As an additional cost to play Hatred, pay X life.

Target creature gets +X/+0 until end of turn.

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Hatred Discussion

DemMeowsephs on Gisa's Undead Army

1 month ago

I believe I've already commented but have you thought about buffing the creature's power you sacrifice before you sac them? These might be precious slots in the deck and not worth it, but I was thinking cards like Bloodcurdling Scream / Howl from Beyond , and maybe Ghoul's Feast ? One that definitely seems like it should be in (though it is expensive) is Hatred , as you could essentially pay like 10 life before you sac something and create 10 extra zombies.

griffstick on First to suffer: a deck for experimenting cards

2 months ago

I'm so glad that other players have this cmdr and enjoy playing it. The initial idea with this deck was to have creatures that are large enough to dodge the board wipe but then it just turned into a deck with random fun things. Cards that I wanted to test. Hatred is a good suggestion and I own one too. I also wanted to be Demon tribal. The thing is the deck struggles to find an identity and I kinda like that. I really enjoy doing the unexpected. And this deck does that well.

Going creature-less seems like the smart thing to do. But I'm a creature kind of guy. Also check out Strands of Night . That card is so good. But its cards like that I didn't know was good until I tested it out. That's kinda what makes this deck fun and unique. Same thing can be said about Karn, Silver Golem . I put jim in because I wanted to be able to remove artifacts with my cmdr and that's working great. But theres other applications with him like simply turning someone's Sword of Feast and Famine into a creature just to make the equipment fall off.

asparling_tappedout on First to suffer: a deck for experimenting cards

2 months ago

Hmm. I have a Kagemaro, First to Suffer deck (currently private as I'm forever tweaking it), but it's fundamentally different from yours. Kagemaro is the only creature in the whole deck...

Kagemaro, First to Suffer is a board wipe on a stick. In an ideal game you'll be sending oodles of things to your opponents' graveyards. You might look to Rise of the Dark Realms rather than Exsanguinate as a finisher, seeing as you're likely going to be wiping your own board as well as your opponents'.

Best card printed lately for Kagemaro, First to Suffer is Peer into the Abyss , and it's still relatively cheap. I'd run Spellbook in addition to Thought Vessel and Reliquary Tower if you're going to go that route however.

If you want to go down the pricier side of things... Hatred is a great means of closing out a game in mono black. Board wipe with your commander then weaponize your life total to swing in for the win.

I only play mono black, but rarely do I play creature heavy decks... so take my advice with a grain of salt.

plakjekaas on Random combo buildoff entry: plakjekaas

3 months ago

Hardhitta7 I actively avoid Purphoros, God of the Forge , for personal PTSD reasons, but it's a great suggestion that probably should be there. The activated +1/+0 to your team can also be randomly relevant when making Bat tokens. Also I don't own a copy, I usually brew with cards I have, it probably slipped my mind.

BrassLord I like the Hatred especially, I should buy a copy of that just because of the random oneshots :D

BrassLord on Random combo buildoff entry: plakjekaas

3 months ago

I'd also recommend Nim Deathmantle , as it can go infinite with your fabricate creatures and recursion to win on the spot. Plus a zombie deathtouch trample pirate zombie is quite scary in the late game!

If your budget also allows, maybe Hatred for a cheeky one shot commander damage backup plan?

aznb01777 on Funkmaster Jay & the Lifeloss Gang (EDH)

4 months ago

Phyrexian Processor and Hatred would easily win games for you since you aren't doing elf tribal .

Rossa on Drana mtgo

5 months ago

I have checked the entire deck and it is really diverse and I have no doubts it probably works well. It seems very well prepared for various challenges. But independently from my first impressions I have to ask you what was your purpose with this deck? I am asking this, because from my point of view, it is a versatile vampire tribal, with most of the black staples - however I can not see the direction where it wants to go. This commander is clearly a volton general, but the deck is full of with non-voltron style cards, however it lacks some other typical voltron cards like Blackblade Reforged , Fireshrieker , Whispersilk Cloak . If you play against only one opponent you may find Hatred , Unspeakable Symbol useful. Have not you experienced speed issues with it? You play on few mana stones, and your main mana sources are bit expensive ( Nirkana Revenant , Caged Sun ) and Doubling Cube starts to provide real advantage if you reached 8+ mana. Nevertheless my ultimate opinion is that it is a good deck, and I would try it out gladly. :-)

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