Strangleroot Geist


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Strangleroot Geist

Creature — Spirit


Undying (When this creature dies, if it had no +1/+1 counters on it, return it to the battlefield under its owner's control with a +1/+1 counter on it.)

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Strangleroot Geist Discussion

nobarkmoon9 on Dark Forest

2 weeks ago

I'd list this under casual. Legacy is the second highest power level competitive format, and this deck wouldn't be good even in standard, not that there's anything wrong with that. You'll probably get more useful feedback in casual. As for recommendations, I'd take out the red splash, and in most casual games you won't see people sideboarding. As for the main deck, one pitfall I see is that you're running over 60 cards. When you go over 60 cards, you're generally putting in cards that are worst than your best cards, so you're decreasing your odds of drawing good cards. For strategy I'd either stick to the small creatures that can attack fast, like Strangleroot Geist or Young Wolf, or the big creatures that cost a lot of mana, like Wolfir Silverheart and Vorstclaw. If you go with small creature, you'll want to build around making a lot of creatures and dealing damage quickly. The most important cards to pick up in that case would be 3-5 of something like Overrun or Triumph of the Hordes that make all your creatures big temporarily, because they'll most likely die that turn. If you want build a big creatures deck, you'll have to make it a bit more complex. You'll want about 10 cards like Llanowar Elves or Rampant Growth that get you ahead on mana for a cost of one or two. Also, you'll want to run what are called removal spells, to deal with what the opponent is playing, like Doom Blade or Grasp of Darkness, and you'll want to run 10-12 of these. Continuing on you'll want about 6 discard spells, things like Distress, but not Mind Rot. Mind Rot is bad because the enemy will always discard their worst two cards, where with Distress you get to take their best card. You'll also want about 24 lands. The rest of the space should be your big creatures, generally costing between 5-7 mana. Wolfir Silverheart is just about the best creature for the money that you can run, as he'll close out games very quickly. I wouldn't recommend things like Acidic Slime as they don't deal very much damage. I hope this helps.

dotytron on Cockroaches Company

2 weeks ago

as far as what creatures to add i would consider Young Wolf or Strangleroot Geist for early pressure and death triggers/ sac fodder

JerichoDarkstar on Full Green

2 weeks ago

Hey, no apologies necessary. I just wanted to make sure I was giving you the right suggestions. So, I saw your Arbor Elf, and it reminded me of a Turn 2 (technically Turn 3) win you could pull of with it. Let me give you that combo.

Cards you will need for this:

  1. Arbor Elf

  2. Utopia Sprawl

  3. Helix Pinnacle <-- the win con

  4. Freed from the Real <-- you get the necessary for this from Utopia Sprawl

Turn 1

Starting hand - 2 Forest, 1 Arbor Elf, 1 Freed from the Real, 1 Helix Pinnacle, 1 Utopia Sprawl, anything else

(1) Play Forest. Tap to play Arbor Elf. End turn.

Turn 2

(2) Draw into anything. Play another Forest. Tap one to play Utopia Sprawl and target the untapped Forest. Choose Blue.

(3) Tap the enchanted Forest to add to your mana pool.

(4) Tap Arbor Elf to untap the enchanted Forest. Tap the enchanted Forest to add to your mana pool

Now you have unspent.

(5) Pay to put Freed from the Real onto the battlefield.

DO NOT PAY ! You need to keep floating

(6) Now, pay your leftover to activate Freed from the Real and untap Arbor Elf.

(7) Tap Arbor Elf to untap your enchanted land. Tap the enchanted Forest for .

(8) Pay to use Freed from the Real and untap Arbor Elf.

(9) Tap Arbor Elf to untap your enchanted land. Tap the enchanted Forest for .

(10) Pay to use Freed from the Real and untap Arbor Elf.

(11) Repeat these steps until you have 101 mana.

(12) Pay to play Helix Pinnacle. Then pay 100 for to add 100 counters to Helix Pinnacle. End turn.

Next upkeep, you win.

That's just a cool wincon that would fun to pull off. Below, I'll just list some cards I think you might want to take a look at for ideas in general.

Here are some really good mono green cards you might want to take a look at.

  1. Avatar of the Resolute -- Having a 3/2 body for 2 mana is good already, but this guy has Reach AND Trample to boot. He catches your opponent's flyers and carries extra damage over to your opponent when he attacks. On top of all that, he gets stronger if you have creatures with +1/+1 counters, which green is very good at doing.

  2. Leatherback Baloth - He's just a really good beatstick for a cheap cost.

  3. Kalonian Tusker - Same. More power than mana spent is always a good thing.

  4. Experiment One - This guy starts off small, but get's bigger easily. Almost all your creatures should have more than 1 power. His Evolve will cause him to grow for most of the game. When something does manage to kill him, you can remove counters (i.e: not pay ANY mana) to Regenerate him. You lose counters to do that, but you'll just get them back later.

  5. Dryad Militant - 2 power for 1 mana is pretty good. It also disrupts some combos or effects your friends might be using if they run any cards that interact with Instants and Sorceries in the graveyard.

  6. Strangleroot Geist - A guy that swing 2 power on Turn 2 is on curve, and he can get stronger. If he dies, he'll just come back with 3 power.

  7. Dismember - Don't worry about not having . You can pay 4 life instead. It might seem a hefty price to pay, but this card is basically death to most creatures. It even kills things with Indestructible. It's nice to have some removal on hand in case there's something to powerful for you to take head on.

