I don't play vintage, legacy. Standard only if the set catches my interest however. EDH is my favorite format and only one I will play most. I only play modern for when there not a lot of time or enough people to get a commander game going. My favorite type of EDH is tribal. With tri-color being my favorite color schemes. And im really getting into Oathbreaker

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Np ik what its like im doing the same thing only for exile spells it still being worked on but im slowly chipping away at it here's a link in case you want to use it All Exiles Cards

August 6, 2020 10:04 p.m.

yeah you miss a bunch here's a link

https://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Search/Default.aspx?action=advanced&text=+[%22Deal%22]+[%22Damage%22]+[%22To%22]+[%22Target%22]&type=|[%22Instant%22]|[%22Sorcery%22 just go down the list and add whatever you don't have

not sure if these count but Ionize, Mindswipe and Suffocating Blast as they're counter spells but the they deal damage

August 5, 2020 9:20 p.m.

Fair enough I've added cards for dumber reasons.

August 5, 2020 7:58 p.m.

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DeinoStinkus yes it is

August 5, 2020 11:15 a.m.

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DeinoStinkus yes that exactly what im doing

August 5, 2020 11:07 a.m.

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DeinoStinkus I have a list just trying to figure out how to make the custom categories like said

August 5, 2020 10:51 a.m.


August 5, 2020 10:25 a.m. Edited.

Omnath, Lotus of Zenikar 3

Legendary Creature- Elemental Avatar

Flash, Trample, Haste

Lands you control have "Add one mana of any color to your mana pool" and "mana added to your mana pool this way doesn't empty until you next upkeep"

Elementals and land creatures you control have Hexproof, Vigilance and Trample

: A land you control becomes a 3/3 elemental creature until the end of your turn it's still a land


Make a throne of eldraine creature adventure style card for the new Zendikar

August 5, 2020 10:25 a.m. Edited.

Omnath, Lotus of Zenikar 3

Legendary Creature- Elemental Avatar

Flash, Trample, Haste

Lands you control have "Add one mana of any color to your mana pool" and "mana added to your mana pool this way doesn't empty until you next upkeep"

Elementals and land creatures you control have Hexproof, Vigilance and Trample

: A land you control becomes a 3/3 elemental creature until the end of your turn it's still a land


Make a throne of eldraine creature adventure card for the Zendikar

August 5, 2020 10:25 a.m.

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looked at your deck and got some ideas for mine asked my friend about X spells he said no as thats too easy so i can't add any of them

August 5, 2020 8:46 a.m.

Update 2

Cards cut:

All red cards cut going Bant instead of Jeskai

Jace, Unraveler of Secrets

Cards Added:

1xBasri Ket- as early game Elspeth for token generation to either attack my opponent or defend my walkers

2xKiora, the Crashing Wave- because her +1 protects my walkers, her -1 is ramp and draw all in one and her ult brings a big boy to the field each turn which is nice even if it can be chump blocked

2xTeferi, Master of Time his +1 is draw, his -3 again protects my walker and me from creatures artifact and enchants for a turn has phasing might as well be a bounce effect with added benefit that it doesn't trigger enter or left the battlefield effects at instant speed. And his +10 which granted will be hard to get to but if does happen two extra turns.

1xTeferi, Hero of Dominaria- Oloro_Magic explained better than why i should add this card


2xTemple Garden

2xHinterland Harbor

2xBlind Obedience- mainly to slow my opponents down but has extort to keep me alive a little longer and to kill my opponent a little faster

2xDig Through Time- for its Scry 7 add 2 to your hand

added to side board Archetype of Imagination to hate against flying deck as none of tokens have flying though Elspeth, Sun's Champion ult could give them that.

August 5, 2020 8:43 a.m.


About red frankly your right im most likely just going to cut it as the only red i have is sChandra her oaths and Ral (and he in there for his ult only which isn't something your normally suppose to do) as for jace to be frank he was only added for his +1 one ability to draw me an extra card as this deck has no other draw power in fact his +1 works with Teferi Hero's ult

August 5, 2020 8:24 a.m.

psionictemplar as i stated before it for time when your not getting good draws like early game too many spells but your getting mana screwed or your mana flooding and you now pulling spells. It not always going happen but on the time that it does it going to feel nice being to shuffle whenever you want and there little downside to replace a single mountain for it other that it enters tapped so it slower than your normal mountain but a single tap land won't hurt to much. Plus as you said for those random times an opponent is messing with your draws or deck it there for those as well.

