Serra's Sanctum

Serra's Sanctum

Legendary Land

: Add to your mana pool for each enchantment you control.

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Set Rarity
Urza's Saga (USG) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Serra's Sanctum occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.02%

Serra's Sanctum Discussion

TypicalTimmy on Enchanting Starfield

15 hours ago

I noticed that there are two lands that add mana equal to the number of creatures you control, and two that add mana equal to the number of artifacts you control. Two of these lands are normal lands, and two are enchantments from Ixalan that transform into lands. However, there is only one land in the entire game that adds mana equal to the number of enchantments that you control.

These lands in question are:




So, since there is a void with an opportunity available, I wanted to take a jab at it. I'm setting it on Theros rather than Ixalan, for flavor reasons.

Enchanting Starfield

Legendary Enchantment

Constellation - When Enchanting Starfield or another enchantment enters the battlefield under your control, you may gain 1 life and scry 1.

At the beginning of your upkeep, if you control five other enchantments, transform Enchanting Starfield.

Mentrotha looked upon the stars, each one joyously dancing in the sky, completely oblivious to the toils below them. With a silent prayer, an answer was heard by all.

Starfield of the Pantheon

Legendary Land

(Transforms from Enchanting Starfield.)

: Your devotion to each color and each combination of colors is increased by one.

: Add equal to the number of enchantments you control.

Mentrotha learned a powerful lesson that day; A prayer to the wind can be answered by anyone willing to listen.

Caerwyn on smilodex

4 days ago

I didn’t want to post on a thread that’s been inactive for a while, but I did want to point out Serra's Sanctum is legal in Commander. Tolarian Academy is the only one of that cycle banned. This is because decks are already going to run mana rocks, so every single deck with Blue would run Academy—enchantment-heavy decks are rare, and wide creature decks are harder to field early than a host potentially explosive first turn of mana rocks.

Gaea's Cradle also serves an important, non-ramp function in the game - it allows creature-heavy decks to deal with The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale.

smilodex on You Are Now a Member ...

5 days ago

Don't try to split it into 2 formats, that's not a viable solution.

Wrong or no communication is the problem, because of that some people think cEDH-players are just rich assholes who are liking to stomp other players.

But I think that Demonic Consultation & Flash are to really difficult cards atm. especially since Oracle is a thing.

For me it would be no problem to unban cards like Biorhythm, Iona, Shield of Emeria, Emrakul, the Aeons Torn & Paradox Engine. Commander-Ninjutsu/Derevi kinda effects, Eminence- and Partner-commanders are a bigger problem in my opinion.

Because of the high CMC those card are a lot easier to encouter in comparison to cards like Doomsday, Labman/Oracle/LabJace, Demonic Consultation, Tainted Pact, Flash & stuff.

AAAAND just for consistency and logic reasons: ban Gaea's Cradle because Tolarian Academy and Serra's Sanctum are banned, too.

Emisary121 on Tuvasa

2 weeks ago

Serra's Sanctum is awesome in enchantment decks! Have it in my tuvasa deck and it really does alot doe the deck.. Do get ready for stripmines tho!

raspberryfish25 on Karametra, Enchantress

2 weeks ago

So I like your deck as it is very similar to an enchantment deck I run Enchantress Harvest. However, here are a few suggestions you might want to consider.

  • Should Karametra really be your commander? For the longest time I had Karametra as my commander because she ramped and doubled as an enchantment but, the reality is by the time you have 5 mana how effective is getting an additional land each time you play a creature, especially with a deck that has a CMC at 2.83? I ended up adding her to the 99 and switched to Shalai, Voice of Plenty as my commander. The upside of Shalai is she provided additional protection for all my enchantress and, gave me a mana sink for when I had additional mana. Even if you don’t run her as your commander I would still consider adding her as part of the 99. Maybe consider switching out Aegis of the Gods or Nyx-Fleece Ram for her?

  • I counted 9 aura’s in your deck so I would consider swapping out either Auramancer or Monk Idealist (Preferable the Monk because Rebecca Guay’s art on Auramancer is amazing) for Heliod's Pilgrim. I have found the pilgrim is a good situational card and rarely becomes a dead draw. Depending on the situation she can act like a Sakura-Tribe Elder fetching out one of your enchant lands effectively ramping you or, she can pull out one of your aura based targeted removal spells to remove key threats off the board.

