Death's Oasis

Death's Oasis


Whenever a nontoken creature you control dies (is put into the graveyard from the battlefield), put the top two cards of your library into your graveyard. Then return a creature card with lesser converted mana cost than the creature that died from your graveyard to your hand.

, Sacrifice Death's Oasis: You gain life equal to the greatest converted mana cost among creatures you control.

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Set Rarity
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths (IKO) Rare

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Format Legality
Pioneer Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Arena Legal
Frontier Legal
Standard Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Brawl Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pre-release Legal
Unformat Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

Death's Oasis Discussion

multimedia on The gravewalker

1 month ago

Hey, well done for less than $100.

You actually have infinite combos here. Any time you have Karmic Guide + Reveillark + sac outlet or Guide + Fiend Hunter + sac outlet you have an infinite dies loop of Guide/Lark or Fiend. Guide + Lark + Viscera Seer/Carrion Feeder + Zulaport Cutthroat/Cruel Celebrant is infinite sacs/reanimation of Guide/Lark which is infinite triggers of Cutthroat/Celebrant as the win condition. Another Cutthroat/Celebrant infinite combo is Guide + Fiend + Seer/Feeder + Cutthroat/Celebrant.

Guide + Lark + Altar of Dementia is infinite sacs of Guide/Lark which can be infinite self-mill or infinite opponent mill as the win condition. With self-mill can reanimate all other creatures in your library who Lark can reanimate until you reanimate Cutthroat/Celebrant. This combo is also infinite ETB triggers of creatures who have an ETB ability. If you want to cut the infinite combos from your deck then cut Guide.

These are not easy combos for a beginner to understand. My advice to is simplify by expanding on self-mill to utilize Karador's ability to cast a creature card from your graveyard. This is the causal aspect of Karador that's easy to understand. Creature reanimation is a good/easy to understand strategy with self-mill.

Some other budget cards to consider adding:

Even on a budget the manabase could be improved.

Good luck with your deck.

Minousmancer on Is standard broken

2 months ago

I see "it"(current state of meta) as an incredible challenge.

I Started during Ice-Age block, was in it for a couple years then life happened. I got back into Magic during the end of New Phyrexia and the start of the Innistrad block. I was taken aback, at how OP both felt. I mean one of my favorite decks for Modern is call Ghostrider M (M is a reference to quantum mechanics). I mean flip cards, what?!!

It all seemed like I wouldn't/couldn't be able to adjust. I did though, I made some super powerful decks that just were out of the box concepts. Like a powerful Ghoultree deck with undead plants as a theme. I got out of magic again for several years again because, well again life.

This year I jumped back into it with Theros, thinking it was a good(relatively, not a fan of enchantment centered decks), balanced. I brood a couple of decks focused primarily on Mono-Black. Created an amazing Standard version of a Necropotence deck.

Then, rumors of Ikoria started floating around and I was worried it would turn into the trash-fire that the Eldrezi were. Then I heard about Godzilla cards and it gave me hope. Then cards started to leak. Mechanics were revealed and explained.Mutate is awesomely balanced. I thought it was going to turn all cards and decks into new forms of the Voltron(Tron) type. It doesn't really which is nice.But let me throw an octopus on top of a Glimmerbell so I have a card drawing Flying octopus, hell yeah!!

Companion, this is another story. I call it Commander-light. It's a challenge. This format makes it so you can either get around Companion at a disadvantage. Having one less starting card than your opposition or you find ways around that disadvantage. i.e. Zenith Flare-(Guilty I made one)-Cycling or something else. I think we just need a couple weeks playing against these concept decks to maybe start to worry.

Even with this "Ikoria" standard Jeskai-or-whichever Fires of Invention decks are still number one decks. I'm waiting for people to start building killer Death's Oasis, Titans' Nest, Weaponize the Monsters, Shark Typhoon, and Back for More-Godzilla decks. Maybe B/W Nightmare Shepherd + Luminous Broodmoth + Dirge Bat decks. Concept decks like Anti-Monster human decks.

My point is even though some of these new decks seem powerful, minus Gyruda, that deck is super weak. A counter spell or Pacifism shuts the whole deck down. There can and will be way better deck concepts.

I've thrown together several new standard deck concepts that could be made into amazing decks with the right imagination. Turbo-FOG with Sharks...

Minousmancer on Tsharks delete

2 months ago


The best part is the are so worried about being prepared for the sharks they don't even think that there could be Ultimatums coming.

I did it, I broke:

Titans' Nest - Zagoth Nest and Death's Oasis - Indatha Deaths.

Minousmancer on tsuro

2 months ago

So besides breaking the Dryad, Typhoon, and Titans' Nest, I'm working on trying to figure out how to break Death's Oasis.

