Solitary Confinement


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Judgment (JUD) Rare

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Solitary Confinement


At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Solitary Confinement unless you discard a card.

Skip your draw step.

You have shroud. (You can't be the target of spells or abilities.)

Prevent all damage that would be dealt to you.

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Solitary Confinement Discussion

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

2 days ago

That is basically how it has worked. I have played Thaumatic Compass twice. Both times I only fetched a few times. It flipped both times pretty naturally at 7 lands.

It is nice that you can use it at instant speed, making it hurt less to keep open mana for reaction spells, since at least you can fetch a land before your turn. That makes it similar to another Weathered Wayfarer, since the addition of cards in hand is good, even if you have no interest in playing them as lands. You can just pitch them to Solitary Confinement or Key to the City. When it flips, you get a Maze of Ith! Even if you just play it early and then wait for it to naturally flip, it is good.

I think that the cost looks higher than it will actually be. It's almost like the comes-into-play-tapped lands. They can slow you down, but you can learn to play around them so that you don't really notice most of the time. The cost seems steep, but if you mostly ignore it and just pump mana in when it is otherwise sitting idle, you get good value out of it. Don't think about it like a Maze that costs multiple turns in a row to make active. Think of it as a late game Maze that can be brought online sooner by spending otherwise unused mana that you held open for reactive instants, and with a side benefit of the occasional mana fixing land drop ability. It is a pseudo-ramp, pseudo-fixing, pseudo-draw, late game pillow fort. At this point, I feel like it fits right in.

SurpriZe on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

2 weeks ago

All right, that makes sense. Few more things:

What mulligan rules do you usually play with?

Have you ever considered Phyrexian Obliterator? Seems to fit the theme, while being a decent beater as well. Or is it on the level of the mentioned "bombs"?

In most of my games, even after establishing a decent pillow/rattlesnake-fort, other players simply don't want to attack each other. They wait to get answers against my boardstate and target me primarily. A good example would be a board, where I only have Solitary Confinement, Marchesa with the Monarch, and a soft pillow, say Duelist's Heritage, out. So, I don't overextend. What do you do in such situations?

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

2 weeks ago

The ideal hand is 3 lands and a CMC rock, some soft Pillow card like Curse of Opulence, Duelist's Heritage, or Sun Droplet, a Rattlesnake, a harder Pillow or Rattlesnake to work toward later, and a draw/filtering card. This sets me up to divert attacks away from me, cast Marchesa on turn 3, and then start working through my deck as the early game unfolds. Having removal early is OK as well, especially against really fast decks, but it often works better to let them explode on my opponents and weather the initial storm behind my fortress. Having a wincon is OK, but often you would rather draw these later when your opponents have weakened themselves and had a chance to develop themselves to a point where the wincon can have full effect. Tutors and Fogs are always nice.

For tutoring, I usually hope to hold them until I can grab a wincon or some life saving hard pillow like Solitary Confinement or Teferi's Protection . I will use them early if I am mana screwed to get myself out of it, but that is pretty rare. If I have a good fortress going and my opponents are not building any aggression, I may tutor for my own aggression in the form of Serra Ascendant, Master of Cruelties, or Gisela, Blade of Goldnight. I try not to let a table play sit and wait without having to deal with aggression early. It is best to react to the board state than to have a standard plan for your tutors.

As for Wishes, you are right, they are not allowed by the official rules "without prior agreement on their scope from the playgroup." I found the rule amusing, given that Demonic Tutor is allowed. Avoiding the common complaints about abuse can make them a fun card that is no worse than any other tutor. I took my time to address this rule with my playgroup and we agreed on some limits. Somewhere in the archives of this deck I had a pretty thorough discussion of this, and address the changes I would make if Wishes are not acceptable in any specific meta within the writeup. The short story is that Wishes are a meta call, mine during the development of this deck allowed them for use with a specifically constructed sideboard for this use. No cards outside of this sideboard were Wishable. Also, the targets should not really be too mean, just normal cards. I excluded color hate and some of the "unfun" hosers and focused on answers and wincons that would shore up problem areas. Talk to your group, look up previous discussion threads regarding Wishes, and if they are not your group's thing, substitute Burning Wish for any other card that your deck may be weak in. This is a good spot to get as mean as you want against abuses in your meta, like serious graveyard hate or anti-Blue or anti-Green cards. Burning Wish and my Wishboard are much less mean than you could get with that slot.

Nabuseri on Help on a stasis and ...

1 month ago

I have a relatively good Zur the Enchanter commander deck. It is more controlling than anything, but I want to throw more combos in the deck rather than relying solely on zur. I am going to put in Solitary Confinement with Necropotence, Helm of Obedience and rest in pease also. Can anyone think of any combos and also if the Stasis + Solemnity works

dlamars on Breaking Necropotence

1 month ago

Tyrant-Thanatos is correct, goblinguiderevealpls. You are confusing the rule classification of losing life(ex:Exsanguinate) and damage(ex:Comet Storm). The classification exist to differentiate between preventing loss of life(ex:Platinum Emperion) and damage(ex:Solitary Confinement). Any negative movement of a players life total is considered life loss and children will allow the player to regain it.

chaosumbreon87 on Ixalan Spoilers

1 month ago

wait so zedruu with Solitary Confinement and trove? seems decent

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