Oboro, Palace in the Clouds


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Saviors of Kamigawa Rare

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Oboro, Palace in the Clouds

Legendary Land

Tap: Add (Blue) to your mana pool.

(1): Return Oboro, Palace in the Clouds to its owner's hand.

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Oboro, Palace in the Clouds Discussion

VexxValentine on Illusory Shenanigans

1 day ago

i recommend looking at themanasource's illusions video. for the most part id say you need the fish lands Oboro, Palace in the Clouds Minamo, School at Water's Edge they are just great if you run into Boil or Choke Mutavault also is a must since its a creature land and in most cases its a 3/3. rather than running Peek i highly recommend Serum Visions also rather than Gossamer Phantasm id say Illusory Angel would be better. Clout of the Dominus is more or less a dead card in more situations than you think because it will kill half of your creatures if you attempt to enchant a phantasmal card. some other things i recommend would be Aether Vial and Adaptive Automaton because it just increases the power level of the deck to a tier 2. the sideboard is really tough in modern metas but i recommend looking at the merfolk sideboards for inspiration.

xyr0s on Mono-blue Hyper mill

1 week ago

Your Hedron Crabs would really like some fetchlands (returning Oboro, Palace in the Clouds to hand isn't really the samme - only one trigger per turn, and you set your own mana back). They would also like to be a full set, I think .

Best blue library manipulation in modern: Serum Visions. It's not quite at the same level as Ponder and Preordain. Maybe Ideas Unbound could go well enough with your Sphinx's Tutelage...

AtomicEmpire7 on Esper Mill Done Right (Tier 2 Competetive)

1 month ago

Are there budget cuts you could make to this (i.e. not using Oboro, Palace in the Clouds) or are these cards needed? Thanks!

EDIT: I was looking through the list and I saw that you had no sweepers. Could you not use something like Supreme Verdict or Damnation in the sideboard, if not the mainboard?

C--8CLARK8--D on Way of the Fae

1 month ago

ya those are good, also Mana Leak and 1 more Cryptic Command. Ancestral Vision is great if you have it. also with the lands cut Oboro, Palace in the Clouds and Sunken Hollow for Secluded Glen and/or Watery Grave

Kezvin on Merfolk

1 month ago

1) Run more than 16 lands. Not even Merfolk can properly function on 16 lands. And don't just use basics. Oboro, Palace in the Clouds, Mutavault, and Cavern of Souls fit great in a Merfolk build, and Wanderwine Hub, in addition to entering untapped for two colors, can reveal a threat from your hand that your opponent may need to play around.

2) The tag says this deck is for modern. Brainstorm and Counterspell are nowhere near modern legal.

3) Don't play black in a Merfolk build. If you're absolutely set on using another color, I personally would recommend white for Path to Exile, Mana Tithe, and Brave the Elements. White would also get the most value out of Wanderwine Hub. But, if you insist on using black, the spells you've chosen aren't going to cut it in modern. Dead Weight won't kill Tarmogoyfs, Hero's Downfall is way too expensive, and Appetite for Brains misses 99% of the relevant threats. In modern, the magic number is 3. That's where most of the curves top out. Thus, Appetite misses everything at or below the magic number. Personally, if I had to use black in a Merfolk build, I'd be running Dismember, Inquisition of Kozilek, maybe a couple Thoughtseize, and Fatal Push. I'd also run one or two Gut Shots for insurance, but that's just me. Of course, this all assumes that you play another color in your deck. If it were me, I'd stay mono-blue.

4) Aether Vial. Perfect card for this deck. Put it on two and keep pumping out creatures.

5) Merfolk Sovereign doesn't do enough work in this deck. It's 3 mana for the same effect as the two-mana lords (Master of the Pearl Trident and Lord of Atlantis), and its second ability is useless. Run Master of Waves or Harbinger of the Tides instead.

6) Cursecatcher. This is your one-drop. It kicks ass in this format.

7) I'd suggest maybe running some amount of Vapor Snags mainboard. It's really effective.

8) Hurkyl's Recall is a great sideboard option against Affinity. Ghost Quarter and Tectonic Edge shut down Tron. Gut Shot is great against a lot of faster decks. Tidebinder Mage is great against Burn and anything with Tarmogoyf. Spell Pierce for removal-heavy decks and Relic of Progenitus hoses graveyard shenanigans. Ceremonious Rejection for Tron and Affinity. Unsubstantiate and Flashfreeze if the matchup demands it. Unified Will, Echoing Truth, and Sea's Claim are all viable sideboard options as well.

9) I'd suggest you consult my list as well as the MTGSalvation primer for Merfolk

My list: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/29-03-17-mono-blue-merfolk/

Primer: http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/modern/tier-2-modern/648255-merfolk

SavageGaul on Esper Mill

1 month ago

@ TheSurgeon: Echoes is very cool tech; I can see it being a fun casual card and a decent one-of in more competitive play. I ended up cutting Shelldock Isle due to mana issues; it came down to that or Oboro, Palace in the Clouds, and I chose the latter. Just another preference issue, for the most part!

@ HezTheGod: Thanks for commenting. I actually do run a single Ghost Quarter IRL, as I've yet to acquire the singleton Marsh Flats. It's a fantastic card in Mill--I think Esper colors can support up to two copies and Dimir up to four--but with my low mana curve and many cantrips, I've slowly shifted GQs out in favor of colored mana sources.

Rest in Peace is a spectacular hoser, but not only is Surgeon right about it dying to Decay, it also shuts off a lot of my powerful mechanics: Snapcaster Mage, Visions of Beyond, Crypt Incursion. As such, I feel it belongs in there as a 4-of (which might also hold true for any Leylines), and I've determined that the loss of sideboard space + the nonbos with some of my mechanics means RiP is a no go.

Ancestral Recall is obviously a sweet card. I'd certainly test it if I owned any, but they're a tad pricy, and perhaps inferior to other card draw options available (how often can you say that in Modern?!).

Thanks again!

Polupus on

2 months ago

great use of Oboro, Palace in the Clouds with Bloodghast! +1

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