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cdkime is absolutely correct. To add on to this though, MtG is a strategy game, not a reflex game. Chord of Calling does absolutely nothing until your opponents pass priority back and it resolves. You do not get to make your spells uncounterable by resolving them quickly. Allow your opponents 5 or so seconds to say if they are going to respond before resolving the spell.

August 16, 2018 12:37 p.m.

Oh hey, it is under the external links. Weird. I would think that they would keep the card info all together and then put the external links after it. Ah well, thanks.

August 15, 2018 11:54 a.m.

Yes you can. Autochthon Wurm is both green and white.

August 13, 2018 8 p.m.

706.2. When copying an object, the copy acquires the copiable values of the original object’s characteristics and, for an object on the stack, choices made when casting or activating it (mode, targets, the value of X, whether it was kicked, how it will affect multiple targets, and so on). The “copiable values” are the values derived from the text printed on the object (that text being name, mana cost, color indicator, card type, subtype, supertype, rules text, power, toughness, and/or loyalty), as modified by other copy effects, by its face-down status, and by “as . . . enters the battlefield” and “as . . . is turned face up” abilities that set power and toughness (and may also set additional characteristics). Other effects (including type-changing and text-changing effects), status, and counters are not copied.

As you can see from the rule that defines what is copied, the delayed trigger that was created as a part of Flameshadow Conjuring resolving is not a copiable characteristic. If the effect were part of the text of the card such as on Ball Lightning then the copies would be affected.

August 13, 2018 5:04 p.m.

Not necessarily link, just let us see them. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V works since you obviously had looked up the rulings already. It is just that the less work you make people do, the more likely you are to get a response. Sometimes I just can't be arsed to google a card's rulings and with now defunct and Scryfall not having rulings (at least as far as I have found so far) I have to use gatherer for rulings and that is the worst magic card search engine by far. So I figure other people may also have a similar level of "I'm pretty sure I know the answer but don't know the exact wording of what they are asking about so meh." It just helps you get answers quicker.

August 13, 2018 12:33 p.m.

As long as you can pay the cost for a spell or ability you can play it following timing restrictions. The fact that people can Force of Will before their first turn is what keeps Legacy as honest as it is.

Lifeloss isn't damage, though damage usually results in life loss. Things that prevent damage do not prevent life loss.

August 13, 2018 12:05 p.m.

It would be nice to cite what you have the question about. Much like linking cards if the question is about them directly, pasting rulings gives people the information they need to help you.

"In a multiplayer game, if a player leaves the game, all cards that player owns leave as well. The effect of Aminatou’s third ability stops applying to all permanents that player controlled and control of them reverts to their previous controller."

"Leave the game" is any form in which a player is no longer playing the game. This includes conceding and losing. This means if a player loses or scoops after you ult Aminatou, the Fateshifter they player that they received the permanents from gets them back and all cards they own leave the game with them.

August 13, 2018 11:56 a.m.

I hate being a pedant, but the rules of MTG are very precise and sometimes require it for clear understanding of interactions. Effects are the results of a spell or ability, not the resolution of spells or abilities. This matters in this specific case because there are static abilities and replacement effects that do not resolve, but do place counters on permanents that are doubled by Doubling Season. A short list off the top of my head are Hardened Scales, a second Doubling Season, "enters with counters" abilities such as on Primordial Hydra, Master Biomancer's ability, the ability that puts counters on planeswalkers when they etb, infect, and wither.

August 11, 2018 12:08 p.m.

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The Ur-Dragon does not lower it's own cost. The simple reason why is that it says "other dragon spells" on it purposefully excluding itself. The massive rules nerd reason is that when the time comes to determine the cost of the spell The Ur-Dragon is not on the battlefield or in the command zone; it is on the stack.

August 11, 2018 11:57 a.m.

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I may have worded my response ambiguously now that I reread it. To be clear, the control change is the continuous effect and the "until end of turn" means it will end before they phase back in and they will no longer be under your control.

August 10, 2018 12:21 p.m.

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The "until end of turn" clause is a continuous effect, and continuous effect affecting phased out permanents can end and will no longer effect them when they phase back in.

702.25e Continuous effects that affect a phased-out permanent may expire while that permanent is phased out. If so, they will no longer affect that permanent once it’s phased in. In particular, effects with “for as long as” durations that track that permanent (see rule 611.2b) end when that permanent phases out because they can no longer see it.

August 10, 2018 10:40 a.m.

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It's not so much that combat damage is only dealt during the combat damage step. While that is true, it misses the point a little. I have had someone try to argue with me that all damage in the combat damage step is combat damage.

Combat damage has three characteristics. It is dealt by creatures; in the combat damage step; as a result of combat. The most specific one here is "as a result of combat" meaning damage dealt specifically because of the turn based action outlined in 510.2. This is going to be the most useful indication of if it is combat damage. If the damage is a result of any activated or triggered ability or spell then it isn't combat damage.

