Scorched Ruins


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Weatherlight (WTH) Rare

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Scorched Ruins


If Scorched Ruins would come into play, sacrifice two untapped lands instead. If you do, put Scorched Ruins into play. If you don't, put it into its owner's graveyard.

Tap: Add to your mana pool.

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Scorched Ruins Discussion

Tomagotchi on The Gitrog Monster

10 hours ago

Since Crucible of Worlds and Glacial Chasm were already recommended, I may as well toss a recommendation for Lotus Vale and Scorched Ruins. They're moderately expensive, but I sure don't regret getting them for my Gitrog deck since they let you draw two with Gitrog's effects and work for some good ramp.

SufferFromEDHD on Daruid: Seton-Storm

3 weeks ago

When I was in elementary school Darude Sandstorm was the jam.

I really do like this list, very mean. I'm going to suggest some cards not out of necessity only to brainstorm with you and see what you think.

Bind, Krosan Grip, Green Sun's Zenith, Scryb Ranger, Scorched Ruins, Lotus Vale

JamesR404v2 on Blood Sun Combo

1 month ago

Sorry to break it to you, but the lands Scorched Ruins and Lotus Vale aren't modern legal. The bounce lands are, but "just" add two mana.

8vomit on Selling a few things..

1 month ago

Title says it all. Looking to unload a few cards below tcgplayer mid price. Paypal gift or add 4%. Tracking for anything over $20. Prices are as follows:

1x LP Argothian Enchantress EMA 3.75

2x LP Blasting Station 2.25 ea

4x LP Utopia Sprawl 3.00 ea, 11 for playset SOLD

1X LP Scorched Ruins 3.25

5x LP Chromatic Star TSP 1.75 ea, $5 for a playset

1x NM Wooded Foothills 11.00 SOLD

1x LP Tasigur, the Golden Fang Prerelease Foil 7.50

2x HP Elvish Visionary FNM promo 6.00 ea

2x MP Krark-Clan Ironworks 4.50 ea

1x HP Swarmyard 6.00

1x NM Reyhan, Last of the Abzan 4.50

1x NM Liliana of the Veil MM17 70.00

2x LP Blood Crypt RTR 7.50 ea

2x LP Amulet of Vigor 5.00 ea

I also have a sealed pack of snow basics from coldsnap, which I value at $55.

I ALSO have 30/60 cards for affinity (the cheap half) that id like to sell all together for $20.00. Here is what I have for affinity:

1x Thoughtcast

2x Ensoul Artifact

3x Galvanic Blast

1x Welding Jar

1x Blinkmoth Nexus

4x Ornithopter

4x Signal Pest

4x Springleaf Drum

4x Vault Skirge

3x Memnite

1x Master of Etherium

2x Etched Champion

4x Cranial Plating

Cash only at this time sorry, no trades. U.S. only. Thanks for looking!

Gleeock on Voltron-with-a-Senior-Edificer (Sram Equipment)

3 months ago

Regarding Scorched Ruins that would make a difference if I had such high probability for any opponent to run a Strip Mine any given game. I've only had it happen once, where an opponent played it 1st, but I have about 40 lands in my Sram deck so I just sat with the ruins as a dead card in my hand & played plains until my opponent popped something else. Otherwise, if I can get Scorched Ruins out first and crack it for the 2 ramp I sometimes feel it already gave me the value I was asking for (I feel it is much more of a hindrance with Strip mine played 1st as a deterrent, where you may not even get a chance to tap for mana)...So maybe in a more land-packed Sram deck it is more worth the risk.

Yes! -- Empyrial Plate, that card really forces people to make some decisions faster than they want to!

PartyJ on Voltron-with-a-Senior-Edificer (Sram Equipment)

3 months ago

Hello Gleeock,

thanks for the review here. In the past I played with Scorched Ruins, but land destruction is something common here. Everyone runs Strip Mine. If they strip this one, than I get a serious blow. But on the otherhand, it is indeed great ramp. How do you feel about this, knowing that strip mines are common here?

Hi CrimsonWings3689,

thanks for sharing your input. I am curious on your stance after my answers;

Cultivator's Caravan : Basically for 3 mana you get to draw a card and get 1 mana available in return. With ramp for the next turns as a result. I feel this is something that helps me equip faster midgame.

Myth Realized : acts as a backup plan. Mainly to make him a bloker on instant speed when needed. It's a try, since I didnt get to play him yet. But I do not plan on equipping him that often. But perhaps it's too narrow to keep?

Opal Palace : Since colorless mana is not a real issue in this deck, then what do I have to lose if I do not use that second ability that often?

Darksteel Axe is on the chopping block and I agree with you about its ineffectiveness for Sram. Basilisk Collar lost its place in the past, but I can see it return for this build again.

Empyrial Plate : This card had some great plays in my deck. I am a fan of it!

Strata Scythe : Although you sac a land, it's still gives lots of value and in our playgroup there are several white players boosting me too :-)


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