Undying Evil

Undying Evil


Target creature gains undying until end of turn. (When it dies, if it had no +1/+1 counters on it, return it to the battlefield under its owner's control with a +1/+1 counter on it.)

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Undying Evil Discussion

BrassLord on Necromancy

1 week ago

As for suggestions... Malakir Rebirth  Flip, Undying Evil, Supernatural Stamina, Abnormal Endurance, and Feign Death are all ways to double down on ETB triggers or responding to opponents removal, allowing you even more venture!

Giving your commander evasion can also come in handy! Things like Hot Soup, Trailblazer's Boots and the like will help give you consistent adventuring!

Some weird low cmc cards that I think you'd like are Kami of False Hope and Gift of Immortality. Alone, Kami is like a spore frog, and has saved my butt more times than I can count. Gift of Immortality is just that, it makes it so your opponents effectively need to kill your creature twice. When paired together or with your commander, the Kami puts a soft lock on combat damage, allowing you to continue to grind out the game for advantage!

Gravebreaker Lamia and Silversmote Ghoul also form a neat little engine when paired together, also helps set up your graveyard! Speaking of grind Desecrated Tomb can easily turn into a win condition if your commander goes online early!

Daxos, Blessed by the Sun is a decent life gaining trigger that fits with your theme! Bounty Agent is a repeatable commander destruction card! Alseid of Life's Bounty and Selfless Savior are both cheap cmc guys that can give your commander protection and you can still fetch them from the grave!

The deck does look a bit light on removal or interaction, so I'd recommend adding any plethora of options for creature removal in black and white!

All in all though, play with the cards you have! Have fun refining the deck, and don't be afraid to lose! It helps you see what your decks strengths and shortcomings are, and you're able to make changes! Hope these recommendations give you some ideas to work with! May your she dwarf beard grow ever long!

zapyourtumor on 8 rack grief

1 month ago

I've been playing a Grief 8-rack build for some time and I have some comments on your build that I hope you find helpful.

For one thing, Feign Death is strictly worse than Undying Evil, except with multiple copies on the same creature. More about the creature/flicker package: If you flicker a Kroxa with Ephemerate the rebound is wasted since it still dies either way. And you don't have a further target if you topdeck another flicker spell/undeath spell later. Also, you have to wait until t3 to get any value from the flickering. This is why I suggest running a creature like Burglar Rat or Elderfang Disciple instead. Also, you have 10 flicker cards but only 8 creature targets. While the flicker cards are dead cards by themselves, the creatures aren't, which is why I advise going down on the flicker cards and going up on the creatures.

For the discard suite, you currently have 12 targeted hand disruption spells, 4 Grief, IoK, and TS. This seems really overboard for me, since those spells tend to be bad late-game topdecks (and this deck aims to put the game into topdeck mode asap). I suggest cutting down some on those and putting in some Blackmail and/or Raven's Crime. Also Liliana of the Veil is a really powerful card in any 8rack build. I'd move them from the sideboard to the mainboard, leaving up more space for hate cards in the sideboard.

About the manabase. You also have barely any lands. Even without Smallpox, 18 lands is really low. I would recommend 20 at the bare minimum. Not sure why City of Brass is there either. And you have 4 Urborgs and no fetches. For a three color deck, CoB should not be needed and I highly recommend you go with a fetch shock manabase with Bloodstained Mire and Marsh Flats (and maybe one Savai Triome. Mishra's Factory is also generally better than Mutavault.

Using Ensnaring Bridge to defend against creature-based strategies is a complete nonbo with the deck's strategy of attacking with Grief and Kroxa. You also have no spot removal in the entire deck, which means it is really difficult to deal with creatures you want to remove that don't attack. I suggest swapping out the Bridges for some spot removal. Also you're in mardu colors which means you can run Prismatic Ending along with Lightning Bolt and Fatal Push.

About the sideboard: Feed the Swarm is played in most monoblack lists because it is the only enchantment removal in monoblack. You're mardu, not mono-B, which means you have better options like Fragmentize, Fracture, Rip Apart, and Prismatic Ending. Grafdigger's Cage completely shuts down all of your Kroxa, Feign Death, Malakir Rebirth antics which makes it a terrible choice for graveyard hate. One sided hate like Soul-Guide Lantern and Leyline of the Void would be much better choices here.

bradtheimpaler13 on Mosh Pit

2 months ago

Rune-Scarred Demon or Abhorrent Overlord maybe? There's lots of cards that trigger a reanimation effect upon death similar to Unholy Indenture . Shade's Form Kaya's Ghostform Demonic Vigor Unhallowed Pact Undying Evil Minion's Return that can all recur Kardy.

iammute on ping home the bacon (Zagras EDH)

2 months ago

Thanks for your comments.

GrimlockVIII if Death Pits wasn’t symmetrical I would consider but I think it’s a bit risky as it is. If I were looking for an alternative to Zagras I would probably go with Archetype of Finality .

seshiro_of_the_orochi I’m not really a fan of shroud on the Cloak because it turns off Undying Evil effects on Zagras. It’s why I’m only running Swiftfoot Boots over Lightning Greaves . Maskwood Nexus is a very cool card but I don’t think it does enough here unfortunately.

KodenejmBerni on Cleric Roberts (12-Priest)

2 months ago

Since your deck has almost all creatures 1/1, then I assume you use Graceful Reprieve to make THEM re-enter the BF, not the opponent's ones. I'd suggest Undying Evil instead. Cheaper and also gives a counter. I've considered it in a way, that to actually remove opponent's creature with the more expensive card's effect, you need to spend 4 mana Humble + Graceful Reprieve.

Neotrup on Evoke Creatures and Resolution of …

2 months ago

In general, if you have a new question, post it as such in the rules forum, that way it gets seen.

When an evoke creature enters the battlefield, you'll have a chance to respond. As with the previous question, you can respond with an activated ability, but you can also respond with an instant. Some people are trying to use the new card Grief with Undying Evil or Ephemerate this way.

abby315 on Compleat Grief MH2!

3 months ago

You might be better off replacing Undying Evil with Malakir Rebirth  Flip - it's a worse card for sure, but also being a land I think makes it a more flexible choice.

Grind on Queen Aikido

6 months ago

Interesting deck.
Idk but does not seem like it would be fun to play against a deck running constant boardwipes.
Although i see you do have some win cons like viscious shadows.
Anyway Onslaught seems weak here as you only run 8 creatures. This card could be replaced by Swords to Plowshares .
And Undying Evil seems like you want to survive boardwipe. Could run Boros Charm or Gift of Immortality instead.
Just some thoughts, Cheers!!

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