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Aminatou the Facelifter - Grin and Win!

Commander / EDH Casual Infinite Combo Multiplayer WUB (Esper)



Aminatou the Facelifter - Grin and Win!

Deck strategy and mechanics

  1. Flicker/Blink: play stuff with Enter-the-Battlefield-Effects (ETB) and get repeated value out of it with Blink/Flicker effects.

  2. Top Deck Manipulation: always know/control the next card(s) you gonna draw.

  3. Generate additional value: use the Miracle Mechanic and steal cards from your opponents to have a variety of options available to get control of the game.


The easiest infinite combo in this deck depends on Altar of the Brood to win, milling all opponents. Possible combinations:

But there is also another way to mill everyone to death:

Additional to being combo pieces, Altar of the Brood and Jace's Mindseeker also help to set up Diluvian Primordial and Sepulchral Primordial .

There are also ways to generate infinite mana:

Infinite mana payoff cards:


Most of the cards in this decks offer an ETB effect with can be triggered again with all the Flicker/Blink cards in the deck. I just want to mention some important interactions to give a general idea:

  • Venser, Shaper Savant + any Flicker effect can handle a lot of your opponents' stuff and slow down their game. You can also bounce back your own stuff to safe or it from e.g. boardwipes or just because you want to replay it, getting the ETB effect.
  • Rune-Scarred Demon + any Flicker effect gives us repeatable tutoring.
  • Reality Acid + any Flicker effect can get rid of everything, including lands (land destruction is highly controversial on some tables, so please don't use it that way if your playgroup hates it). After you flickered it, you can re-attach it to another permanent, great stuff!
  • Wishclaw Talisman + Aminatou, the Fateshifter / Felidar Guardian / Ghostly Flicker / Oath of Teferi means we can use the tutoring at least twice! This can end the game in one turn if we can assemble our combo pieces and play them successfully.

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I appreciate suggestions of direct upgrades or anything you think this deck is currently lacking.


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I played against some new decks with Aminatou and decided to use my impression on the deck's performance to do some rebuilding. The goal is to speed up the board building process early to midgame to either collect the combo pieces to win (Altar of the Brood + Felidar Guardian + Aminatou, the Fateshifter) or to amass value via card draw and ramp, while countering our opponent's plays with control spells.


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