Hex Parasite

Artifact Creature — Phyrexian Insect

: Remove up to X counters from target permanent. For each counter removed this way, Hex Parasite gets +1/+0 until end of turn. ( may be paid for with either or 2 life.)

Fenrixx on Endless Hunger

3 weeks ago

wallisfaceThanks a lot for that detailed comment ...youre absolutly right about the Mortician Beetle but my thounght behind Scute Swarm was to have a 1 drop that has a good potential to get stronger so its not useless in later stages of the game. (i'm not playing competitive so eventhough moder tends to be over at turn 3-4 thats mostly not the case in my games.) and Hex Parasite is useful in a lot of matchups and at the very least i get to take my -1/-1 counter from Persist ;P Yes Giant Adephage,Hornet Queen and Living Hive are cards that normally need a lot of ramp but my plan here was actually to get the to the graveyard and reanimate them with Persist and also i love the idea to reanimate Grist, the Hunger Tide with Unearth since she is a 3 Mana insect creature when shes in the graveyrad.

wallisface on Endless Hunger

3 weeks ago

I think the big issue here is that you’ve built around Grist to an extreme, where most of your other cards become terrible on their own. Giant Adephage, Hornet Queen, Scute Mob and Scute Swarm all need to live in a deck able to dump a LOT of lands into play quickly to be useful, with only 22 lands and no ramp, these cards are either uncastable or nigh-on-useless. There’s alao ny synergy in your deck to make use of any of Hex Parasite, Hornet Nest, or Mortician Beetle.

It feels like you’ve focused your deck too heavily around the assumption that Grist will be in play, which puts you in a really terrible spot when you don’t draw it. Furthermore, Grist doesn’t need it’s +1 to trigger multiple times in a turn to be good - what Grist wants is a deck that can support her by providing other strong threats and distractions while she slowly out-values the board. That’s something you’re not providing her here.

lagotripha on Endeavor (M)

3 weeks ago

This is a neat idea - you can get some redundant copies of nine lives that incidentally gain 10 life with Phyrexian Unlife. Hex Parasite is neat as a way to reset counters too, in a pinch.

Speaking personally on wincons, I like Decimator Web and Grindclock, but honestly stone fangs/tranquil light will help keep you in the game a lot better - getting multiple 1 and 2 mana shrines into play buys a lot of time to tutor up the combo.

With the shrines, more colours makes it run smoother; it can be achieved on a budget with a combination of cards like Abundant Growth and treasures, which also lets you threaten to cast mechanised production, even if it stays a sideboard plan.

Honden of Infinite Rage offer a 'wait and eventually win' setup in red, which would also open up Lightning Helix for aggro matchups, and pairs neatly with stone fangs. Shattered heights turns lands into removal, while calm waters finds answers and combo pieces.

Best of luck with the brew!

legendofa on Reworked Alpha Boon Cycle. Thoughts?

1 month ago

Healing Prayer's second ability needs a little tweaking. I'm not quite sure what, but removing counters is generally more of a black deal, as seen on Hex Parasite or Aether Snap, and I think the only precedent for removing counters from players is Leeches. The first ability is fair as an option. Maybe "Target attacking or blocking creature gets +4/+4 until end of turn," like a better Gallantry, but that's stepping on green.

Ancestral Foresight is on the stronger end as an uncommon, but not unreasonable. I think this could work.

Black isn't in the mana ritual business as much anymore. I like the idea, it's just off-color now.

I think Lightning Squall is still too strong. Compare to Flame Rift, Thundering Rebuke, or Lava Coil. 4 damage to any target at MV 2 with no drawbacks is probably too much. Lightning Bolt + the "can't be prevented" clause is likely worth 2 mana at uncommon (Skullcrack is the closest example right now), but that breaks from the "raise to 4" idea.

Giant Surge is pretty good. Is it a sorcery or instant? Monstrous Growth and Titanic Growth are the comparisons here. This effect as an instant would be pushing it, but I might just be too cautious here. Sorcery is the safe option.

wallisface on Thing in the ice

3 months ago

You have enough fast spells to take counters off Thing, that i’m really mot sure either Vampire Hexmage or Hex Parasite are worth it at all. I’d instead suggest replacing them with some secondary threats, so that you’re not just relying on that one creature. Phyrexian Obliterator could be a good addition as it won’t get bounced by Thing flipping, and represents a fairly hard-to-deal-with backup threat

RationallyIrrationalNinja on It's Fair Until It's Not

3 months ago

Niko9 Thanks for the kind words! Glad it inspired you to shuffle up your lifegain deck, if the cat ever moved anyways :) I like the idea of Revitalize - I've used it before in a few different applications. It has low manacost to play and is useful at most points of a typical games timeline. I might have to play around with adding some of these, or browsing for something similar that perhaps has "positive for me but negative for opponents" action, like that of Revival / Revenge.

For this deck, I'm not sure Revival / Revenge is the best fit, given that up until the playing field gets equalized, I don't really care too much about being ahead or falling behind in the life count, so I wouldn't be playing it early on. In my mind, optimistically, I benefit from "knowing" we'll all end up with identical low life amounts and if I don't win as planned there...I think I the 6 mana that Revival / Revenge is too much compared to the benefit I might gain from the first steps in taking another shot at knocking out opponent(s). This could be saving mana for defensive spells, since I'll be number one on the most wanted list after this little maneuver, or depending on the opponents boards, looking at brute forcing my way to a win. This only works if someone had a really low life total - if that isn't the case, then I could see this being an option. I still think Bargain or some of the other sideboard cards might be as good or better with lower mana requirements and some offering offense and defense in future turns. With 4 of each Celestial Convergence and Hex Parasite in my deck, there's also the chance I could try again with the combo.

I have said it before and will say it again - the alternative winning conditions are a big weakness for this deck I think...So anyone with suggestions to how to improve this pipe up! :) Protection / defense in general is also a weak spot for me as a new player and

Vampire Hexmage was one I considered, but as you mentioned, it can be an attention grabber. I like that this deck has an off beat feel to it and that it does use a sweet combo, but it's not infinite, obvious, or common (that I know of). For this reason alone, I shy away from adding this. But I'll try out some "similar card" searches and see if anything interesting pops up.

I'll do some more investigating and then try and make any changes over the coming weekend.

Thanks again Niko9 !

Niko9 on It's Fair Until It's Not

4 months ago

Nice deck! This makes me want to dust off my lifegain deck and give it a go again. So thanks for the inspiration : ) Only problem is that my cat is sitting on the box with that deck in it and he may not move for a while...

Anyways, I really like the idea you've got. There may be ways to streamline the combo with something like Vampire Hexmage who is the classic remove counters creature, but I really like that you have a different way to do it. So, up to you. I know hexmage can make opponents groan because it's almost only used for brutal combos.

And I wonder how something like Revitalize would do. I always liked it as a cantrip at instant speed that can also trigger life gain. I've definitely had a few games where Revitalize saved me, and then drew a card too, which are both very nice : )

There's also Revival / Revenge that could bring back Hex Parasite if they target it and also can be a swingy life spell. It might not be exactly what the deck wants, but thought I'd throw out some ideas.

But yep, off to play lifegain now. Thanks!

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