Witch's Cottage

Witch's Cottage

Land — Swamp

(: Gain .)

Witch's Cottage enters the battlefield tapped unless you control three or more other swamps.

When Witch's Cottage enters the battlefield untapped, you may put target creature card from your graveyard on top of your library.

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Set Rarity
Throne of Eldraine (ELD) Common

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Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Pioneer Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Historic Legal
Arena Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

Witch's Cottage Discussion

VeggiesaurusRex on Aztec Death Whistle (Songs of the Damned Combo)

4 days ago

Hi, killer_eye, sorry for the incredibly late response. Witch's Cottage is a cool card, but I don't think this deck runs enough swamps to make it reliable.

jaymc1130 on Sultai Bloom combo in competitive ...

6 days ago

In terms of pure land ramping, Azusa is the queen. No doubts about it. The reason a top tier competitive list will want to have a preference for the Dryad comes down to the versatility of situations it can handle. Blood Moon effects won't matter with the Dryad in play. Playing Mystic Sanctuary, Witch's Cottage and similar lands for their effect is much more reliable with the Dryad. Fetches themselves produce mana with the Dryad, allowing you to play a fetch and wait for the right time to pop it to find a land like the Sanctuary while still using it for mana or avoid being in an unfortunate situation due to an opposing Ashiok, Dream Render, Deathrite Shaman or Aven Mindcensor. Dryad is a 2/4 and blocks Tymna/Najeela, this being above all the most important advantage. All the things Azusa can do the Dryad can do, just not quite as accelerated. All the things Dryad can do can't be done by Azusa. By all means I recommend playing both if at all possible, but for the top tier competitive decks competition for card slots can mean you might only be able to play one and if it comes down to playing one or the other it's gonna be a meta call. If it's an unknown metascape like a tournament setting, or the expected meta is known to include various hate pieces Dryad can help work around then it's generally going to be the better performer.

In any case I think it's clear what the absolute best feeling option is: just run em both if you can. Turbo land lives matter.

jaymc1130 on Inception! (aka Thrymception) [cEDH Primer]

1 week ago


At the moment I feel like Bolas's Citadel, Mystic Forge, and Future Sight all offer the same primary game winning line when combined with Sensei's Divining Top and they feel pretty interchangeable. Since I've included the Bloom Wheel combo package I've been running the Citadel lately because of how nicely it pairs with it. Being able to cast Summer Bloom off the top of the library with life total can facilitate the combo without needing a Waterlogged Grove type land in play, but the loop isn't infinite without Gingerbread Cabin or Angel's Grace. I'm not exactly set yet on what "cast from the top of library" piece I want to use so I'm playing around with each and seeing how I like it, right now it's the Citadel's turn and it's been a good performer in the role. Usually digging 20 or 30 cards with the Top combo itself is more than enough to find the pieces required to close out the game and the Citadel kind of performs as an Ad Nauseam for more in that kind of situation.

Smothering Tithe is a card I've done a small amount of testing with also but it simply isn't needed very often with the Bloom Package and standard Dork/Rock set up pretty consistently providing absurd mana very quickly. Playing it in addition was very much "win more" in performance terms and playing it without the other ramp pieces tended to lead to losses due to tapping out/low at critical moments and being unable to interact effectively. I think there are some cEDH decks where it makes a lot of sense to run it (Wheel Thief concepts definitely come to mind) but most T&T decks likely might not want to since they have better ramp options that are dramatically less risky and dramatically more consistent in terms of opening hands. I've not really had enough games with it yet to know if the mixed bag performance is to be expected so I've got more testing to do with it. My gut tells me that needing to realistically think about casting it on turns 2 and 3 is too much to ask for most of the time in competitive settings unless you're fine with just gambling on losing the game on turn 2 or 3 trying to greed cast it and understanding that casting it in the mid game turns 4 and 5 has a very close to zero chance of it resolving or sticking around for more than one turn cycle, all while the more fortunate ramped out opponents don't mind paying with that extra Mana Crypt that's just lying around not doing much.

Witch's Cottage and the Cabin both initially got a "just for fun look" and then some how managed to perform admirably enough to warrant real looks. I've since learned Gingerbread Cabin is only worth running if Bolas's Citadel is included, but the Cottage has been quite wonderful as a back pocket silver bullet. Being able to fetch it to return an already binned Notion Thief or Ramunap Excavator to lift off the top with a Tymna swing has sealed a number of wins. At this point I'm willing to run Witch's Cottage very liberally in T&T builds that run any important creatures that might draw interaction. I have yet to see many builds running it, but many cEDH staples should consider Witch's Cottage a must run in properly constructed lists due to the prevelance of Ashiok, Dream Render, wheel effects, and counterspell interaction that often bins important combo creatures the first time they get run out. Mystic Sanctuary, likewise, should at this point be considered a must run card in cEDH deck lists, particularly T&T lists.

