Bazaar of Baghdad


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Oldschool 93/94 Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters (VMA) Uncommon
Masters Edition III (ME3) Rare
Arabian Nights (ARN) Uncommon

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Bazaar of Baghdad


: Draw two cards, then discard three cards.

Bazaar of Baghdad Discussion

synthecate on Muldrotha, the „Fun“ in „Funeral“ *Primer*

1 week ago

I just stumbled on your list after finally making a TO account. I really like some of the inclusions you have! Unfortunately this deck has SO MANY options available to it that it's tough to cull it down to 100.

Speaking from experience, I cant even fit everything I'd like to in my build after adding a Candelabra of Tawnos and a Bazaar of Baghdad , and now your build is making me want even more toys! (My Muldrotha build is an X spell variant with Maga, Traitor to Mortals and Walking Ballista ). I'm really digging the Bear Umbra inclusion! (I'll have to get another copy though, as I dont want to cannibalize it from my Sigarda Voltron)

Thanks for sharing this with everyone!

Guerte on [[Primer]] - Daretti - Degenerate Artifacts

1 month ago

Lord0fHam: It definitely could be, but I cut Bazaar of Baghdad and don't necessarily want to add another land that doesn't produce mana.

dingusdingo on Once upon a Time - ...

2 months ago

I've had a few days to think more about this card, and I think that every single person in this thread missed the most absolutely busted part of this card. It gives a huge advantage with mulligans, especially with the new London Mulligan

  • First hand, you've seen 7 cards + 5 OUAT
  • Second hand, you've seen 14 cards + 5 OUAT
  • Third hand, you've seen 21 cards + 5 OUAT

Once Upon a Time serves as the missing link in whatever you need during mulligans. It provides immense flexibility because it hits multiple useful card types, and even if you mull down to 1 you're still seeing more cards than an opponent who has taken 0 mulligans. With former mulligan rules, OUAT would see you the same amount of cards when you mull to 2, and less if you go to 1. With the London mull, you're always going to be starting the game having seen 12 cards deep into your library no matter what how many mulls you take

I believe this card will either become restricted in Vintage or cause the restriction of Bazaar of Baghdad . I don't know how it will impact Modern, but the card it will probably be run alongside Serum Powder is also Modern legal.

Let's take a peek at Serum Powder with the new mulligan. Before you use Serum Powder , you get to decide which cards from your hand go on the bottom of the deck. After you've taken a couple mulligans, seeing a Serum Powder means you get to make choices about card selection and deck size on turn 0, and you get to follow up with turn 0 filtering with Once Upon a Time . It would also be possible to exploit Serum Powder with Pull from Eternity , which would be a Modern Entomb if used properly. Another thing to note about the Serum Powder usage is that the cards are exiled face-up, meaning it gives you information about your future draws and draw chances (read:more info about your odds to draw combo/hit with OUAT).

To put it more succinctly, its possible to build a deck that exploits mulligans and performs better after taking mulligans.

I think the new mulligan in tandem with OUAT and Serum Powder gives a very large margin to be exploited. Giving up 1-2 cards in hand but having a 50 card deck with a 10 card wishboard while having higher card quality than your opponent could very well make a splash. In Modern I see this being used in a value/grind situation, with Dark Confidant to recover from mulls and Tarmogoyf being a reliable cheap beater, and Snapcaster Mage for value removal/reusing OUAT. I do think that the vast amount of information and choices that are made on turn 0 that there is the potential for another Hogaak situation, with an incredibly dominant deck emerging rapidly and requiring bans.

(I was afraid to post this because I don't want to see this deck happen)

Oloro_Magic on Upcoming B&R Announcement

3 months ago
  1. I mainly play Ad Nauseam, though I also play 5-color Niv, Dredge (with and without gaak), Infect, GDS, Amulet, and Whirza these days.

  2. Firstly, I would like to preface by saying I hate when cards have to be banned and personally do not believe that one should ever genuinely hope for them to happen. All in all they rarely make anyone happy, the people who played the deck now are down their investment (as a former devoted KCI player I can speak from experience here) and everyone else both has to adjust to a fluctuating meta and, unfortunately, often turn their attention to other cards that are admittedly likely too good but not wholly broken. That being said, there come times where a card or deck comes to truly dominate the format to the point where the best part of modern is taken away. Gone is the feeling any deck can win on any given day, instead it can feel like you are wasting your time with the deck you have devoted yourself too, especially if you aren't someone who grinds tournaments taking the best positioned deck each time. Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis occupies this space where the deck is just too fast and too resilient for many decks in modern to contend with it, even when just about every deck is playing 4 Leyline of the Void in their 75. I personally believe, like most, that the head of the snake must be cut off, Hogaak is a broken magic card at least as far as modern is concerned at this point in time; which is not to say that the design is bad, in fact I love the design of the card it was just pushed a little too hard probably given where modern sits. Other options such as Stitcher's Supplier , Vengevine , Faithless Looting , and Carrion Feeder are the other cards I have seen discussed most as potential alternatives to Hogaak himself and while they all have their upsides I don't think its wise to continue to role the dice on whether or not Hogaak can survive, if anything I think Dredgegaak would likely become the best deck (assuming looting isn't the alternative choice which I believe would be right given how prevalent looting is and how vital it has become to the modern format and a wide variety of decks). Stitcher's Supplier + Vengevine is a situation I could be talked into but again I believe it is too risky to not just ban Hogaak. There are a few other cards that I think deserve some attention, namely Neoform , Wrenn and Six , and Urza, Lord High Artificer or Mox Opal , but while all these cards are powerful it would be premature to say any of them should be banned or even be considered for a ban. Hogaak has taken over modern so once the dust clears if any of these cards prove to be problematic and not easily adjusted too, maybe a serious look needs to begin to be taken. For now though, all are very good, but not meta warping in any way we have seen, which is the primary consideration I at least take in regards to bans.

