Scorched Ruins


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Weatherlight Rare

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Scorched Ruins


If Scorched Ruins would come into play, sacrifice two untapped lands instead. If you do, put Scorched Ruins into play. If you don't, put it into its owner's graveyard.

Tap: Add to your mana pool.

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Scorched Ruins Discussion

FearCutsDeeper on One Thopter to Rule Them All...

1 month ago

Dross Scorpion goes infinite with a lot of cards you already have.

Rings of Brighthearth because.

Lotus Bloom with prototype portal. At worst, it's 3 free mana.


Precursor Golem

Conjurer's Closet

Cauldron of Souls

Scorched Ruins

Lotus Vale

Liquid Metal Coating

TheHelvault on "Mate in 8", a Maelstrom Wanderer Combo Deck

1 month ago

AceGambitDragonfly, The man-lands aren't that important in this deck. I know what you're thinking with them, but the man-lands don't appear nearly as consistently as they would need to in here if they were going to protect me at all. Instead of adding man-lands, I'm saving those spots for the consistency of 75 basic lands, as well as other lands like Tolaria West, Vesuva, and Maze of Ith, which are, in my opinion, far more useful. I have another list of 15-20 lands that I'll be adding in here, specifically lands that will enable me to combo off before turn 8, such as Temple of the False God and Scorched Ruins.

DISTURBED125 on Eldrazi Titans EDH

1 month ago

Silent Arbiter looks great! Bought a copy of it as well! It'll be a great swap for Ugin's Construct.

Also picked up Vesuva, Cloudpost, Glimmerpost and Maze of Ith. Will figure out what to swap them for when they arrive.

Debating Ancient Tomb vs picking up both Scorched Ruins/Deserted Temple. Might save the last bit of my current budget to pick up a few creature swaps and save these to pick up later.

spotmarkedx on Let Me Play Among the Stars

2 months ago

Well, given two people are strongly advocating for it, I'll give Crucible of Worlds a few tries, probably in place of Expropriate, which I'm testing right now. I can certainly see that it will be awesome if I have Trade Routes or Soratami Cloudskater. It will get some value if I have played Lotus Vale or Scorched Ruins or if an opponent has some land destruction... any other time, it will be a dead card, which is my worry. Only one way to find out if the benefits outweigh the disadvantages :D

As for Evacuation, I like it over Wash Out since my creatures are rarely out in large numbers, so I prefer the symmetrical effect since I am sure it will hit everything of my opponents, and it is at instant speed. If I had extra space in the deck for more of these kinds of effects, I'd be adding these in, but for now, they will be sidelined.

runninonwater on The Patriarchy

2 months ago

I like the deck, it has a lot of cards i would play and that i have played before but there's some pointers.

I think i would try to find another land than Temple of the False God, i've had quite a few bad experiences with it, but if it works it works.Nev disk is a cute interaction with Forge and Lattice, but i don't quite like to run such a card in our deck since we're so dependant on our board.

other things:Jellous of some of your foils you got, i need some of them!And im totally gonna try Scorched Ruins, just gotta get one.

irmsilver on Eldrazi Titans EDH

2 months ago

Some lands you could look at are Vesuva, which is similar to Thespian's Stage, copying something as it comes down. If you acquire a Vesuva, then you could try looking at Cloudpost next. It's usefulness in Commander is a lot lower when you can play only one, but if you're running Vesuva and Thespian's Stage in addition to Glimmerpost, then it will occasionally give you a boost. If you have a good budget, Ancient Tomb should definitely be considered. A risky choice is City of Traitors. If your playgroup isn't into land destruction, then Scorched Ruins might be an option. Deserted Temple is good utility for untapping lands, providing ramp if a land taps for three, or adding Charge Counters to Mage-Ring Network. Maze of Ith is just a good card that also works with Thespian's Stage, Vesuva, and Deserted Temple. Even without the latter two, it's still a solid choice.

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