Bazaar of Baghdad


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters (VMA) Uncommon
Masters Edition III (ME3) Rare
Arabian Nights (ARN) Uncommon

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Bazaar of Baghdad


: Draw two cards, then discard three cards.

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Bazaar of Baghdad Discussion

Logics on Esperfect Dredge

3 weeks ago

@Skywatch - Actually, the original iteration of this deck did play Magus of the Bazaar. There's a lot of problems with the card though.

  1. It's card disadvantage. A lot of the time I do need some of the cards in my hand, and I would rather not have to lose some of them.

  2. It dies to everything. Literally every removal spell in the format kills it, and I really don't want to be turning on my opponents removal by making myself more vulnerable.

  3. It's slow. The reason that Bazaar of Baghdad sees play is because it's turn 1 activate it and turn 2 mill a metric fucktonne of your deck. In modern, turn 2 play an 0/1, turn 3 hope it lived to do an effect that I can do anyway on turn 2 without putting myself behind on cards or having to risk it dying and me being super behind just feels so much better.

That's for the suggestion though, I do really appreciate when people have input in my deck, as it helps me make it better and identify weaknesses, even when I don't take the suggestion.

mmcgeach on Breya Ad naus

1 month ago

RE: lands. The deck basically needs 2 lands or mana sources to play the game; most of the spells cost 1 or 2 mana. So you need 2 mana in your opening 7. But if you see 5+ land in your opening 7 + next 5 draws, that's usually a loss. I'm pretty sure you want either 27 or 28 mana-producing lands. Although, honestly hands with just Bazaar of Baghdad are frequently keepable.

mmcgeach on Breya Ad naus

1 month ago

Hi Dake, thanks for the tip. I'm glad to hear you like Breya, and that it works for you in your meta. You must really be kicking ass for people to resort to playing Nevermore on your general. :) I haven't gotten around to trying Sunscorched Desert but I appreciate the report - I'll definitely try running it. Actually I didn't realize the desert ETB'd untapped. That's better than I thought. I think if I drop Bazaar I'd also drop Deep Analysis. And maybe Urborg.

But, demonicgrizzly, that scenario works with Bazaar of Baghdad, too. It's described above. (But, it mills your whole deck, then you can move the animate dead onto lab man, then you win off the last bazaar activation.)

Dake on Breya Ad naus

1 month ago

So I have been playing a lot of this deck recently at cEDH pods at my local lgs (my deck is below if you want more context or have nothing better to do) and I have been super underwhelmed with Bazaar of Baghdad. So I decided to try the "budget" option instead. I played Prophetic Prism for a while and liked it a lot because it has a sort of "synergy" with the busted artifact mana since our deck is rather color intensive. But someone in this comments section above suggested Sunscorched Desert and that card has been EXCELLENT. Being able to up the mana producing land count using a combo piece has felt great, and I have been able to win around things like: Iona on Blue, Nevermore effects on my commander, not having a second creature in yard and odd manabase constrictions that would require me to have to wait to actually combo. I highly recommend giving it a shot.

My list: Competitive Breya

fatdroid13 on Breakfast Hulk without Nooze

1 month ago

What is the reason for running Bazaar of Baghdad? Did it have a big effect on your kill turn in games where you saw it vs. games where you didn't?

mmcgeach on Breya Ad naus

2 months ago

demonicgrizzly Correct. You have to first end the WGD loop by animating another creature in someone's yard. But, at that point, you have infinite mana. Then you can cast Breya with infinite mana and sac her to herself repeatedly.

You can cast instants during the WGD loop, tho, if you have one that will help to put a creature in a yard. Stuff like Lightning Bolt, Izzet Charm, Intuition, Entomb, Fire Covenant, Frantic Search or a top-deck tutor + Thought Scour. I had been running slightly more of those cards, but moved away from them. You can also cast bounce spells to end the loop by targeting animate dead or the WGD itself. And if you have Bazaar of Baghdad in play, then that solves that problem.

alfindeol on Borborygmos Enraged: The Breaking of the World

2 months ago

That all makes sense Rabid_Wombat and probably explains why some of the cards fit in your build and not mine. I'm certainly not interested in Fires or really any haste enablers here. If I'm no winning games by slinging lands, I'm breaking their will to live with Strip Mine, or making a Marit Lage with Dark Depths, one-shotting them with Kessig Wolf Run and Inkmoth Nexus or just beating Valakut, the Molten Pinnacleing them over a couple turns. The deck has plenty of win conditions as is and has very, very few creatures I want to actually attack with.

Bazaar of Baghdad is a good card. That said, I'm not dredging hard enough to want that here. I imagine there's a version of this deck that DOES dredge that hard, but I play The Gitrog Monster to scratch that itch.

Rabid_Wombat on Borborygmos Enraged: The Breaking of the World

2 months ago

Yeah, I run Omnath too...and a lot of other big peeps with haste enablers (Fires of Yavimaya etc..) to give the deck some more wincons besides BoBo slinging lands.

The main reason Grafted Exoskeleton is so awesome is that it does not actually deal damage. Once I caused a lvl 3 Judge to become irate as I explained to him that his Circles of Protection did not work against just die to BoBo already :D

Another card I can highly recommend is Bazaar of Baghdad - dumping lands like crazy in the 'yard until you hit Life from the Loam wins games. Of course, now the price is stupidly high...fortunately the collector I sold most of my vintage collection too already had a copy so I decided I may as well use it in my BoBo deck!

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