Wall of Omens

Wall of Omens

Creature — Wall


When this enters the battlefield, draw a card.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Wall of Omens Discussion

Menoninger on Pacifist run

5 days ago

wallisface, thank you very much for your suggestions. I did some calculations and increased the number of lands to 21, which (accounting for the Leyline) is about the amount to fit the mana curve, which is now also a bit better, since I took out Proclamation of Rebirth. I am currently trying to make up for running a low number of key cards by including 4xIdyllic Tutor, and I don't want to run too many Approach of the Second Sun, as they are stupidly expensive and usually dead cards until T9-T10. The second one is just there in case the first one gets taken away somehow. I made up for this by including Wall of Omens, which fits into the deck theme nicely anyways. I might try mainboarding another Sterling Grove as well, as it is really important for removal-heavy matchups. What do you think?

plakjekaas on If white isn't "allowed" to …

3 weeks ago

Stax, tax & boardwipes? Forcing your own weaknesses for others to enjoy is something white is great at. Not many great tutors? Aven Mindcensor, now neither do you. Bad at drawing cards? Spirit of the Labyrinth, now you are too. Overwhelming me with many spells I can't keep up with? Rule of Law. I don't have very efficient noncreature spells compared to other colors? Thalia, Guardian of Thraben now neither do you.

All these things are powerful, and giving white good carddraw so they can collect and stack these kinds of effects, will make white a lot more powerful, which is why it's a good thing that Rhystic Study isn't actually white, even though it feels like a white effect.

Yet, Mentor of the Meek, Dawn of Hope, Welcoming Vampire, Esper Sentinel, Bennie Bracks, Zoologist, Bygone Bishop, Thorough Investigation, even when you exclude colorless supplements, white is building a catalog of consistent carddraw anyway, especially if you consider Teleportation Circle has an array of targets to blink for carddraw in mono W as well: Spirited Companion, Inspiring Overseer, Priest of Ancient Lore, Thraben Inspector, Professor of Symbology, Resistance Squad, Search Party Captain and Wall of Omens.

Also strategy-specific stuff like Mesa Enchantress, Sram, Senior Edificer, Puresteel Paladin, Losheel, Clockwork Scholar. I think it's weird to say white can't draw cards, I'd say you're not trying hard enough if you're still complaining about that today. At least for Commander. In 1v1 formats, carddraw just isn't as important to win the game if it has to happen before turn 5.

wallisface on Mission Briefing

1 month ago

I’d second what xtechnetia said, in that Wall of Omens feels closer to Snappy than Briefing does.

Personally if I were looking to replace snappy for something cheaper, i’d be Ice-Fang Coatl, or possibly just Opt.

xtechnetia on Mission Briefing

1 month ago

There is no budget alternative to Snapcaster. Briefing is NOT a "budget Snap", it is an entirely different (and generally much less usable) card.

The real value of Snapcaster, as has been pointed out, is the flexibility and versatility - it isn't just for flashbacking a spell, but also to provide a body for trading, blocking, just straight beating down on an empty board (very important in combo matchups where you need a clock), and more. It is whatever you need it to be in the moment, and THAT is its real power.

If you really desperately need a "budget alternative", the answer will depend on what your deck wants to do. For a control deck, I typically suggest Wall of Omens in that slot.

But you're going to suffer for it. Be warned.

baddabiiing on Modern Doran Company

1 month ago

Hey RebelGenius, Collector Ouphe seems sweet, I'll definitely test it out. Wall of Omens and Wall of Blossoms were both considered for the deck but just seem like worse versions of Wall of Roots for this build. However, you could definitely go the Yorion, Sky Nomad route with this deck where the walls would be staples. Thanks!

RebelGenius on Modern Doran Company

1 month ago

Love the deck! Toughness beatdown is one of my favourites. What are your thoughts on Wall of Omens? Also, for Stony Silence on a creature, there's Collector Ouphe.

AstroAA on How do you build Karametra?

1 month ago

I used to run a Karametra, God of Harvests combo deck ages ago when Paradox Engine was legal. I updated it last summer, but it's still kind of mediocre and I would definitely redo it again if I had any interest in the deck. Regardless, if you're interested - my decklist is here:

[EDH][PRIMER] Karametra's Garden of Eden

Commander / EDH* AstroAA


I did not go with the landfall mechanic as I'm not particularly a fan of it outside of Lotus Cobra. IMO she's best built abusing ETB triggers with cards like Aluren and Cloudstone Curio.

Cards like Whitemane Lion, Kor Skyfisher, and Emancipation Angel are absolutely phenomenal in Karametra. They bounce themselves, allowing you to play them again and get more lands. With Aluren out, you can get every single Forest/Plains out of your deck in a single turn.

Cards like Wall of Blossoms and Wall of Omens are great with Aluren + Cloudstone Curio because you could essentially draw your entire deck in one go. Albeit you'd need to be careful and specify how far you should go with this otherwise you'd deck yourself, but that's beyond the point - still a powerful draw effect.

With Aluren, Cards like Sandsteppe Outcast and Hanged Executioner are awesome for getting an arbitrarily large number of tokens, as the token on the ETB effect can bounce the creature that generated it with Cloudstone Curio. This can pay out in several different ways - mainly infinite mana with Ashnod's Altar and/or Phyrexian Altar through sacing the token, and infinite damage/winning the game on the spot with Blasting Station and sacing the token. You could also create infinite tokens with Oketra's Monument and any of the self-bounce creatures if you just have Aluren out.

I also really liked cards like Reveillark, Renegade Rallier, Destiny Spinner, Eternal Witness, Aura Shards, Bygone Bishop, Temur Sabertooth, and Rhonas's Monument.

Personally, if you wanted to play a straight-up ETB combo deck, I think Trostani, Selesnya's Voice is a better general due to having far easier access to using Aetherflux Reservoir, (generate a ton of life with Aluren + Whitemane Lion, shoot people with the Death Star). Karametra, God of Harvests is nice for land filtering, but you only run so many lands in the deck she becomes kind of useless later on in the game - hence why I've kind of lost interest in her. In addition, what TypicalTimmy said is very true - if you rush out to an early lead in lands with her, you often become a target. IF you wanted to build Karametra, God of Harvests still, I would highly recommend going combo and including a myriad of methods to win - such as combat damage, Walking Ballista combos, and Blasting Station combos.

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