Geralf's Messenger

Geralf's Messenger

Creature — Zombie

Geralf's Messenger enters the battlefield tapped.

When Geralf's Messenger enters the battlefield, target opponent loses 2 life.

Undying (When this creature dies, if it had no +1/+1 counters on it, return it to the battlefield under its owner's control with a +1/+1 counter on it.)

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Geralf's Messenger Discussion

addaff on returning to the battlefield combo

22 hours ago

Gaea's Anthem has no effect on the undying ability. Your Geralf's Messenger will be a 4/3 and when it dies it will come back as a 4/3 with a +1/+1 counter on it making it a 5/4.

With Conjurer's Closet, flickering the same Geralf's Messenger with a +1/+1 counter on it, it will come back as a new creature with no +1/+1 counter.

With the unearth ability, i believe you would put it's trigger on the stack first and then the closet's last. Closet resolves first and flicks the unearth creature. It now has no knowledge of its previous self and stays permanently, the exile trigger resolves/fizzles.

kameenook on Viability of devotion decks outside ...

1 day ago

I actually haven't considered, or seen for that matter, any sort of mono-green devotion decks in modern. I suppose mono-green devotion can play all the good ramp, mono-black has good recursion in Bloodghast and Geralf's Messenger, mono-blue gets Shorecrasher Elemental and Master of the Waves, I'm not sure if mono-red has anything good outside of Fanatic of Mogis, mono-white from what I've seen, is just a prison deck with Heliod as a finisher. Given this, I think most devotion decks are just shied away from, they certainly seem playable, but most people shy away from certain archetypes (like tribal for instance).

Kirito_swo on Viability of devotion decks outside ...

3 days ago

Like i said part of it is the disruption and removal package. And if they Roast obliterator it did its job. Ive beat twin with just a Viscera Seer and a couple Geralf's Messenger obliterator isnt the only way to win game

FrenchFryNinja on Dark Devotion

5 days ago

Nice job! I'm trying to accomplish something similar here:

Phyrexian Face-Desecration

I would recommend (against common thought) running 4x Nykthos. Yes, I know. Legendary. But with some devotion already on the board drawing a Nykthos on T4 or T5 can be just what you need. Lets say you have 1 Nykthos in hand and 1 in play and 7 Devotion on the table through a Bloodghast, Nantuko Shade, and a Geralf's Messenger. In your hand you have 2 Demigod of Revenge and that other Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. Tap out the first Nykthos for 7 mana, then put the next one into play. It comes into play untapped and the original tapped one gets placed into the graveyard due to the legendary rule. Use 2 leftover mana from the first 1 to tap out the second. Now you have 12 unspent black mana. Drop both Demigod of Revenge and laugh.

It may sound like a corner case and not worth it, but that trick has caused me to win more commonly than I ever would have thought.

Regardless, I like what you're doing here. +1

CarnariumKeeper on Tiny Tymaret

6 days ago

I'm considering adding the Toxic Deluge I got in the mail recently to my Mainboard. Unlike Anger of the Gods, Toxic Deluge is a Tiny Leaders board-wipe that does not exile the creatures. This is especially important for a deck like this one, where exiling my own creatures at the cost of hosing my opponent's field is a double-edged sword. This way, I can crap all over my opponent's creatures without worrying about my own. For most of my creatures ( Gravecrawler, Bloodsoaked Champion, Tymaret, the Murder King, Bloodghast, Geralf's Messenger, and Tuktuk the Explorer) the graveyard is a second home.

Only one problem--what do I take out for Toxic Deluge?

HeroesBane on Black Devotion Ramp

1 week ago

LOL yeah I don't tend to care about legality.

Good suggestions though FrenchFryNinja. I will replace my Gatekeeper of Malakirs with Geralf's Messenger because it is only a placeholder. I am going to keep Hero's Downfall because most of my friends, whom I play with, run OP planeswalkers and they usually mess with me so much.

thanks to take the time to help though.

FrenchFryNinja on Black Devotion Ramp

1 week ago

Hey HeroesBane, I like what you are doing here! A couple of quick comments: First, it is unfortunately not modern legal :/ Dark Ritual and Demonic Tutor are preventing you. Instead of Dark Ritual maybe Geralf's Messenger to get the devotion for Nyx? There's no substitute for Demonic Tutor, but if you're really looking to Tutor something as a requirement for that spot, you could go look at the Transmute mechanic on gatherer. There are some interesting ones. Ignore these comments if you're just playing casually and don't care about being modern legal. :)

Also, Hero's Downfall is a little pricey (mana-wise) and not everyone plays plainswalkers. I would recommend Victim of Night and maybe sideboard Hero's Downfall if necessary.

This is a great start! I hope it works out for you! How does it play? Do you notice the curve is awkward?

+1 for making a devotion build! I love mono-colored decks, and think that Nykthos has the potential to be a game changer in the format.

Power / Toughness 3/2
Color(s) Black
Cost BBB
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 1.42
Avg. cube pick 10.67


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Dark Ascension Rare


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