Butcher Ghoul

Butcher Ghoul

Creature — Zombie

Undying (When this creature dies, if it had no +1/+1 counter on it, return it to the battlefield under its owner's control with a +1/+1 counter on it.)

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Butcher Ghoul Discussion

multimedia on The Undying

1 week ago

Hey, nice casual budget version, but are undying creatures other than Mikaeus and Flayer really worth it?

Consider more enablers to get +1/+1 counters on your creatures?

If you're going for an attacking strategy then consider a few more fliers that have some added value when they die or when they ETB?

Bloodtracker + Sword of Hours is a nice interaction. Some sac outlets are helpful to sac creatures who have counters to get their die or ETB triggers.

You have several high CMC creatures here, more reanimation and enablers could help.

Olivia, Mobilized for War is a +1/+1 counter enabler and an enabler for reanimation.

Some cards to consider cutting:

Good luck with your deck.

Saccox on Immortal Counters Pezzent! (10/12 Euro/$)

2 weeks ago

Hi wallisface,thanks for your comment! 1) i prefering the addictional cost of Spark Harvest. 2) i can increase creatures but Blisterpod and Butcher Ghoul are valid for two. and you can utilize Butcher Ghoul many times with Retribution of the Ancients

DevoMelvminster on Yawgmoth, the Mono Black King (Competitive)

2 months ago

Hey man, i notice you don’t have any undying creatures. These are the BEST creatures with Yawgmoth, Thran Physician as hexan just slap them with a -1/-1 counter to reset them.

Butcher Ghoul , Sightless Ghoul , and Treacherous Pit-Dweller are great and could replace some of your other token creators. Or run big daddy Mikaeus, the Unhallowed to give anything undying. Gray Merchant of Asphodel with undying, and yawgmoth reseting it? You just won.

Cards like Blight Mound , and Nest of Scarabs also pop off hard with yawgmoth.

Saccox on Eldrazi Token Sacrifice

4 months ago

Hi tearrow,you can use Spark Harvest instead of Bone Splinters . What do you think about Bastion of Remembrance ? you have one soldier for sacrifice and an another "blood artist's effect". Another cards that you can use are Perilous Myr , Poison-Tip Archer , Bone Picker , Butcher Ghoul .

ShaDoWz_6677 on Yawgmoth Aristocrats

6 months ago

I did this awhile back, and changed my deck up Bastion of Remembrance is a HUGE card for this kind of deck. You can also add Butcher Ghoul and Geralf's Messenger if you want to switch it up and add the Undying Death Combo.

But Bastion is a MUST have in this deck.

multimedia on Teysa Karlov EDH

6 months ago

Hey, well done for your first Commander deck. You have good card sense on a budget and seem to already understand the importance of mana curve :)

Open the Armory can get Skullclamp or Animate Dead . Court of Grace can create flying tokens, either an Angel or a Spirit and it can be repeatable draw with the monarch. Archon of Justice has a powerful die trigger with Teysa. Sun Titan can be repeatable reanimation and 3 CMC or less gives you many options of permanents to reanimate. Titan is excellent with Animate Dead .

Swords to Plowshares is a staple instant removal spell for white, but because Teysa is a Human then Dire Tactics is a less than $0.50 option. Generous Gift is a versatile instant removal spell. Austere Command is a versatile board wipe. Fanatical Devotion is a sac outlet for repeatable protection from most removal and in combat. Mentor of the Meek can be repeatable draw when creating 1/1 tokens.

Some cards to consider cutting:

Cyb3rguerrill0 on

11 months ago

Hi there, I too run a Yawgmoth deck. And I also try to avoid infinte combos. To achieve this, you shouldn't run creatures with undying like Butcher Ghoul or Geralf's Messenger But I like your picks and the idea to go full on discard and proliferate. Maybe check out my decklist? Like Yawgmoths into light II

Snips500 on Zombie Attack!

1 year ago

Hi, great deck! I have a few suggestions if you don't mind. First, I would cut Harsh Sustenance. Its an alright card but Gray Merchant of Asphodel is just straight up better and right on curve for you. Sustenance makes you splash white which slows your deck down with the fetches and the possibility of not getting double black when you need it. Also, early it's likely a dead card where you would rather be drawing zombies. Gary on the other hand is another zombie that could actually do more damage than sustenance. So I would suggest going to 3-4 Garys and gutting all of the Sustenance, plains, and Barrens and go to just 20 black sources. That will make some space for more Garys and maybe some Sign in Blood which is a pretty important draw spell in the deck.

Next, I would suggest adding Cast Down. It is hands down the best spot removal in all of pauper. Hits everything at instant speed for only 2 mana.

Viscera Seer- while not a zombie she is a very good sac outlet to help you dig through your deck.

Butcher Ghoul- great card, it can be sacrificed twice, is just a good blocker and is hard to kill.

Carnophage- just a thought, its probably not something you want to add because it seems like this deck is more midrange instead of agro but an interesting card non the less.

Bone Picker- another interesting card that could work with your aristocrats theme but not a zombie so it also might not be the best.

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