MTGconstructor on How to Get Kicked out of Your Playgroup

2 months ago

makarzorklin Im not sure if you have ever played Karador, Ghost Chieftain or not, but Karador is not a high priority to cast. Meaning there are better ways to cheat in my creatures other than raw casting them. Karador is a late game play, when you have a full graveyard and the ability to pay for high CMC creatures. As for going more "creature heavy" I like the balance where it is at, again Im not looking to cast Karador any time before turn 5,6,7, or 8.

Not sure if you have read any of my previous responses, but if you are playing reanimator and still pay face value for creatures, then its not worth it. Creature ramping doesn't add much synergy, and is a dead draw late game.

Crucible of Worlds to Ramunap Excavator is valid, but either one works. The reason why I have the crucible is because its slightly harder to kill than creatures.

Obzedat's Aid is a fantastic card in any reanimate deck, but specifically this one. If Altar of Dementia, Deadbridge Chant, Crucible of Worlds, Greater Good, etc. Wind up in the graveyard its a direct hit, rather than jumping through hoops with Eternal Witness, or Greenwarden of Murasa. its just an added bonus with more options.

Ob Nixilis, the Fallen and Vengeful Pharaoh are purely test pieces right now, I see your point with Ob Nixilis, but I found that Vengeful Pharaoh is a an added thorn in my opponents side, he benefits from just sitting in the graveyard.

Birds of Paradise is a good piece, but so is Chromatic Lantern, so I may just have both.

Faeburrow Elder is another good option.

Grisly Salvage is a good card, again it doesnt always need to be attached to a creature. And allows me to grab creatures I need in short term plays, Karmic Guide, Eternal Witness, Phyrexian Delver, etc.

Deadbridge Chant is another synergistic card that plays very well into Karador. Milling ten, then getting pure value after that seems fine. Death's Oasis is another great option and both would work great.

Thanks for the comment

makarzorklin on How to Get Kicked out of Your Playgroup

2 months ago

You may want to go more creature heavy. They help reduce Karador's casting cost when they die or are milled and you can recast them later. Creatures with utility and etb effects get extra value with Karador. I'd also try to cut some higher cmc items for cheaper ramp so you aren't stuck with lots of big spells in hand without being able to cast them.

  1. Crucible of Worlds to Ramunap Excavator - does the same thing in creature form.
  2. Obzedat's Aid to Cavalier of Night - There really isn't any non-creature items you'd want to reanimate and you already have more reanimation spells than threats to reanimate. Cavalier gives you creature removal, value recursion, a lifelinking beater, and a creature for Karador or other reanimation.
  3. Ob Nixilis, the Fallen to Farhaven Elf - Without fetch lands and a land ramp focus, Ob Nix is pretty weak. Farhaven can give you more ramp and be recurred.
  4. Vengeful Pharaoh to Oakhame Adversary - Pharaoh is very conditional and can only kill something that already dealt damage to you, plus its a downside that you then have to draw it. Oakhame often costs 2 mana, can give you extra cards, and with deathtouch also discourages people from attacking you.
  5. Chromatic Lantern to Birds of Paradise - Cheap mana fixing creature that helps cast Karador from the battlefield or the grave. Having 1 drop creatures even in you grave just allows you turns to be more flexible with Karador. Cast something big from your hand and cheap from the grave (or vice versa).
  6. Gilded Lotus to Faeburrow Elder - gives you a boost to ramp earlier and is a creature for Karador.
  7. Grisly Salvage to either Stitcher's Supplier or Satyr Wayfinder - these are creatures that can be recurred to provide repeatable mill and lower the cost of Karador.
  8. Deadbridge Chant to Death's Oasis - Death's Oasis is cheaper to cast to fill up your grave earlier and gives better selection on what you get back. Deadbridge has a higher ceiling, but at 6 mana and wait a turn to get something random, seems very inconsistent.

These changes will allow your deck to be more consistent and still keep it on the casual side.

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on A pale light in the darkness

2 months ago

Thanks for the comments, Deadpoo111. Yeah, I didn't realize how powerful Tayam can get. Even if you aren't comboing, his/her ability still provides pretty insane card advantage.

Demonic Tutor (and Vampiric Tutor/Entomb) haven't been included simply because I don't have any spare ones laying around. I'd definitely include them if I could.

I had already considered Young Wolf in place of Safehold Elite, but I opted to exclude it for a couple reasons. 1) Even though I am trying to combo, I don't want too many do nothing/dead draws if I can help it. 2) Safehold Elite has persist, which can be used with multiple combos in this deck where as undying is more limited in what it can be used with.

Death's Oasis is interesting. I'll give it a look.

Deadpoo111 on A pale light in the darkness

2 months ago

Wow this deck seems really strong! I didn't really think Tayam was that interesting but he does have some sweet lines. In terms of suggestions, I think you could include a Demonic Tutor, I mean consistency in a deck like this is really good to have. Surprised you aren't running Death's Oasis, the card seems nuts in a deck like this. I also think you could make a slot for Young Wolf it's only one mana for an undying effect so that's just really nice to have. Those are the suggestions I have, cool idea +1