Reckless Fireweaver


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Common

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Reckless Fireweaver

Creature — Human Artificer

Whenever an artifact enters the battlefield under your control, Reckless Fireweaver deals 1 damage to each opponent.

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Reckless Fireweaver Discussion

viperfang4 on Grixis Chandra and Tezzeret Improvise

5 hours ago

I also wonder how effective Reckless Fireweaver and Inventor's Apprentice would be in here. With the amount of artifacts played, fireweaver could rack up quite a bit of damage, apprentice would also be near guarenteed a 2/3 one drop (which might be better than my courier suggestion, despite courier still being good).

Freezingfist on blue red loop

1 day ago

This is usually my first suggestion, when I see it... but I'd try to shave down to 60 cards. The fewer cards you put in, the more likely you are to draw what you need.

With the majority of your deck less than or equal to 3CMC, I think you could come down a land or 2.

Maybe I'm missing it, but I'm not seeing the real benefit of Panharmonicon in this build. Your main creature (Reckless Fireweaver) has no trigger and the rest are energy producers. The extra energy can be nice, but it seems a bit... underwhelming, when you could have better ETB payoffs.

All that said, I could be totally wrong. Just my first impression. You've played it. Am I totally off base?

Onto actual suggestions.

If speed is your issue, there's not a lot of ways to do that in the current standard without more creatures. Shock is nice, but it's usually used for removal, but atleast it has the option of hitting face. Your Whirler Virtuosos are decent for pumping out creatures, but they're not doing that until at least turn 3. Bomat Courier is a nice cheap creature you can drop on turn 1 to start swinging. He has his downsides, but you have to give up some safety for speed =)

Maybe fill out the playset of Thriving Turtle and add a playset of Reckless Bushwhacker. Could surprise swing in, dropping a Turtle, and them playing the Bushwacker, giving the turtle haste, +1 (along with whatever other creatures you have on the board), and then using the energy you just got playing the turtle to pump him up.

With the large amount of artifacts you have, Spire of Industry may be a better inclusion over Highland Lake. Also, Spirebluff Canal. Yeah, land always makes the deck more costly (especially in ), but it's the fastest and easiest way to make a deck more consistent.

Lastly, I'd replace Scatter to the Winds with Void Shatter, or Disallow or even Metallic Rebuke. Just personal preference on the first two... and Rebuke seems like it would fit your artifact theme well... Oh... and since you're running Fevered Visions, Select for Inspection and Unsubstantiate can keep their hand full so the damage keeps going their way.

Tulmavai on Unlicensed Whirler

2 days ago

Hey man, I stumbled upon your decklist by accident looking for a different deck and thought, "Hey, this looks pretty good." So I threw it together on xMage and have been playing it for the past two hours, I love it!

One change I did make and would recommend is to swap the Implement of Combustion playset for a playset of Reckless Fireweaver. The damage from the FW is far more consistent and it works incredibly well with your combo.

+1 from me.

Melanthios on Pia's Recycling Facility! (Budget Combo $50)

3 days ago

I love this deck but it really needs Unlicensed Disintegration, easily the best removal in Standard right now, stopping Saheeli Combo, Breaks big Verdurous Gearhulks and shuts down Mardu Vehicles. Just so good. Probably would shrink Reckless Fireweaver down to 3, 1 implement and 1 other, I could adjust, to run 3 Disints, 1 in the SB for sure. Just my personal attache to this deck.

ticked-off-squirrel on Slag Cannon (Budget Artifact Landfall Burn)

3 days ago

well as an expert on artifacts and burns I suggest to add into your artifact cannon the following cards (reasons are in parentheses) (this symbol (+) means for Pauper. this symbol (-) means for standard) : Vulshok Replica+ (by sacking it it will shoot the opponent for a bit of damage and with cards that shoot when it comes out that is 4 damage right there) Ornithopter+- (is a free creature that is a nice chump blocker.) Spidersilk Net+/Cathar's Shield+-/Kite Shield+ (same reason for Ornithopter) Goblin Fireslinger+ (after a turn of summoning sickness can start tapping to shoot small amounts while you get your cannon ready) Tamiyo's Journal- (getting a free artifact every turn will greatly help with the artifact drop burns. and those same artifacts can help you "reload" your hand.) Tunneling Geopede- (it works the same as Reckless Fireweaver but with lands instead of artifacts) Shock+- (self explanatory) Devils' Playground- (you will get a few chump blockers that will self-destruct when they die) hopefully I have given you a few ideas.

Rhadamanthus on Does crackdown construct ability include ...

5 days ago

No, these cards don't interact with each other.

There are three different types of abilities: activated, triggered, and static.

  • An activated ability is always written out as "Cost : Effect". Sometimes this text is packed into the full rules text of a keyword ability, like Equip or Outlast. Only activated abilities can be "activated", and this is the only type of ability that Crackdown Construct will interact with.

  • A triggered ability is always written to start with one of the words "when", "whenever", or "at". Reckless Fireweaver just has a triggered ability (and so does Crackdown Construct).

  • Anything that isn't an activated or triggered ability is some kind of static ability. There are several different kinds of static ability, but listing them out here isn't relevant to your question.

Note that Crackdown Construct specifically mentions abilities that aren't "mana abilities". A mana ability is either an activated ability that produces mana or a triggered ability that produces mana and triggers off of another mana ability. A mana ability also can't have targets and can't be a loyalty ability of a Planeswalker (abilities like these that make mana are just regular activated or triggered abilities)

wereotter on Does crackdown construct ability include ...

5 days ago

To elaborate on the above point, nearly all activated abilities have a : in the text. So like on Sol Ring you have T: Add 2 colorless mana to your mana pool. Since Reckless Fireweaver doesn't have a colon, his ability is a triggered ability rather than an activated ability.

GearNoir on Does crackdown construct ability include ...

5 days ago

Don't forget to link cards with double brackets:

Crackdown Construct

Reckless Fireweaver

Activated abilities are abilities on a card that require a cost to be paid, such as the ability on Isochron Scepter. Abilities that work off of ETB such as those on Reckless Fireweaver and Crackdown Construct are triggered abilities - the card checks for a specific game event to occur and once that specific event happens, it triggers the ability.

Think of activated abilities like abilities that require you to pay a specific cost (tapping, pay mana, sacrificing, etc). Think of triggered abilities as abilities that passively wait for a certain event to occur (when X happens Y happens).

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