Solitary Confinement


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Judgment (JUD) Rare

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Solitary Confinement


At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Solitary Confinement unless you discard a card.

Skip your draw step.

You have shroud. (You can't be the target of spells or abilities.)

Prevent all damage that would be dealt to you.

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Solitary Confinement Discussion

VinceTanner on My Zur Deck Because Everyone Focuses Me

1 week ago

Nice! I love Zur in EDH.

I would certainly try to add a Solitary Confinement and a Phyrexian Arena. They both are insane with Necropotence. Oh, and Rhystic Study is one of the best draw spells in EDH, and Zur tutors it up!

Other things to check out are Mana Vortex, Grasp of Fate, and Copy Enchantment.

Nice deck, man.

precociousapprentice on Marchesa, Political Queen of Pillows

2 weeks ago

Bloodytrailz, I am also interested in what MegaMatt13 finds with Price of Progress. It has been a staple wincon for me for some time. It is not at all uncommon to find myself facing 1 or more opponents with only 20-30 life, 10-15 non-basics, and for me to have any of Solitary Confinement, Delaying Shield, Worship, Wound Reflection, Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, Teferi's Protection , Selfless Squire, or even just enough life to withstand the blast. Even if it doesn't quite wipe everyone else out, it always ends up being a pretty insurmountable advantage that allows me to bring the game to an end with another attack. In EDH, Price of Progress just ends up being the most efficient single card attack I have seen, and it is easy to combine with many other cards for a huge swing in the game. It almost always does 40+ damage for 2 mana, at instant speed! For any deck that has the potential to have some way of having a life advantage in the late game, it is really worth it to run it, especially if you have ways to make it asymmetric, either through high numbers of basics in your deck or with self preservation effects.

PookandPie on Zur, the Enchanter

3 weeks ago

Vanishing is one of the most important auras for a Zur Voltron build (or basically any build that uses his ability to put auras on him to kill an opponent). Phasing out keeps auras attached but prevents your opponent from harming the enchanted creature until your next untap step and you get to swing with Zur as normal. So basically you swing with Zur, pay UU, and now Zur can't be destroyed, exiled, anything, until your next turn. It's extremely good, and if you're running auras to put on Zur to win with him, it's always worth running Vanishing. Period. It's his bread and butter card. This also shores up your weakness to bounce or enchantment destruction (as you can phase out any aura attached to Zur to protect it, so Tranquility isn't quite as awful to play against).

Empyrial Armor is strong and should be here, especially if you use Necropotence to keep your hand topped off at 7 at all times.

Back to Basics is hilarious depending on your playgroup, though it may be out of budget. I'm just shooting ideas; if this card is too expensive, ignore it.

Greater Auramancy is expensive but is sadly the only way to get around Krosan Grip. It + Vanishing + Diplomatic Immunity gets around literally every card that could possibly remove Zur and his enchantments, lol. You don't need to worry about this if no one plays Krosan Grip though.

Helm of Obedience would be a nice win condition, and you can use Zur beatdown as a secondary win con (since it'd take longer to assemble without Strionic Resonator). You can pull Rest in Peace from your library and then just annihilate the largest troublemaker with the Helm.

Suggestions for removal:

Profane Procession isn't that good.

Aqueous Form is mediocre considering Steel of the Godhead does that same ability and adds a buff, and you're likely grabbing it off Zur's trigger.

Don't use Aegis of the Gods. Use Solitary Confinement. Why? Because Necropotence + Confinement make a really great softlock and it protects you far, far better.

You're running Solemnity but I don't see a card it combos with that well. You may as well run Glacial Chasm as another convenient softlock but that shuts off the Zur win plan. So, if you plan on doing Helm of Obedience, get a Chasm. Otherwise, I really don't see why you would run Solemnity because all it does is stop Planeswalkers and Zur can crush Planeswalker Super Friends decks with relative ease anyway.

I don't get why you're running Azor or Sunscorch Regent. They're really expensive and are just beatsticks, when you could deal more damage with Zur in a shorter amount of time. With Vanishing, you basically never have to worry about your win condition dying, so that's less of an issue. Same goes for Sphinx of the Final Word, though Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir is basically a superior version of that card.

Other soft locks to consider:

Bitterblossom + Contamination. Zur can grab both against nonblack decks and it's very entertaining. Not necessary, just a cute thing to think about.


Get Vanishing in here ASAP, and Empyrial Armor would be super helpful too. Helm of Obedience would be nice as it would enable quick kills with Rest in Peace, though Zur beatdown is still a viable option. Solitary Confinement would be a better Aegis of the Gods in this deck considering you can easily pull Necropotence out of your library to upkeep it.

Consider: Back to Basics, Bitterblossom + Contamination

Contemplate removing: Azor, Sphinx, Sunscorch Regent. Profane Procession and Aqueous Form don't seem that great (the former is too mana intensive, the latter already has a superior variant of itself in the deck and both cost the same mana when Zur pulls them). Aegis of the Gods, too.

NotEaster on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

3 weeks ago

Yeah, I think I have to agree with your comments on glorious end. Aside from the extra untap step, there's nothing it would enable the deck to do that it couldn't already, since the deck is optimized to attack on other people's turns regardless. It's a shame, because I think it's a hilarious card and it's on my list of wincons I want to successfully pull off some day, along with Maze's End.

