Reckless Fireweaver


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Common

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Reckless Fireweaver

Creature — Human Artificer

Whenever an artifact enters the battlefield under your control, Reckless Fireweaver deals 1 damage to each opponent.

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Reckless Fireweaver Discussion

SkulduggeryP on It's easter again bay-bee! A modern look at eggs.

3 days ago

If anyone is reading this, could you please help me think of a way to get past Leyline of Sanctity? I was thinking maybe Reckless Fireweaver, but that's certainly not ideal.

NyxDragon on Ar-myr-geddon

1 week ago

By running Altar of the Brood, and possibly Lotus Bloom, i could swap out the brawler for Reckless Fireweaver.

NickyBolas on Pirate's life

1 week ago

Pirates looks to have two possible builds: Treasure-Combo or a more aggressive combat-centric deck. I'd be inclined to focus on one over the other. Right now it's a little split between the two which is giving it that "Jack-of-all, Master-of-None" feel.

Treasure Combo

Focusing on the Revel in Riches win condition, you can utilize the creation and sacrifice of artifacts as the main mechanic of your deck.


Focusing more on leveraging Admiral Beckett Brass's abilities we could go with more of an aggressive build. Since the pirate tribe is on the weaker side combat-wise, you're going to want combat buffs and lots of evasion.

  • Urabrask the Hidden is great at getting in some quick damage and makes it difficult for your opponents to mount a defense. Doesn't synergize perfectly with Raid since they don't like haste, but it's worthwhile to keep everyone's shields down.
  • Siren Stormtamer is an evasive early-game creature that allows you to trigger early game raid, counts for Admiral's ability and can save her from removal.
  • Taurean Mauler counts as a pirate and can get HUGE.
  • Dire Fleet Ravager is good start on reducing life totals. You're going to have more creatures than your opponents, and they're going to need to deal with his menace body, which means you're less at risk from losing life to his ability.
  • Dire Fleet Poisoner might as well give one of your guys unblockable, as people will rarely want to trade down with a Pirate.
  • Coastal Piracy is on flavor but Bident of Thassa is an upgrade.
  • Kari Zev, Skyship Raider has menace and first strike. She may require some equipment to abuse her first-strike ability. But the menace will allow you to get damage through consistently.
  • Vanquisher's Banner gives your team a mild boost coupled with some card draw.
  • Similarly Herald's Horn can draw you extra pirates and makes them cheaper.
  • It works great with Heirloom Blade, a card that gives you a pirate back when your pirate dies! Also +3/+1 for 1 to equip is pretty dang good for an aggro deck.
  • Kindred Discovery is an insane draw-engine especially in a deck that likes to attack.
  • Archetype of Imagination is a possible candidate for making your team unblockable.

Good In both Builds

  • Deadeye Tracker is great at dealing with cards in graveyards, something that every EDH deck should have to combat those powerful reanimator, dredge, and combo decks out there. Additionally, this guy can grow or draw cards doing so... which is all upside.
  • Deadeye Navigator can allow you to trigger Raid or create treasures repeatedly for a mere 1U. He scales in effectiveness with however many Raid and ETB effect guys you end up with. Similarly Conjurer's Closet and Panharmonicon can lean you towards a more ETB-centric build using Raid to pad out your other options.

Determining what to cut would involve going "All-in" on one of the mechanics, and effectively removing the other.

ColdHeartedSith on Energy Mining - Combo Kills!!! RIX

2 weeks ago

walking ballista is good with Pia's Revolution and Reckless Fireweaver in a Artifact heavy deck playing Syndicate Trafficker and Marrionette master anyway if you get them down with artifacts and Pia's triggers on things like impliments that draw you cards when sacked and deal dam + trigger fireweavers then if they dont take 3 dam you get impliment back in hand but once they are in range say you have a 4 power ballista and they are at 7 you also have a fireweaver and Pia's rev thats all you need. You sack all 4 counters from ballista now they are at 3 it dies but they have to return it to your hand or die to pia's rev then you cast it for 0 and it enters triggers fireweaver dies back 2 hand repeat, dead lock no escape.

theonislair on Breya, Ghost in the Shell OVER 65 INFINITE COMBOS

2 weeks ago

I would pull Open the Vaults in place of Liquimetal Coating as it combos off with Saheeli Rai, whereas the former is very risky retrieval.

Saheeli Rai + Liquimetal Coating + any one of Altar of the Brood, Reckless Fireweaver or Disciple of the Vault.

With Saheeli Rai on board without an activation, activate Liquimetal Coating targeting her, then do her -2 ability targeting herself (she is now an artifact from the coating). Copy hits the board, Legend rule, choose the token to keep (and since she's an artifact herself again due to her ability), and -2 again. Rinse and repeat.

I also run Myr Retriever and Junk Diver for artifact retrieval, which coupled with Scrap Trawler can lead to some wicked interaction with Time Sieve.

Time Sieve activation, sacrifice in a descending CMC order, including Junk Diver and Myr Retriever will pull all 5 back to hand that you sacrificed, plus an additional artifact in your graveyard, stocking up to 6 if ever in a bad situation of no hand.

Thopter Assembly + Time Sieve for an easy victory.

clayperce on Izzet modules

3 weeks ago

Love it!
I'm running a similar deck over at UR Modules ... Really?!? and have been totally impressed with Reckless Fireweaver and Maverick Thopterist. If you haven't already tried them, you might want to check them out.

Draw well!

clayperce on UR Modules ... Really?!?

4 weeks ago

Since we already have a return-to-hand effect in Decoction Module, I'm not sure about Paradoxical Outcome nor Endless Sands.

I think the deck already has enough wincons, but I could see dropping one (maybe the 'go big' option, if Dinos shift out of the meta) and focusing on the go-wide options, with 4x Reckless Fireweaver. In a deck like that, 1x Brass's Bounty could be really fun.

Thanks, as always!

Storm the Vault  Flip/Vault of Catlacan was in the very first build of the deck, and I talk about it in the 'Cards I've already tested' section.

Without manarocks and with all the tap effects taking TONS of mana, I'm not really sure what Paradox Engine would do here.

Thanks though!

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