  3. In the words of Todd Anderson, "if you can play Faithless Looting , I can play Ponder ." I don't believe its right that the best cantrip in modern isn't blue so would love to see one come back to us. For this announcement though I think the worst thing in the world would be to unban something. Everyone is still recovering from Hogaak and to introduce a new card to modern is the last thing we need right now as then we have to adjust to both Hogaak being gone or hampered and have this new card to adjust too and gameplan for.

  4. Modern - Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis is banned.

Other formats: (hoped for changes) Legacy - Wrenn and Six is banned (one can hope but unlikely) Vintage - Bazaar of Baghdad is restricted (honestly needs to happen, I know we are mainly talking about modern here but it baffles me that this card has been allowed to go untouched for so long; seems unlikely though given the deck isn't dominant)

hellhole3927 on On Tilts

6 months ago

LiquidGaming Muzzio, Visionary Architect was actually an EDH general I was interested in playing for awhile (love the art on that card), but somehow forgot about. From your experience how similar does he play out to Arcum Dagsson ? I will definitely check out pretty often to see what's new with OathBreaker and to see what's happening in the format.

Some other cards I thought might be worth considering for Jace's Paradigm Shift (some of these are quite expensive and probably aren't 100% needed, but these are all my thoughts):

1) Bazaar of Baghdad , "technically" it's card disadvantage, but just like Tolarian Winds the amount of card selection for little to no mana makes up for that.

2) Mission Briefing , personally I prefer this over Snapcaster Mage , it's recursion and has the ability to get you past 2 dead draws or give you the satisfaction of knowing you will get a good draw next (not sure what to cut though).

3) Treasure Cruise , did somebody say Ancestral Recall (count me in), not only is it great card advantage, but it's also a way to exile cards from you graveyard before you cast Paradigm Shift .

4) Dig Through Time , the card advantage is REAL!!!, not only is it great card advantage, but it's also a way to exile cards from you graveyard before you cast Paradigm Shift .

5) City of Traitors and Crystal Vein , they probably won't ever make it onto the list, but how have Lotus Petal and Grim Monolith been playing out for you? I would forget everything these cards say and read them as: "0... Only cast this spell if you haven't played a land this turn. You can't play a land this turn, add 2 to your mana pool." They seem like they might be worth considering once you read them from that point of view.

6) Magosi, the Waterveil , first I'm gonna say I have been in love with this card ever since I got into MTG so I might be giving it a little too much credit (but then again I was the player who loved The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale when I first started playing MTG, lol), I feel the majority of the time skipping a turn if you are playing control doesn't affect you too much, but being able to take an extra turn later on can be "pretty helpful."

7) Jeweled Amulet , it plays very similar to Lotus Petal , sometimes worse, but usually better IMO.

8) Rapid Hybridization and Pongify , sometimes things will slip through our counterspells and need to be dealt with (worth considering).

9) Reality Shift and Curse of the Swine , sometimes things will slip through our counterspells and need to be dealt with (worth considering).

10) Lonely Sandbar , early game we can deal with an ETB tapped land, late game an Island is a dead draw this isn't.

11) Evolving Wilds , Terramorphic Expanse , Flood Plain , and Bad River , still on the fence about these, ocassional ETB tapped lands vs deck thinning (E Wilds and T Expanse are better by a slight bit, just to say), not sure on this one. What do you think?

12) Mana Severance , we all come to those points in a game where lands are dead, but not anymore.

13) Mystical Tutor and Merchant Scroll , why not?

14) Foresight and Manipulate Fate , being able to kill three dead draws and for 2 mana on a card that replaces itself seems great in a "53 card format" (us blue players always changing the stats to whatever we want whenever we want).

These were the main cards I thought could make it onto your list, but I'm still evaluating a couple others so I'll leave more comments with those if I feel they are actually worth considering.

Frank_Glascock on Meren’s Thousand-Eyed Army [Primer]

6 months ago

Would Bazaar of Baghdad have a place on this list?

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Bazaar of Baghdad occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%