Hidden Stockpile


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt (AER) Uncommon

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Hidden Stockpile


Revolt — At the beginning of your end step, if a permanent you controlled left the battlefield this turn, create a 1/1 colourless Servo artifact creature token.

, Sacrifice a creature: Scry 1.

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Hidden Stockpile Discussion

hullos on R/B Sac Attack

7 hours ago

you could try splash for white for Hidden Stockpile just a great card in the deck. or if you want to keep it r/b you could use Weaponcraft Enthusiast gives you practically 3 guys to sac.also Bone Picker

WizardLogic on New player looking for some ...

8 hours ago

If you like tokens and control, you might like a deck themed around Hidden Stockpile, Sram's Expertise and Anointed Procession. Mardu being the color combo you like would give you access to burn to keep the board clear with cards such as Abrade and Lightning Strike for some reach. Going Esper which adds blue instead of red gives you counters like Spell Pierce, Censor, and Negate.

My suggestion for standard is learn what cards are in it. With rotation happening very soon, it's a good time to see what cards are available. With that knowledge there should be a color or two that stands out to you, and you can build from there!

DragonEleven on Servo Madness

10 hours ago

I run a servo deck myself... it's been through a number of iterations, but I'd say that Hidden Stockpile is a must.

Anointed Procession also works rather nicely with servo generation.

Personally, I prefer Weaponcraft Enthusiast over Visionary Augmenter as you can cast it off Sram's Expertise.

Battle at the Bridge is a great spell in artifact based decks, as it can kill indestructible creatures, and has life gain.

You might also want to consider Marionette Master as a win-con... when used alongside Master Trinketeer it can really back your opponent into a corner.

As you don't seem to have any Concealed Courtyard, you might want to consider adding Evolving Wilds (triggers Hidden Stockpile) and/or Renegade Map (triggers Hidden Stockpile and Marionette Master, and can be used for improvise) to help with mana-fixing.

Another card you may want to consider is Herald of Anguish... if you can create servos quick enough, you can get him out quite early in the game (turn 4 is my best)... having a strong flyer is handy, and his abilities can really pressure your opponent.

Squiggy686the2nd on Competitive Orzhov Riches

2 days ago

Thanks for the Advice Entomo! You are right about the treasure and improvise- they don't work double but treasures are still relatively effective with improvise as often you have a couple of treasures just sitting there. Hidden Stockpile is a great idea as it helps smooth out my curve and synergises well with my strategy. Marionette Master is also a great suggestion and can win you the game if your opponents don't have an answer to it.

DJduck on The master of marionettes IXL standard

2 days ago

hullos I only have 2 Hidden Stockpiles because in playtesting, removal/counterspells have been more important than the scrys.

hullos on The master of marionettes IXL standard

2 days ago

i would recomend having 4 Hidden Stockpile it can really get you ahead with scrys and gives you more efficient blockers along with another revolt trigger

Entomo on Competitive Orzhov Riches

2 days ago

sweet oketra combo. could use a Mirage Mirror as an extra procession #5 if you want or needed.
BTW I don't think that treasure tokens can be used for both improvise AND sac for mana on the same turn, as both abilities require the artifact to tap.
Also I have been working with treasure decks, and I found out that 5 treasures + Marionette Master you can shoot em for 20 damage, which is half the treasures you would need to win with Revel in Riches.
Along the same lines Spell Swindle is a sweet way to land the 5 treasures you would be needing and paired with the master is a pretty clean 2 card combo that fits with what your doing.
Finally Hidden Stockpile is a pretty decent engine and might be better for you then something like servo exhibition? Especially if you end up cutting Herald of Anguish

Eemanor on Life gain aggression

3 days ago

Hexcimal my man, sorry for taking so long to reply to your comment, but as you can see a lot has changed in my deck. I believe I have reached its final iteration, although I'm always trying new things. I got rid of the Soulmender since it wasn't doing much and Bloodbond Vampire it came in too late to be relevant. Also changed Lone Missionary for Augur il-Vec I know it seems like a bad idea for a creature, but I bassicaly use it as controlable life gain, waiting for the best moment to sac it and get 4 life or to sac it to Hidden Stockpile and get the scry and token, this allows me to better control my draws and start the self feeding engine assuring a creature entering the battlefield every turn.

As for alternate win conditions I got a sweet infinite combo that just drains the opponents life combining Exquisite Blood and Cliffhaven Vampire. Beating my oppponent to the ground is still the main idea but this combo has won me games where the board state was unfavorable or I was way too low in lifge to risk attacking.

Removal also got some upgrades with Anguished Unmaking to eliminate anything but lands and Unmake to take out big problematic creatures. Fatal Push is still on trial period. I'm considering Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares to replace it since they are more flexible.

Lands got pimped too, Scoured Barrens is just lovely and also cheap, the downside of Caves of Koilos is practically negligible thanks to the nature of the deck, the scry provided by Temple of Silence comes in very handy most of the time, and Shambling Vent have done a good job at blocking and attacking when I'm low on creatures or need some life gain to occur. I'm only missing to acquire the Isolated Chapel (their recent price increase hasn't helped tho, but I'll get them soon).

Let me know what you think of this new and almost final version, I'm also thinking about building a sideboard that would transform it into a B/W tokens deck, just to throw off my opponent and have two strategies in one deck.

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