I've been doing some online playtesting and I'm probably going to move to proxy testing at the end of the weekend (the deck is a big investment for me so I want to get it right before I buy), and the deck is working really well. Frankly, I'm concerned it might be a bit unfair (one guy in an online match conceded when he saw how my Solitary Confinement worked). I might look into powering it down if the proxy stage doesn't go right.

I'd also like to weigh in on the discussion of Twilight Prophet I noticed in the comments, as I've drawn the card. Not only does it essentially function as a Phyrexian Arena with lifegain, it can bring the table down to assassination range for the endgame if brought out early. I have yet to see it draw hate. It worked really well with Solitary Confinement in the aforementioned game to put me in a secure situation. I don't think I can say I know it's a good choice yet, but it definitely merits remaining in the deck for me right now.

NotEaster on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

1 month ago

Hey, back again! I've got a list cooking, based off of yours and a budget-friendly version I found by another user (he credited you, the list is quite similar). I have some questions.

Are there any acceptable cheap(er) sideboard cards to replace Yawgmoth's Will, or should I scrap the effect entirely? All the similar effects I could find would only hit certain kinds of cards (e.g. creatures or instants+sorceries), which I'm worried could undermine the card's purpose.

On a similar note, at what point do wheel effects not become efficient enough to replace Wheel of Fortune? Reforge the Soul and Wheel of Fate are similar, but they both have significant downsides (especially seeing as the miracle cost on reforge is basically irrelevant).

Finally, I'm wondering if Solitary Confinement is too dependent on cards I'm not sure I want to shill out for, like Tithe. I've considered Phyrexian Arena, but that card must have been considered by you when making the deck, so its exclusion makes me nervous. Was the card advantage it gave too threatening to fit the deck?

SynergyBuild on Cleric Deck [~$40]

1 month ago

Battletide Alchemist is a five mana creature, your deck can't ramp, and modern is a format of turn 4 or earlier wins. Control decks do exist, and so do pillow fort decks. If your control elements, or pillow fort cards do not come online before the turn your opponent intends to win, you lose.

A control deck board wipes, and stops the opponent with counterspells and removal. You run semi-removal in the form of Oust, and a semi-board wipe in the form of Dusk / Dawn, but those are only semi. They don't remove many of the aggro threats as they are large in number and small in size, nor does the removal stop voltron stype Slippery Bogle decks. The lack of a serious control element stops you from playing in such a manner.

If you were to consider this a pillow fort deck, one that stops the opponent from doing things, but doesn't actually remove the threats, you would be out of luck. Battletide Alchemist might be closer to Sphere of Safety in a real w/x pillow fort deck, but that is a "finisher" or a card that stops the opponent after Runed Halo, Ghostly Prison and Nevermore slowed them down. The issue is you don't have a real way of slowing them down until then, and you will be dead before you drop Battletide Alchemist if you don't. Casual aggro decks for 15 dollars have more of a chance in the current meta in a late game scenario than this deck, because if Battletide Alchemist is your deck, you don't have one.

Pillowfort is an underused strategy, one that lock the opponent in many ways, preventing damage does so little on its own, that the real pillowfort decks only do it if it is 3 mana and prevents all damage dealt to you (Solitary Confinement saw some play). Loss of life will kill you, removing the Battletide Alchemist will kill you, etc.

The types of things a pillowfort deck should do are 6-fold:

  1. Lock down combat (Sphere of Safety, Ghostly Prison)

  2. Lock down targetting of yourself (Aegis of the Gods, Leyline of Sanctity)

  3. Lock down spells that get around this (Runed Halo, Nevermore)

  4. Lock down alternative strategies after sideboard (Rest in Peace, Stony Silence)

  5. Protect the Locks (Greater Auramancy, Privileged Position)

  6. Win the game (Luminarch Ascension, Sigil of the Empty Throne)

Your deck covers part of #1 with Battletide Alchemist, and part of #5 with Eight-and-a-Half-Tails I say a part of each because plenty of combat isn't damage, it is infect, or "when this creature attacks" (think eldrazi tron and all of the eldrazi's with the annihilate keyword), and because a destroy all (Supreme Verdict) gets around protection effects. Creatures a way flimsier than enchantments, and this deck doesn't even cover that.

Panas on Need Some Creatures? Here, Take Mine!

1 month ago

A clarification first. Zedruu, is a she :)

As for the deck itself, you've built yours in a very different way than I have, but I will advise against cards like Illusions of Grandeur and other strictly hate cards. They are too reliant on Zedruu and offer little to no utility in the deck. Delaying Shield and Solitary Confinement are exceptionally powerful cards that buy you time to manipulate the board. Fevered Visions is another nice Howling Mine effect that nets you the first benefit, and Oblivion Ring and Banishing Light are great removal pieces for Zedruu.

I see you are vying to win with creatures. If that is the case, I'd find room for Godhead of Awe and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite.

I'll leave a link to my deck here as well. Maybe it will give you some more inspiration: Bad Santa Zedruu

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