast in a splash.

For white, it's Swords to Plowshares or Enlightened Tutor, depending upon deck. Arcum would love Enlightened Tutor, for example, while most others would enjoy a Swords.

For red, it'd be Gamble, Vandalblast or Winds of Change, depending upon deck. Chainer would prefer Vandalblast, Ghave would enjoy Gamble, and my wife's Elves would probably love Winds of Change.

Winterblast on Pattern Recognition #31 - NWO

3 weeks ago

When I started playing with 6th Edition there were these symbols on the boosters, decks and torunament packs that said "starter", "advanced" and "expert". I have no idea when these vanished but before it was a lot easier for new Players to get Cards that were understandable. You just started the game? buy a starter pack. You know how to Play with the starter Cards and feel you Need to include something fancier? buy an advanced product. You think you know it all and can cope with the full set of available mechanics and rules? go for expert Level products.

Now there are no more starter sets like Portal, no main sets, only two preconstructed planeswalker decks per set and every new player is supposed to understand everything that is available. I can remember when I picked up my first tournament pack of urza's saga, which said "expert" on the was exciting because I expected something different than in the 6th Edition, something that was more challenging to understand and also more powerful. I was not disappointed back then and I was fascinated with even the commons, because their effects were so different from what was delivered in the main set for "advanced" players. It felt good to "be able" to buy the packs with more difficult Cards and it was cool to figure out how new mechanics worked.

I think seperating the easy to understand Cards from the complex ones by sorting them into different products was a much better concept. The starter sets like Portal (I bought one of These too, but not in the beginning) also had really great Cards included, for example Winds of Change and Armageddon, so there was a reason to buy These packs too, even if you already understood the expert Level products. on the other Hand you were not confronted with too complex Cards at all if you stayed with the non-expert packs. The System with different difficulty Levels made me want to learn more rules and that's a nice Thing for beginners imo.

A side effect of including high complexity Cards as rares or mythics in a "set for noobs AND pros" is that new Players are more likely to throw away their only valueable cards in trades for absolutely nothing.

Penthoplayer on Nekusar, the Mindrazer

3 weeks ago

MRDOOM3 I don't see anything about this being competitive, but you are right about the wheel effects. I'd add Winds of Change, too.

Also, in three colors, basic lands won't get there. Obviously the best lands would be too expensive, so the best budget options would be ones like Akoum Refuge, Sulfur Falls, and Dimir Guildgate. Stay away from Transguild Promenade and Rupture Spire, though. They're pretty bad.

Chromatic Lantern, City of Brass, and Mana Confluence (I know, it's a bit higher budget) are all good mana fixers as well.

Jace Beleren would be good, + with Nekusar and - without.

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