  8. Rancor - This is a guaranteed 2 power and Trample on a creature for the whole game, unless they exile it.

  9. Aspect of Hydra - If you are using some of the creatures above, it's easy for you to get as much as 10 devotion or more. This card can be a powerhouse in Mono Green

  10. Vines of Vastwood - It protects one of your creatures from removal or de-buffing, and then boosts it's attack by 4. Great card in the right situations.

  11. Guttural Response - This card really depends on what your friends are using. If you have anyone... ANYONE who plays Blue, throw this in just to ruin their day.

  12. Pithing Needle - Once again, this one depends on your friends meta. If someone has a super annoying card, I'd throw this in to shut it down.

This is just a quick suggest list from some really good Green cards I know of. You can actually build a deck with the above cards in the right amount. However, I'm not sure what you would be willing to take out or what you really want to keep in.

Anyway, I hope this just gives you some ideas. Let me know if you need anything else more specific. Happy Magic-ing!

Ihazadeck on This Zoo is Revolting

3 weeks ago

flintshadowrider almost everything gets bolted. you know at first i thought adding the extra bushwhackers was a bit too much, but slowly growing on me. was considering making them Strangleroot Geist or Ghor-Clan Rampager, as of now i want to play more with it before i make the change though.

Jundafloob on Red Green Ramp (Help Wanted)

3 weeks ago

You have the right idea but you really gotta look at your mana curve....also if you wanna go crazy, Jundafloob is my profile and i got a combo green aggro deck that uses Strangleroot Geist and Natural Order which is nasty for bringing out those big green pumps turn 2-3.

lithium142 on Investigate

4 weeks ago

hmmmmm... to begin with, we need Azusa, Lost but Seeking, Chord of Calling, 4 Tarmogoyfs..

nah, im just joshin ya.

I think you should turn this mono-green. the only critical thing you have that is black is Victim of Night, and it's very iffy on being able to cast it. I frequently needed the removal but only had one black mana source. now, yes you could pick a more easily castable black removal spell, or you could just go balls to the wall aggressive in green.

for starters, one advantage of going mono green would be to allow you to run forests, and only forests. mana bases dont get any more budget than that lol. the real gameplay advantage would be to allow you to run an insane mana ramp combo. now, you dont need ONLY forests to do it, but you need it to be mostly forests. if you ever decide you need some Ghost Quarters or some other utility land, dont be afraid to throw em in.anyway, the combo is Utopia Sprawl + Arbor Elf. by themselves, the ramp you normally, just giving you one extra mana. however, if you have the combo in you opening hand, you play t1 Arbor Elf, t2 utopia sprawl on your second (untapped) land. now, on turn 2, you have 4 mana to throw around.

you typically want 3 Utopia Sprawl, 4 Arbor Elf. running this would allow you to run 19 lands, and you could obviously cut Whisperer of the Wilds, Nissa's Pilgrimage, and Animist's Awakening. this would also solve the biggest grievance i had while testing this deck: no turn one play. yea, you have Typhoid Rats, but it feels really awkward to play a rat, and THEN play your mana ramp the following turn.

but yea, that would be the 2 biggest pieces of advice i have for you. Here's a few cards for you to consider, to make replacing black cards a tad easier on you. Also, ill mention a few green cards that could potentially be upgraded.

First! and HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended, is Rancor. This is arguably the best green enchantment ever printed, and it fits in your deck like a putting on a glove. ESPECIALLY if you put in Utopia Sprawl + Arbor Elf. Because it means Arbor Elf can now be a threat too. you could also give your big guys trample, which is always good.

second, and a personal favorite; Strangleroot Geist. super aggressive, super resilient. he's what control decks dread, and is also good against other aggro and midrange decks. I've won loads of games off the back of this guy, and probably will again in the future.

third, for removal. green is in a tough spot for removal, and typically you just want to have the stronger creature. but sometimes you just need to be able to kill something, even at a cost. for this, Beast Within is a pretty good option. I will admit though, this removal delema is exactly why i splashed white in my mono green deck. exclusively so I could run Path to Exile. A neat trick with Beast Within, though. if your opponent casts Path to Exile on your Strangleroot Geist, you can respond by Beast Withining your geist. this way you end up with a 3/2 geist AND a 3/3 token, and their path will fizzle.

now i have two cards i think you could improve.

fisrt, Blossoming Defense is a solid card, but i find that Vines of Vastwood is ever so slightly better.

next, I think you should give Garruk Wildspeaker some testing in place of Nissa, Vital Force. they both have relevant abilities in your deck, but i think you'll find that while nissa helps you get an advantage on your opponent, garruk will straightup win you games.

and that's pretty much it. I hope this helps you out! let me know what you think =)

goldieH on Budget Mono Green Aggro

1 month ago

Vines of Vastwood is a great way way to both protect and both your creatures. Champion of Lambholt lets your creatures swing in uncontested, where you can them pump them for even more damage. Running 1 or 2 copies of Overrun is also not bad as a win condition. If you have 3 or 4 creatures getting pumped with +3/+3 up it can be devastating. Strangleroot Geist is also a great card for mono green aggro strats.

droslag on Gruulamog

1 month ago

Beast Within and Chaos Warp are probably the best removal (non-burn) cards in this color. And for modern you will definitely want like Ground Seal sideboard against graveyard decks. Also Ruric Thar, the Unbowed is great vs control decks. Mistcutter Hydra is spectacular vs blue decks and Polukranos, World Eater is just a good creature. Domri Rade Garruk, Caller of Beasts Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip I love gruul, the deck looks like fun too +1. I'll list some other neat cards too :P Fanatic of Xenagos Overwhelming Stampede Hull Breach Blasphemous Act Strangleroot Geist Courser of Kruphix Stormbreath Dragon Savage Summoning (good anti-control sideboard card)

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