Kher Keep


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Rare
Time Spiral Rare

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Kher Keep

Legendary Land

: Add to your mana pool.

, : Put a 0/1 red Kobold creature token named Kobolds of Kher Keep into play.

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Kher Keep Discussion

TheRedGoat on Nigg, Nagg and Nogg

5 days ago

Okay, I have a flurry of cards I'm thinking I should mention, but I'm hesitant to make cut suggestions. You have this set up to be a stax build that wants to force and then dominate a long game, but are you wanting to actually attack people at that point or just get damage in while they have no defenses?

I ask because for the latter part some cards like Avenger of Zendikar and Utvara Hellkite do not work for that style as much when you could just as soon be reanimating cards to further hurt the opponent or else set up your combos instead.

One card I feel is fine to suggest here is instead of Rampant Growth I would recommend Sylvan Scrying, as while it may not put the land in play it will get you the much needed utility lands like Kher Keep or the non-basics that tap for any color. Expedition Map would accomplish the same thing.

A similarly minor adjustment could be made in dropping the guildgate lands for the "healing" lands that gain you life as they enter (tapped as well but at least with an upside).

But anyway, before I try to make any big suggestions I also wanted to know if you were specifically staying away from reanimation effects, maybe even recursion for non-creatures, or just hadn't put any in.

Annexus on Diaochan, Political Games

1 month ago

@total_euphoria Well, the thing is that most of the artifacts I'm using arent't targeting the the creatures with effects. The sac fodder is going to be some little kobolds, created by Kher Keep. The creatures I want to use in combat are going to be equipped with either the swords or the Darksteel Plate or such.

Xica on How to deal with Liliana ...

1 month ago

Lately i have been tinkering with a deck that revolves around Madcap Experiment & Platinum Angel.

The angel dodges a surprising amount of removal in modern, as many people opt to play stuff like Fatal Push, Abrupt Decay, Lightning Bolt, Collective Brutality... etc.

Sadly there is Liliana of the Veil and her 2nd ability.
The deck can handle her if she is resolved late, via Earthquake redirect, Kher Keep's kobolds, but early game she just grows faster than i am able to damage her.

What options are to deal with a liliana resolved early game beside Imprisoned in the Moon for my deck?

Blood Angel's Pact <- Here is a link to it

MoJoMiXuP on Budget Jhoira

3 months ago

Reading 'budget' as one of your hubs, I'll try not to make any suggestions over $2.

Concerning counters: these draw hate from opponents and are generally weak in multiplayer formats. I'd suggest lowering the average CMC and reserving them in game to protect your combo/off suspend cards, or fizzling opponents combo pieces like Grave Pact. I'd suggest Swan Song>Cancel and Arcane Denial>Spell Crumple. If you really want Disdainful Stroke in, I'd suggest cutting Dismiss for it, but I'm not 100% sold that it should get in as the CMC4 limitation is pretty damaging. I'd suggest Delay or Muddle the Mixture are better at the 2cmc slot.

Concerning removal: Chain of Vapor>Reality Strobe and Chaos Warp is an awesome catch all too. Your abundance of copy spells will give you a chance to double down as necessary. Pathrazer of Ulamog is an awesome budget friendly suspend target with annihilator 3. Maybe cut Timebender for the pathrazer as it is the weakest suspend enabler.

Concerning deck filter/draw: Brainstorm, Impulse, and Ancestral Knowledge are all great.

Concerning ramp/mana: you need more of it. I'd suggest dropping Looming Spires for Kher Keep as it generates chump blockers, gives you a place to use mana you held up for counters, and makes polymorph effects like Synthetic Destiny all the more powerful. I'd also drop High Market, unless I'm missing some special utility for the sack outlet, and bring in 3xIsland and 1xMountain. 37 lands and 7 rocks adding Mind Stone and Worn Powerstone looks like a good balance given your curve.

utility cards: I'd suggest playing around with Brain in a Jar>Sphinx-Bone Wand. Casting a sorcery at instant speed is not to be underestimated and this way you also begin to accrue mana efficiency on turn 3 instead of 7.

If you want other ideas, check out Jhoira's Dream Scheme, but it is not budget and a Polymorph/Proteus Staff combo deck, so very creature light and might not fit your play style.

skoobysnackz on Jankrakul, the Combo's torn

4 months ago

These Polymorph/Indomitable Creativity decks seem to be very popular on this site and for good reason, but I've got to think you can find better ways to get tokens out than Abstruse Interference and Spawning Breath. For one, you could try Goblin Assault, it doesn't give you the tokens immediately like Abstruse Interference does, but by the time you would cast Polymorph or creativity on turn 4 you would get your token, and an extra chump blocker every turn after that. I don't know how well Swan Song has been for you but I would suggest Remand to help dig for polymorph and creativity. Once you cast either one its pretty much gg so that extra card in their hand won't matter too much. Another commonly used tactic for Polymorph decks is to use manlands, especially Mutavault because of it's low activation cost (you can also try Blinkmoth Nexus, Faerie Conclave, Ghitu Encampment, Kher Keep or Wandering Fumarole). Finally, adding a third color to this deck could help with protection and more tokens (although it's definitely not necessary). I decided to add green because of Beast Within for protection, and because it has some very good token generators. Here's my version of the deck, take a look if you want some ideas for splashing green and let me know what you think: Temur Creativity. Keep it up, +1!

Holtzman on Cry, Havoc!, and let slip the Gobs of war

4 months ago

@MunchingAberration I started a list like that. Doublestrike and Menace value was the focus.

Assassin and Sharpshooter are higher cmc than I'd want to pay for in this deck.

Rogue's Passage is an auto-include. I'd add Kher Keep but I really need to hit on turn 2.

I like Widespread Panic I will add it . A friend has a Captain Sisay deck that this would annihilate. And it does surprisingly good against green too. All that land Search. Only drawback is Stranglehold nonbo, but there are no tutors so chances of getting both and having nothing else to play is slim.

Planar Chaos seems like a good chaos card. But it's really just a Red control card. I don't like cards that just stop/slow the game.

I LOVE Grip of Chaos but 6 cmc is really steep for this deck. I'm even considering taking Caged Sun out for that same reason.

Price of Glory is good, but War's Toll and Possibility Storm fill the same role and I prefer them.

I see the value of Word of Seizing. Grabbing their piece split second and stopping them for a turn sounds like an awesome play, but I don't foresee that opportunity presenting itself often enough to include it. Though i do think an Insurrection theme'd Grenzo deck would also be totally legit.

Thank you for the Input.

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