August 9, 2018 9:29 p.m.

Unfortunately $100 doesn't go far when talking about a completely tuned deck to be able to compete with decks winning turn 5-6. I'd probably go with something cheap like Xenagos, God of Revels that can eliminate one person by turn 5-6 to feel like you are participating and effecting the board. I would then focus on building something with really strong cards that are not super expensive but would still go over your budget at the moment.

$104 (both deck prices are what you can buy them for right now from TCGPlayer since tapped out pricing is temperamental.) Xenagos, God of Revels deck that you could make some cuts or just use big dumb beaters you already own to cut the price under $100.

Xenagos, God of "You're Swinging with a HOW BIG?"

Commander / EDH Gidgetimer


$372 Arcum Dagsson deck that will steamroll turn 5-6 decks and you can pick up piecemeal over time.

Arcum's Even More Budget Asylum

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August 9, 2018 12:48 a.m.

Please link all cards in your question.

Atraxa, Praetors' Voice

Doubling Season

Yes, any time an effect would create a token under your control or put a counter on a permanent you control Doubling Season will double it.

August 8, 2018 11:56 p.m.

It doesn't target so you can cast it even when a player doesn't control a permanent for you to chose for one of the choices.

August 8, 2018 7:54 p.m.

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4.7 is the tournament rule section that governs how players arrange their play area. Another thing to note is that after the Dryad Arbor kerfuffle, you now have to keep it in front with your creatures at Competitive and higher.

4.7 Game Layout

Players in Competitive and Professional Rules Enforcement Level matches must arrange their cards, tokens, and other accessories on the battlefield using the following layout:

• From the player’s perspective, nonlands must be kept closer to the player’s opponent than lands, and no non-land cards should be between the land area and the edge of the table closest to the player.

• Non-creature permanents whose use may reasonably be associated with either the land or nonland area (e.g. an artifact whose only ability is a mana ability) may be located in either area, provided the overall layout is, in the judgment of tournament officials, clear. However, permanents that are also creatures (e.g. artifacts with March of the Machines on the battlefield, Dryad Arbor, or a Treetop Village that is currently a creature) must be placed in the nonland area. Players may not use other cards to intentionally obscure the presence of a permanent in any area of the battlefield.

• Each card should remain clearly associated with any permanents attached to it. For example, an Aura enchanting a land should be in the land area in contact with that land.

• The player’s library, graveyard, and exiled cards should be kept all to the left of the battlefield or all to the right of the battlefield at the player’s discretion.

• The player’s graveyard and exiled cards should be adjacent to the player’s library. All three should be distinct at all times.

• If a card is exiled by a permanent and that permanent includes a way to perform additional actions with the exiled card, the association of the two cards must be clear. Keeping the two cards together is recommended.

• Each untapped permanent should face its controller. Players are permitted to briefly turn a card upside-down as a memory aid.

Tournament officials may make exceptions or additions to these guidelines at their sole discretion in order to keep each player’s game layout clear. Players in exceptional situations (e.g. a player playing a deck with no lands or a deck that makes significant use of the graveyard) should consult with tournament officials to determine what allowances, if any, will be made.

August 8, 2018 7:25 a.m.

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Just so that people don't get into bad habits, tournament rules actually specify that library, graveyard, and exile all have to be on the same side in professional and competitive REL. So saying library to the right and GY to the left is actually what would be considered "against the rules".

August 8, 2018 2:38 a.m.

When players can cast spells and activate abilities is governed by a system of priority. Players can not cast spells or activate abilities unless they have priority.

  1. The active player receives priority at the beginning of most steps and phases. No player receives priority during the untap step. Players usually don’t get priority during the cleanup step.

  2. The active player receives priority after a spell or ability resolves.

  3. If a player has priority when they cast a spell, activate an ability, or take a special action, that player receives priority afterward.

  4. If a player has priority and chooses not to take any actions, that player passes. Then the next player in turn order receives priority.

As you can see, no player receives priority in the middle of a spell or ability resolving. so no player can take any actions until Madcap Experiment has completely resolved.

August 7, 2018 8:22 a.m.

A permanent is only sacrificed if the word "sacrifice" is used in the the effect. Sigarda, Host of Herons will stop annihilator such as on It That Betrays but does nothing against Bane of Bala Ged.

August 7, 2018 8:11 a.m.

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Oracle text is "Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to any target."

There used to be a rule that allowed the controller of the source of any non-combat damage to a player to redirect it to a planeswalker controled by the player recieving damage. They eliminated that rule and Lightning Bolt can now target any creature, player, or planeswalker.

August 7, 2018 1:21 a.m.


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