  • How good is Nyx-Fleece Ram in this deck? Sure, it is an enchantment creature and sure you gain a life each turn but, how impactful is the lifegain and, other than being an enchantment based wall how important is this card in your deck? Personally, I would swap it out for Destiny Spinner because they both count as enchantments but, more importantly the Spinner is making 55 of your cards in your deck uncounterable. If you throw your lands in there, then with Destiny Spinner out 92 / 100 cards in your deck can’t be countered. That is a huge setback for the blue players at the table. Also, don’t write off that second ability because, it is common by turn 9 to have 10 plus enchantments on the board and, more mana than you know what to do with. There have been several times in the late game I am sitting with 20+ mana nothing to play and a ton of enchantments on the board. Turning 3 or 4 of my lands into huge 10+ P/T creatures with trample can quickly end one of my opponents, especially if they don’t see it coming.

  • Replace Emeria, The Sky Ruin with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. In order for Emeria to work you need to have every plains you are running in this deck out which seems very unlikely. Most games this is going to function as a plains that comes into play tapped with little upside. Nykthos, on the other hand, will give you gobs of mana especially considering most of the things in your deck are permanents.

  • I personally would remove Sakura-Tribe Elder and consider replacing him with something like Cryptolith Rite or Dryad of the Ilysian Grove. Cryptolith Rite is useful in this deck because you typically will have a lot of enchantress on board doing nothing for you besides giving you card advantage. Why not put those ladies to work and turn them into mana dorks?

  • Replace Green Sun's Zenith with Finale of Devastation. For me this is more of a personal preference as both are really good and I ran GSZ for many years in my enchantress deck but, what I like about the Finale better is I can pull stuff from my graveyard if necessary or in the late game it functions almost like a Craterhoof Behemoth since your deck should be creating insane amounts of mana. One of my typical wincon’s when I have a large board state is to cast Finale of Devastation for 12+ mana and search out Nylea, God of the Hunt to give everything trample (if I already have her out then I will grab the biggest flyer I have left in the deck). Then I will swing with the team. Even with just a few creatures on the board you are giving everything you have trample and at least +10/+10 which typically will mean the end of one or more players.

A few cards I would consider adding:

  • Captain Sisay I can’t tell you how powerful this card is in your deck. Already I counted 8 legendary cards in your deck and, with the inclusion of cards like Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx or, Shalai, Voice of Plenty that number will rise. Even with the 8 legendries you have if you get to untap with her you are going to be pulling cards like, Gaea's Cradle, Serra's Sanctum or, Dragonlord Dromoka which anyone of those cards alone could put you way ahead of all your opponents. Most importantly she is an amazing toolbox answer to anything your opponents will throw at you. Needing additional mana? Then use her to grab one of your busted lands. One of your key enchantments got destroyed? Sounds like it is time to grab Hall of Heliod's Generosity. Black player got you down because they keep making you sacrifice your stuff? Then go grab your Sigarda, Host of Herons and give that player the middle finger! I can keep going but you get the point of how powerful getting the answer at any given situation in the game can be.

  • Nylea's Colossus I never knew just how powerful this card was until I saw it played against me. I was in a game when it came down and my opponent was like, “ok I will make my 4/4 flying angle token an 8/8. I will then play this enchantment, the angle is now a 16/16. For my final 2 mana I will play a Darksteel Mutation on your commander making that angle a 32/32 then attack. Do you have any flying creatures to block with?” I respond with, “I did have one until you turned it into an insect” which my opponent responds, “O ok well then you take 32 damage, Good Game!” Play against a Nylea’s Colossus once and see how busted that card can make even the smallest of creatures become.

  • Academy Rector, Idyllic Tutor, Enlightened Tutor and, Plea for Guidance all basically do the same thing, tutor for enchantments. If you can’t afford the Academy Rector or Enlightened Tutor then I understand not adding those to the deck but the other two tutors are super cheap right now and should be added. Basically, the more abilities you have to tutor in the deck the more answers you will be able to retrieve to solve the situation at hand. One common misconception people have is if you are going to tutor then you are always going to be tutoring for the same cards which is not always the case in a deck like this plus if you are playing against lower power level decks then don’t always search for your powerful cards like Sigil of the Empty Throne instead opt for something less powerful like a Soul Snare or one of your big enchantment creatures to use them as a big beater.

  • Wrath of God / Day of Judgment and Austere Command. I was like you and only ran Quarantine Field for years as my single mass removal spell and, I would always run into situations where I need an answer to a scary board state. Once I ditched Quarantine Field for Wrath of God and threw in Austere Command I found I had more answers to what my opponents where doing. I would personally run both but, if you had to pick one then I would use Austere Command because it will allow you to deal with more problems on the board. However, if you are going to run Wrath of God then you need to get the From the Vault Annihilation version because it has Heliod kicking ass in the artwork! (gotta stay on theme!)