As for Island count, the deck runs a plethora of them and has no issue reaching 3 in play very quickly and very easily. Partly due to typical play patterns induced by Summer Bloom and "play land from graveyard" effects, but mostly due to fetch lands just being busted.

I've liked the Bloom Wheel package performance so far, but the inclusion of it rather takes up the card slots that other packages could slot into, such as the Inception concept. I've not figured out a way to include both set ups all that effectively but the best bet so far has been to roll without the Top Combo package. I've got more fiddling to do with that before I've gotten enough data to know what combination of packages is universally ideal, but I do have some decent data so far about certain packages in situational meta circumstances and a ton of work ahead of me to update the list and primer. Of course with COVID-19 lock down I've got plenty of time to work on it, but it's still a bit of a daunting task.

enpc on Inception! (aka Thrymception) [cEDH Primer]

1 week ago

I like the new look of the deck. Bolas's Citadel feels a little out of place here with no Aetherflux Reservoir though, how coume you're not going for something like Smothering Tithe instead? It would do more work with the wheels (assuming Notion Thief isn't in play) and just feels stronger. Also, what's the reason for Gingerbread Cabin / Witch's Cottage here? Are they just flex spots? I would have thought you would want to be proiritising more Islands for Mystic Sanctuary.

king-saproling on syr konrad with auto win

3 weeks ago

I recommend Mimic Vat. It can double and in some cases triple the amount of damage Konrad deals. When a creature dies, put it on the vat: that's 1 damage from dying, and another damage for leaving the grave if the creature was yours. Then the old imprinted creature falls off the vat, another damage. So 2-3 damage per creature dying instead of 1!

Here are others you might consider: Neko-Te, Witch's Cottage, Memorial to Folly, Crypt of Agadeem, Buried Alive, Champion of Stray Souls, Death Denied, Empty the Catacombs, Footbottom Feast, Bone Harvest, Wake the Dead, Geth, Lord of the Vault, Cauldron of Souls, Dread Summons, Awaken the Erstwhile

athurdent on Bubble Double Toil And Trouble

1 month ago

I love the theme!

Razaketh, the Foulblooded probably has too high a converted mana cost (CMC) for modern, if you want to keep it, i would make it a 1of.

You will also need a way to draw cards, looks like you will run out of steam. Because you have high CMC Dark Confidant i think maybe too painful to you and Phyrexian Arena does not really fit the theme, so perhaps Dark Prophecy is more on theme. alternately try Sign in Blood, Night's Whisper and Read the Bones.

Your sideboard should be how to deal with other decks, for example graveyard decks, storm decks, combo decks etc. Where do you plan to play this deck and what do people normally play? The answers to those questions will tell you what cards should be in your sideboard.

Witch's Cottage should go in your main deck, you should also consider some different lands, maybe Ghost Quarter or Field of Ruin for any deck that needs specific lands (eg tron)

This is all I can think of at the moment, great theme idea!

Commander_Me on Hogaak, Infectious Necroplis

1 month ago

The deck looks sweet. Maybe you could switch Memorial to Folly for Witch's Cottage, which is fetchable and can enter untapped. One great way to turn infect into tokens would be Phyrexian Swarmlord. Is the Will/Rowan deck posted? I would be interested to see that.

Ziusdra on Card creation challenge

1 month ago

Neheb Undaunted

Legendary Planeswalker - Neheb

Escape - Exile three other cards from your graveyard.

+1 Target creature gets +X/+1 and first strike until end of turn, where X is the number of cards that left your graveyard this turn.

-3 Each creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn.

-5 Return up to two other cards from your graveyard to your hand, then return up to two cards from exile to your graveyard.


Death won't keep him out of battle. He begs to be partnered with Syr Konrad, the Grim. Escape him, then +1, to give a creature at least +3/+1 and first strike, if not more if you have other ways of moving cards out of your graveyard (a la Witch's Cottage, Gravepurge, Forever Young, Cauldron Familiar, etc.). OR, out of the gate, open with a -3 and wipe the board of puny creatures. If he looks weak to you, especially his +1 ability, don't underestimate how persistent he will be with an escape cost of 2 and three cards exiled. The -5 is pure tech and card advantage, hoping to keep your graveyard relevant in am age where graveyard hate is cheap and everywhere.

Carnival Toll Booth

Legendary Land - Gate

~ enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add or .

: Each player loses 1 life. If you lost four or more life this turn, each player loses 2 life instead.

A way to activate Spectacle from Ravnica Allegiance and a mana sink for ending games if you have infinite mana and aren't dismally low on life.


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