What it comes do to I'd rather have and not need than need it and not have it sorta things. So many people underestimate it power and utility

August 5, 2020 7:53 a.m.


im also think of replacing Teferi, Time Raveler with Teferi, Hero of Dominaria your thoughts?

August 4, 2020 11:36 p.m.


While i understand The Wanderer (though she protects against burn spells again not sure how prevalent they are in pioneer nor how many burn spells actually can hit planeswalkers) I was think of cutting it myself, as for Kas she is there more to protect the planeswalkers than making a big impact btu im not sure if can do the job well

I didn't add the Shock lands as i didn't want to shock myself to death and less for their price when i added the lands than i realized that i only had steam vents as a shock land and planned on fixing the mana soon, as for spot removal I admit i wasn't too such what was legal in pioneer and what wasn't I tried looking it up but it came to nothing thxs for ideas

I'm going to add Verdict but was also thinking of adding single copy of Cyclonic Rift

August 4, 2020 11:06 p.m.

i like the deck the only two things i would change are

-2 Mountains and add

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle for extra damage though it maybe to expensive for this deck and

Madblind Mountain for the ability to shuffle you deck if things are going badly for that reason alone I add it to most of my red deck mono or not as the shuffle ability with no drawback and only costing 1 Red mana to soo good, granted you won't always use it but the option is there if you need it

August 4, 2020 10:50 p.m.

Said on One Mana Drop ......


Cmi1103- I thought about Burgeoning and Exploration but in the end with everything being 1 cmc desided i didn't need ramp but my side i filled with ramp in case im wrong

JimboRich- I forgot about the Baubles yeah will have to see if can squeeze them in there're nice as for Mana Crypt not sure if my friend will be making this deck and what his budget is but i'll throw into the maybe section for now

enpc- i though about Helix Pinnacle as an alt win con in fact was on edge on adding it a little while ago so it will most likely end up in it i'd give it a 97% chance

August 4, 2020 10:01 p.m.

Thxs LeaPlath, TriusMalarky, Flooremoji and Oloro_Magic for all your help

Now Update

Cards cut:

Archangel of Tithes

Baird, Steward of Argive

Isperia, Supreme Judge


Call the Gatewatch

1xOath of Teferi

Jeskai Banner

Raugrin Crystal

Nahiri, the Harbinger

Tibalt, Rakish Instigator- Moved to maybe may add to side board to stop life gain deck if they're a thing in pioneer

Tezzeret, Artifice Master- Moved to Maybe

Narset of the Ancient Way




Cards Added:

2xNarset, Parter of Veils

3xOath of Nissa

4xGrowth Spiral

2xFires of Invention

2xOath of Chandra

2xDig Through Time

2xDeploy the Gatewatch

2xRender Silent

2xAbsorb-I that TriusMalarky said to have Absorb but than i remembered Render Silent and put both on here for know I will get rid of the weaker one, gaining life is nice but stopping players from casting other spells is too nice to ignore but im sure how many deck will have more than one spell per turn to be played in pioneer


2xInterplanar Beacon

2xSunpetal Grove

2xCinder Glade

2xHinterland Harbor

1x Ugin, the Spirit Dragon- For big finisher

2x Spark Double- Mostly for fill but being able to copy planeswalkers is a nice boon though for 4 mana might be too much

Still going to find room for Wrath effects

August 4, 2020 9:40 p.m.

Terrata, Fire's Voice 2

Lengendary Planeswalker- Terrata

+1 Make a 3/1 red elemental creature token with haste

-3 You may cast a sorcery or creature from you hand as though it had flash exile it at the end of your turn

-7 You get an emblem that says "Sorceries, enchantments and creatures in your hand have flash"

Make a God of opposites Examples- Sun and Moon, Time and Space, Life and Death, Music and Silence ect.

August 4, 2020 8:39 p.m.


All i know for sure is it will happen after Zendikar not sure when as of yet. As for what the plane will have on it that just was just my guess based on Theros, Amonkhet, Portal Three Kingdoms and Arabian Nights and others, they do there research and do the history justice. I'm just dreading they're going to make a legendary Squirrel for Ratatosk (god help us with squirrel tribal decks) but we may get a legendary wolf for Fenrir which I'm all for.

August 4, 2020 8:26 p.m.


Arcania High Noon

Commander / EDH Stardragon


Ancestral Beasts

Commander / EDH Stardragon


All Exiles Cards

Casual Stardragon


Equip Deck

Commander / EDH Stardragon


Walking the Eternities

Pioneer Stardragon


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