  • Ancestral Mask that card just rocks in any enchantment deck but, I use it as a secondary wincon. So many games I will attach Ancestral Mask to Shalai and instantly turn her from a 3 / 4 into something silly like a 24 / 25 with the large amount of enchantments I have on the board then knock an unsuspecting player out from commander damage. It is even better if you have Nylea's Colossus on board because with the Ancestral Mask alone you can turn your commander into something silly like a 50 / 51 or bigger.

  • Ghostly Prison You already have Sphere of Safety and Solitary Confinement in your deck. To further your pillow fort strategy, I would also add this card to the mix.

  • Sun Titan This one is more of a personal preference of mine but, because you are running so many 3 cmc or less permanents in the deck this card will do a lot of work in the reclamation department.

  • Starfield Mystic just like Herald of the Pantheon this card turns into a powerhouse of a card in the ramp department. Personally, I would run both as part of my ramp package.

Overall I think you have a really strong deck and are off to a fantastic start. Some of the suggestions I suggested are based on things I have seen playing my own enchantress deck. Also, throwing in those alternate wincons makes the deck more enjoyable to pay because I am not winning in the same fashion every single game. On top of that it also helps to make the deck a lot more resistant. Lastly, because there is no true go to Selesnya enchantment commander don’t be afraid to switch up who you use as your commander. In fact, I will commonly switch out my decks commander from Shalai to one of my other legendary creatures before matches based on what I am facing. If I find someone in the pod has a stax based deck then I am throwing in Sigarda as the commander. I find myself up against a lot of decks with blue in them then using Dromoka as the commander can be a fantastic choice.

NetholonTheArchmage on Zedruu, Enlightened Master

3 weeks ago

@ Skullclamped ,

This will be done in the very near future as I'm working on a huge update for the primer :) Wild Research is a good target, Mystic Remora or Smothering Tithe should also be very helpfull to get you through the early game.

It's very true that it's hard to pull of the combo with the Illusions of Grandeur . This deck isn't designed to win a lot of games after all though. While the value-engine and overall performance of this deck is working perfectly fine, I softened up the wincons by a fair bit over the cause of time. With all the tutors, card-draw and mana-accelerants it's pretty easy to pull of a win in my experience. At least for casual games within my playgroup the Zedruu-Deck has been way to powerfull and won most of the games. Even with this Jank-wincon I win my fair share of games. As you say it's easy to get to 1vs1 in the late game. Most opponents tend to have blown of nearly all of their ammunition at this point, while we can recur most of our stuff to pull of a win, even if it takes us 2-3 turns to pull it off. However this applies to my own playgroup, while you might have made slightly different experiences. So I'll list a few of my former win-conditions below:

  1. Approach of the Second Sun ... only one card, boring but easy.
  2. Wild Research , Nexus of Fate and Library of Leng ... take infinite turns and let Zedruu kill them all with commanderdamage while cyclonic rift clears the path.... way more flashy and surprisingly consistent.
  3. Swapping out a bordwipe for Austere Command and including Enchanted Evening doesn't only generate a ton of mana with Serra's Sanctum but also allows to blow up everyone's board while using Teferi's Protection to phase out laughing. Boros Charm might also be usefull in this scenario...

@ THCue , yeah you're absolutely right about the deck not being very budget-friendly... I'm thinking about building a budget version of this deck in the near future to make it more affordable for everyone. Adding some land-alternatives to the maybe-board might do it for now though :)

Goretast on Vesuva or Thespian's Stage?

4 weeks ago

You would run both if you had land-based combos like Dark Depths or a Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle strategy. More competitive decks normally don't run either, but in a more casual scene I would rather run Thespian's Stage over Vesuva because (1.) It comes into play untapped which won't disrupt your tempo if you just need a land drop and (2.) it allows you to be more reactive and copy powerful lands as they come out (Gaea's Cradle, Serra's Sanctum, Ancient Tomb, etc.), and (3.) you can change Thespian's target again if an even better target appears. It can also dodge Wasteland by copying a basic land, which is spicy.

Goretast on reserve list must buys.

1 month ago

I would say a lot of reserved cards are on a down-swing with the current market, but things that are commonly used in EDH are safe bets. Wheel of Fortune, Gaea's Cradle, Serra's Sanctum, Tithe, Replenish, Time Spiral, Survival of the Fittest, Treachery, Academy Rector, Metalworker, Grim Monolith, and other money lands are what come to mind.

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