Glasspool Mimic


Glasspool Shore  Flip

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Pre-release Legal
Standard Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Glasspool Mimic

Creature — Shapeshifter Rogue

You may have Glasspool Mimic enter the battlefield as a copy of a creature you control, except it's a Shapeshifter Rogue in addition to its other types.

Lordmax606 on The Undisputed Rasputin

1 week ago

Rasaru - updated the list to reflect what I am currently running with. Big changes including new power like Displacer Kitten/Glasspool Mimic  Flip/Chromatic Orrery/Lae'zel's Acrobatics. Invested more into Stifle effects (Tale's End, Trickbind, Disallow, Sublime Epiphany) which power up our flicker-removal value via countering the delayed trigger, some direct upgrades/substitutions (eg: Rout --> Vanquish the Horde, Sanctum Gargoyle --> Archaeomender, Fact or Fiction --> Memory Deluge), and finally caved to the mainboard Eldrazi Displacer.

Updated the deck tech and tutor targets to reflect the mainboard more accurately, added more details about why Stifle effects over raw Counterspell.

Thanks for checking it out, let me know what y

wallisface on Returning to mtg

4 weeks ago

That list i’ve posted does have 2 copies of Glasspool Mimic  Flip in the main. Also, that’s the highest quantity of that card i’ve ever seen run in competitive lists - i really don’t think you’d ever want to run more than 2 of that card.

Personally Dead_Blue_ i’m not convinced by your list. It also misses out on mainboard Subtlety, which is one of merfolks big strengths atm. Also, the sideboard feels a bit lazy/lacking

Dead_Blue_ on Returning to mtg

4 weeks ago

Absolutely nothing wrong with the list above, I like this list personally. No Glasspool Mimic  Flip is the main difference and it’s more consistent with it’s 4 ofs

wallisface on Modern Merfolk Deck Help

1 month ago

The current maybeboard looks fine to me, though i’d be tempted to just run islands instead of Glasspool Mimic  Flip.

Mainboard you might also be better with 3 Svyelun of Sea and Sky instead of 4. Running a 4th Lord of Atlantis feels better imo

wallisface on Grixis Mana base

3 months ago

I would suggest running shocklands in place of Cascade Bluffs (awkward to use, non-fetchable), Mountain (generally basic lands are for blood-moon protection. Mountain then becomes a redundant land), and Sulfur Falls _(non-fetchable, awkward etb requirements).

As a side, i think part of your problem is the quantity of lands you’re running. 23 (incl. Glasspool Mimic  Flip) feels really low for what you’re trying to do here, and 25 might instead serve you better.

TheOfficialCreator on “yOu cAnT mAkE a ToKeN dEcK wiThOuT wHItE”

3 months ago

Doubling Season would be OP af. Also, I'm surprised you don't run more copier cards, like Phantasmal Image, Clone, Glasspool Mimic  Flip, Clever Impersonator, etc, since Sakashima gives you the ability to copy legendary creatures.

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