Hex Parasite

Artifact Creature — Phyrexian Insect

: Remove up to X counters from target permanent. For each counter removed this way, Hex Parasite gets +1/+0 until end of turn. ( may be paid for with either or 2 life.)

tave on Grist? Is this a thing?

9 months ago

Jhoira's Timebug Hex Parasite Haywire Mite The timebug can help you suspend quicker. hex parasite can remove planeswalkers. Mite for noncreature removal.

DrukenReaps on Looking at Battles, possibly a …

10 months ago

So as the title, thinking about a Gimmicky theme deck around Battles. Not sure if there's anything worth building there yet though... What I've got so far is as follows-

36 total Battles making a 5 color deck possible but no 5 color commanders really have much if any synergy to me. Maybe Omnath, Locus of All for the flavor and connection to Further comments explain why black is important I think.

Each 3 color combination has 17 or 18 Battles, about the minimum to make it feel like a "Battle" deck imo.

So looking at 3/4/5 colors for the deck. With the following cards I think black is the best possible color for it - Vampire Hexmage, Hex Parasite, Cemetery Desecrator, Aether Snap, Marchesa, Resolute Monarch  Flip, and Render Inert. There are some things in other colors but they only removed 1 counter at a time. I'd rather remove all or most of them in one cast. Alternate use on these is killing Planeswalkers and making certain commanders sad.

Glissa Sunslayer exists but as a commander she'd only get 11 Battles currently and only 1 of those dies to her trigger. Others take two triggers to kill at least. Maybe with another few sets she becomes much better? If they keep printing Battles...

So Looking towards

- Sultai

- Jund

- Grixis

- Abzan

- Mardu

- Esper

If there are any commanders you think would work well in those colors let me know. Or other things you think would go well in this sort of idea like Dark Depths. I'm thinking commanders that are hard or difficult to block or can cause non-combat damage to any target have the most synergy.

wallisface on The Great Planeswalker Debate

1 year ago

FormOverFunction Wotc has been increasing the amount of interaction in the game, not decreasing it.

If you look at Modern pre-and post MH2, the biggest difference is MH2 created a TON of valid interaction options to deal with what the opponent is doing. Modern has shifted from a “two ships passing in the night” format to one entirely based around how well you can mess with your opponent - this is true even in combo decks.

And that mantra remains true even in all recent standard sets. We continue to see powerful interactive cards (Haywire Mite, March of Otherworldly Light, Boseiju, Who Endures etc etc).

And even being specific to Planeswalkers, we’re seeing more cards able to target/kill them in recent sets than we ever have been able to in the past.

I’m not sure where your ”solitaire style of play” dialog comes from, but I would suggest this sounds more like a rut in your local playgroup, than any actual design approach by Wotc.

Gidgetimer on Can you fetch hex parasite …

1 year ago

You can link cards by enclosing the name in double brackets.

Urza's Saga

Hex Parasite

This will not work as you want. The saga will be sacrificed as a SBA before any player receives priority so you will not have a chance to activate the Hex Parasite's ability targeting the saga. If you already have the Hex Parasite out you can remove the counters before the final chapter ability resolves though and keep your saga at that point.

715.4. If the number of lore counters on a Saga permanent is greater than or equal to its final chapter number, and it isn’t the source of a chapter ability that has triggered but not yet left the stack, that Saga’s controller sacrifices it. This state-based action doesn’t use the stack.

CannedCanOpener on Stimpak Junkie

1 year ago

If your main focus is lifegain, you can pretty easily win with lifegain alone using Test of Endurance, Felidar Sovereign, or Celestial Convergence - all three are very high-priority targets that need to survive a turn rotation, but Oloro can pretty easily bolster your life total enough and you have the counter magic to protect them (and if Convergence takes too long, something like Vampire Hexmage or Hex Parasite can skip the 7 turn clock). Or, if you want to focus more primarily on Aetherflux, you could use Sydri, Galvanic Genius to animate it and give it lifelink to make it game-winning at 51 life rather than 151.

Tur on Hidden Power - Mono-Color - …

1 year ago

Hello everyone! This will be a forum post for a "Commander - Hidden Power" series. My goal is to show relatively inexpensive cards which are often overlooked by commander players in semi-competitive and casual play. (This post is not designed for competitive play.) If you enjoy the topic, please upvote the post or provide positive feedback and I will consider creating similar posts.

The powerful cards I plan on discussing are mono-color cards which are strong with big mana in commander.

I will provide one card per mono-color identity. These cards will not include x-spells nor multi-color identity spells. (I.e. no Torment of Hailfire nor Zacama, Primal Calamity)

It is obvious that big mana is a huge part of semi-competitive play. Whether it is from ramping through creatures, artifacts, enchantments, instants, sorceries, or lands. Big mana is pretty fun. Mana doubling effects from lands are especially useful. In this article, I'll be focusing on mana doubling from lands, but other ways to generate big mana are always possible

Here are some common big mana effects for each mono-color identity:

This is not an all inclusive list as Mana Flare, Heartbeat of Spring, Keeper of Progenitus, Sword of Feast and Famine, et cetera would work just as well. In each mono-color identity the artifacts Caged Sun, Gauntlet of Power, and Extraplanar Lens can be used, however the black and green color identities have an advantage for mono-color double mana effects. Furthermore, green contains cards such as Seedborn Muse, Awakening, and Wilderness Reclamation which allow for more interactions.

Well, let us begin in WUBRG order!

