As an additional cost to play Hatred, pay X life.

Target creature gets +X/+0 until end of turn.

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Hatred Discussion

KBK7101 on Your Favorite Plays

6 days ago

My brother hit my other brother with a Hatred for 39 life on a lifegain creature once on like turn three or four. He finished him off with Sign in Blood. Absolutely brutal. lol

Another fun one was when I thought I had the game in the bag using my Multani, Maro-Sorcerer deck with an army of tokens and a huge hand (like 20+ cards). My brother buffed his creatures, played a Gruul Charm and snuck through and killed me. I wasn't even mad!

KBK7101 on Mono Black "Deal'' Deck Ideas …

6 days ago

As someone who has a Vilis, Broker of Blood deck in the rotation of decks that I play with/against, I can speak from experience when I say that Vilis might actually be a bit TOO powerful. In the games I've played against him, he almost always becomes public enemy #1 as soon as something like Psychosis Crawler, literally any Tutor card or an unexpected Hatred shows up. Asmodeus the Archfiend seems to be a similar playstyle but not quite as "kill on sight" as Vilis is. I don't have any experience with Asmodeus, however.

Basically, if you want high power but a high chance of being targeted out of the game, Vilis is your best bet. If you want a lower powered deck that could potentially draw less attention from opponents that could play the same, Asmodeus would be a better choice.

On a similar note, Erebos, Bleak-Hearted might be worth mentioning. He cares about creatures dying and life loss. Could be pretty easy to tie the themes together.

If you went a route other than the life loss theme, maybe Fain, the Broker might be worth a look. Makes lots of deals by sacrificing stuff in exchange for other stuff.

freezerboy on Off color cards help for …

1 month ago

Looking for some assistance with this deck, The Color Pie Must Die. It is an assassin themed deck, but I didn't want to rely on any gimmicks like "deathtouch" for my commander Kelsien, the Plague. The deck should be able to remove anything, but I'm struggling with how to make it more lethal. Hatred is one option, but I'm looking for some other ways to take out opponents in one shot. Even better if it is a color pie breaking ability. Thoughts?

Lanzo493 on SwingForTheWin Deck-Idea

1 month ago

Sublime Archangel, Unnatural Growth, and Sunhome, Fortress of the Legion have good repeated use.

Some good one time instants are Berserk and Hatred. Exponential Growth for kicks and giggles. There’s also Thromok the Insatiable who could fit depending on the deck style.

The best equipment/aura boosters are Colossus Hammer, Eldrazi Conscription, and Colossification.

Pathbreaker Ibex and Craterhoof Behemoth can make a creature bigger, as well as lots of others. Throw God-Eternal Rhonas in with this group. And maybe Nylea's Colossus, too. Let’s also add Kalonian Hydra.

Epicurus on Run Skittles Is Coming

3 months ago

Hatred as the ultimate finisher, if you can afford it. But I'd also swap some of the equipment you're using for others that grant Trample, like Loxodon Warhammer or Sword of Vengeance, just in case you hit some decks with a lot of flying blockers or your other evasion stuff doesn't work. There's probably better and/or lower MV equipment that would do the trick as well, but those are what I can think of at the moment.


KaptnK on Prossh is a Jerk

3 months ago

Some quick ideas to strengthen this deck while keeping Prossh at the helm.

Some cards I would consider removing:

  • Vicious Shadows seems very conditional as it requires people to have a few cards in hand by the time you can play a 7 mana spell. It also does nothing the turn it comes out without some previous setup
  • Army of the Damned seems very expensive. It makes a ton of tokens but also leaves no mana for responses unless you have ramped a lot (which the deck doesnt seem to do at the moment).

BrassLord on A Better Florian, Voldaren Scion

3 months ago

Glad someone took notice of this guy, seems decent on paper! Vampiric Tutor or even Varragoth, Bloodsky Sire might be decent in a deck that wants to attack and manipulate the top deck. Varragoth opens up some sneaky plays with Opposition Agent, where you can simply exile a combo piece from an opponent's deck by targeting them with boast ability. Maze of Ith would also allow you to negate your varragoth attack keeping him safe. Maybe not cEDH viable but New Blood and Blood Tribute both have kicker costs that can use your commanders vampire ability. Also thinking of Deflecting Swat and Deadly Rollick. And theres always Hatred or Unspeakable Symbol even Vial Smasher the Fierce

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