Rekindling Phoenix


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Mythic Rare

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Rekindling Phoenix

Creature — Phoenix

Flying When Rekindling Phoenix dies, create a 0/1 red Elemental creature token with "At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice this creature and return target card named Rekindling Phoenix from your graveyard to the battlefield. It gains haste until end of turn."

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Rekindling Phoenix Discussion

graybones on Torgaar Thud (RB Sacrifice)

1 week ago

Good thinking Malikin I'll definitely test out the Squire and see how it goes. I've also recently been testing Doom Whisperer over Rekindling Phoenix lately for more card advantage as well.

SP3CTR3_chelts on Jeskai Control (Mono-Red Hate)

2 weeks ago

If you do not like crackling drake Rekindling Phoenix is a good finisher. It will be slower but more reliable against removal (obviously)

stensiagamekeeper on Goblins in Standard

2 weeks ago

Comicbookguy88 Depending on your definition of budget it would probably need to be mono- and you'd need to lay off the Karn, Scion of Urza and Rekindling Phoenixs. Beyond that not much is restricting your card choices seeing as standard goblins and goblin payoffs don't cost very much besides Goblin Chainwhirler, Vanquisher's Banner, Banefire, Risk Factor and Runaway Steam-Kin.

First you should pick an archetype: Midrange tokens, aggro, Guttersnipe burn, combo or whatever. Then select goblin enablers (such as Goblin Instigator or Legion Warboss) and payoffs (such as Volley Veteran or Goblin Trashmaster) that allow you to compete on the axis that you've chosen(it's usually a bad idea to try and double dip on archetype). A couple basic mountains, Zhalfirin Voids even and a Lightning Strike or two later and you have a goblin deck.

Suggesting specific cards or sideboard suggestions would require knowing what kind of goblin deck you were building.

KaladeshKat on Losing Friends In Standard

2 weeks ago

I know you didn't ask for removal suggestions, but might i suggest Vraska's Contempt for this deck? Your only way of dealing with planeswalkers like teferi and Ral is The Eldest Reborn which is spotty as they have a choice, presuming they have something else on board. It also is clean removal versus stuff like Arclight Phoenix and Rekindling Phoenix. I think replacing your Ravenous Chupacabras with that would be fine.

multimedia on What is Happening?

3 weeks ago

Hey, yep Standard is expensive right now. That's because of the playable manabases (Shock lands and Check lands) and the top decks are playing a lot of mythic rares including some decks are using 4x of a very expensive mythic rare. These cards are unfortunately what make the decks competitive :(

Out of all the competitive decks these are the least expensive:

  1. Mono-Blue Tempo with Curious Obsession ($100 or less)
  2. Mono-Red Aggro with Experimental Frenzy ($130)
  3. White Weenie with History of Benalia ($230 and going up)
  4. Izzet Drakes with Arclight Phoenix ($240)
  5. Mono-Red Aggro with Rekindling Phoenix ($240)
  6. Dimir Control with Doom Whisperer ($250)
  7. Boros Aggro with History of Benalia ($280 and going up)

There's still quite a few less than $300 decks to choose from that are competitive. At least this means you don't have to play overly expensive Golgari or Jeskai Control to be competitive as long as you prepare your sideboard to beat these decks. I would feel safe/secure taking any one of the above decks to FNM.

This is an expensive Standard, but it's thankfully a long ways from ridiculously expensive BFZ/OGW/ORI Standard with playable manabases of Fetch lands/Battle lands, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip was a $90 card and 4x in many of the competitive decks. I fear that upcoming GRN/RNA Standard will be close to BFZ/OGW/ORI Standard because of expensive manabases (having 20+ different expensive playable dual lands (Shocks and Checks) to choose from) and because of Teferi, Hero of Dominaria who's going to be more viable in many more decks and he's $50 now. GRN/RNA Standard is going to be fun because of all the options for decks to choose from thanks to the lands, but it's also going to be I think excessively expensive.

Shingouki on Standard Boros Aggro.

3 weeks ago

Great deck. I would try 2x Rekindling Phoenix over one Tajic, Legion's Edge and one Militia Bugler as a hard to remove top end. Hell you could have them in over bad Lightning Helix

KaladeshKat on Orzhov Life

3 weeks ago

Vraska's Contempt is perfect fit here. Lifegain plus clean removal versus stuff like Arclight Phoenix and Rekindling Phoenix.

White also has good removal. Ixalan's Binding, Hieromancer's Cage, and Conclave Tribunal are all 4-mana exiles. Conclave Tribunal would be really nice here with all of the little cat tokens you will make.

David_H18 on Kamo's Crash and Burn

4 weeks ago

My third color for this would definitely be blue, that gives you access to Drowned Catacomb, Watery Grave, Steam Vents and Sulfur Falls, which will actually improve your mana base. It also allows you to play 3 Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip at your four drop in place of 3 Raiders' Wake. Moment of Craving is going to allow you to live long enough to set up your value inevitability against mono red, so I would think about going to 2 on Shock and put two more in the side board instead of Urgoros, the Empty One. This next one hurts me to say, since Fell Specter is one of my favorite cards, but you will definitely get more value out of Chemister's Insight, drawing cards is essential for you and being able to ditch a land late for two more cards is great. Also, with blue you get access to a couple of counter spells, which is fantastic against all the etb abilities on creatures right now. I would think about running two Syncopates in place of Liliana's Spoils which will help your curve as well, and go for 2 Essence Scatters and 2 Lava Coils (Now that I'm saying it, Shock and Lightning Strike would probably be out for me) so cards like Rekindling Phoenix, Arclight Phoenix, or either izzet drake can't trade for more than one card. Finally, you will have to make a choice on whether you want to get more aggressive, or more control. I would lean more toward control, as the value in this deck is difficult to overcome late game. If, however, you decide you would rather get an early advantage, simply swap the two Essence Scatter and Lava Coil for 4 Thief of Sanity. If he is not killed, he will win you the game simple as that (if he were a 2/3 I would be way more inclined to play him, but there's just too much out there to kill him for me). Anyway, didn't mean to write a book, but these are the changes I would make and why! If you like them let me know, and if you don't, then feel free to tell me that too and have fun playing with a fun deck!

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