White: Sacred Mesa

This card is relatively unused. According to EDHREC, Sacred Mesa is played in 1511/849227 (0%) decklists and is under one dollar. You'd be surpized how powerful this card is with double mana. Imagine making some number of pegasus at instant speed as either blockers or attackers for your next turn. (The upkeep cost can be paid by making a summoning sick pegasus during your turn.) Not to mention power and toughness buffing effects are ideal with Sacred Mesa, examples include Dictate of Heliod, Cathars' Crusade, Caged Sun, or Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite.

It is often compared to Luminarch Ascension because they have similar effects. Yes, it makes a 4/4 angel instead of a 1/1 pegasus.

However, Luminarch Ascension has many downsides:

  • You have to have four quest counters to use the ability. (That is, you have to not lose life during an opponents turn four times.) This creates a huge target on your life total and you'll see it surely chip away.
  • Bounce effects, such as Cyclonic Rift really mess it up. Welcome back to square one!
  • Common cards, such as Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider prevent quest counters from even occurring. Vampire Hexmage or Hex Parasite are also options to remove the counters.

Sacred Mesa is way more versatile and does not have such downsides. Not to mention is it only three mana, ideal for Sun Titan recursion.

Blue: Compulsion

It is very rare to see this wonderful card. According to EDHREC, Compulsion is played in 1000/945324 (0%) decklists and is under one dollar. Having an activated draw ability with very little downside on a blue enchantment is insane. Ideal when paired with Teferi's Ageless Insight or Thought Reflection. There are a few cards which have a similar effect, such as Triskaidekaphile or Kefnet the Mindful without having to discard a card, but having a two mana activation is much more versatile. I suppose that an argument could be made with Training Grounds, but that is too much just to make the Kefnet the Mindful ability more cost effective. Furthermore, discarding a specific card like Echo of Eons, Wonder, or a shuffle Eldrazi such as Kozilek, Butcher of Truth has some nice synergy. (In fact, it should be played in most bant enchantress decks, such as the commander Tuvasa the Sunlit. Replenish for life!)

Black: Chainer, Dementia Master

This is a wonderful card, but a little pricey compared to the previous two cards. According to EDHREC, Chainer, Dementia Master is played in 6344/983251 (1%) decklists and is approximately ten dollars. Yes, we all know that you can abuse Chainer, Dementia Master with Gray Merchant of Asphodel or Kokusho, the Evening Star with sacrifice outlets such as Phyrexian Altar. Suppose we don't want to abuse this card into the ground is it still just good card? Yes. We can fill up or graveyard with Buried Alive or Entomb and get back a creature card, or we can grab a creature card from an opponents graveyard. It can also be used to interrupt graveyard combos, such as Aristocrats by using the ability on an opponents Butcher Ghoul with the undying trigger on the stack.

Red: Scourge of Kher Ridges

An extremely powerful and undervalued card. According to EDHREC, Scourge of Kher Ridges is played in 1005/912333 (0%) decklists and is under three dollars. If you're able to untap with Sourge of Kher Ridges and double mana, your opponents are going to have a rough time. As you can put multiple activations on the stack, it provides you with a very high on-board presence. Even within a response to removal. I've heard players complain that Scourge of Kher Ridges dies too quick to removal and my answer is "from your opponents perspective it needs to die before you're able to untap". Ideal with lifelink (and deathtouch) equipment such as Basilisk Collar or Shadowspear.

Green: Kamahl, Fist of Krosa

Typically unseen in play. According to EDHREC, Kamahl, Fist of Krosa is played in 4786/880991 (1%) decklists and is approximately five dollars. It is odd how unused Kamahl, Fist of Krosa is compared to Ezuri, Renegade Leader when they basically have the same effect. Overrun as an activated ability which is stackable multiple times. I agree that Ezuri, Renegade Leader is better in elf tribal decks, however Kamahl, Fist of Krosa is great in most big mana decks. Ideal for wide aggro. Tall aggro will gain the benefit of trample. If you don't have extra creatures you can animate your lands as 1/1 attackers, correction 7/7 attackers. (Pretty interesting because these attackers get around Cyclonic Rift, they're lands.) You can also get some payback by animating your opponents lands in response to a creature board wipe. (From that reasoning it can be paired with cards such as Ascendant Evincar and Crovax, Ascendant Hero to destroy opponents lands through animation.)

All in all, these are relatively unused cards which have a lot hidden power with big mana. If your deck is mono-colored and designed for big mana spells or abilities, think about giving these cards a chance. See if they work well for you and your playgroup.

Seuchenschutz on Glissa Artifacts

1 year ago

Thanks DreadKhan for your suggestions. I really like Make an Example and will propably put it into my deck. Hex Parasite is also a great card, but i dont see many PWs in my meta. Black Market Connections and Protection Racket are not exactly what I was looking for. Imho Phyrexian Arena is better. I really appreciate your help

DreadKhan on Glissa Artifacts

1 year ago

I feel like the new Make an Example, Black Market Connections, and Protection Racket are all really good, versatile cards, I'd run Connections or Racket over Phyrexian Arena in a second, and Example is one of the best removal effects ever printed, it's targeted without being targeted and it's a forced sacrifice effect, you deal with each opponent's most problematic creature, and if they don't have an especially problematic one they're in a ton of trouble. Unless you're super-attached to the Instant part of Soul Shatter, Example has a much higher ceiling vs creatures. If you really want something else to hit PWs, there is the artifact Hex Parasite, which can take counters off of anything, which is pretty nifty and can be recurred with your Commander should it die. Soul Shatter works vs PWs and creatures, but Hex Parasite can hurt all manner of cards using counters.

Probably too small, but Inquisitor's Flail is a cheap way to double your Commander's power if you've got First Strike, very few things will be able to touch your Commander, not sure if you ever Voltron win, you do have other equipment.

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