Order of the Ebon Hand


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition II Common
Masters Edition Common
Fallen Empires Common

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Order of the Ebon Hand

Creature — Cleric Knight

Protection from white

B: Order of the Ebon Hand gains first strike until end of turn.

2B: Order of the Ebon Hand gets +1/+0 until end of turn.

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Order of the Ebon Hand Discussion

Nisoth on Black Anti-White

3 weeks ago

Anti-white, huh?
Black Knight is a cheap, efficient creature that your friend will never be able to block.
Dystopia could help against enchantments, if that's what your friend is going for.
Gloom will be essential, especially if you decide to go the discard route.
Hand of Cruelty is like Black Knight.
Inquisition is inexpensive, and gives you some reach.
Jovial Evil is similar to Inquisition.
Knight of Infamy, Knight of Stromgald, Order of the Ebon Hand and Stromgald Crusader would be good if you decide to go aggro.
Lifebane Zombie is a solid pick, especially for the discard route.
Marauding Knight could be a bomb against your friend.
Self-Inflicted Wound gets around protection.
Stromgald Cabal should probably go in no matter what.
Virtue's Ruin should definitely go in no matter what.

yeho2112 on Asphodel After Dark, With Host Gary A. Sphodel

6 months ago

Order of the Ebon Hand is a common, while Black Knight is not. Pump knights are better anyway, to be honest.

DERPLINGSUPREME on What Is Your Magic Reach?

1 year ago

OOPS I did the thing wrong.


ill do it again, I thought it was until one you haven't played with

1) Winter Orb 1 deep

2) Island 1 deep

3) Plateau 3 deep

4) Pestilence 3 deep

5) Kruphix's Insight 6 deep

6) Urza's Power Plant 1 deep

7) Nest Invader 2 deep

8) Order of the Ebon Hand 4 deep

9) Wall of Blossoms 1 deep

10) Rampant Growth 1 deep


UnnamedGio on Old School Mono Black

1 year ago

I have some suggestion for your deck to make it faster and more balanced:

out 4 Swamp, 4 Order of the Ebon Hand, 2 Nightmare and Lord of the Pit.

I know Lord of the pit and Nightmare have awesome arts and make you feel very good when you play them but they slow you a lot and You have already Juggernaut and Sengir Vampire.

Let s add some:

4 Mishra's Factory (8$ 4th edition)

4 Sinkhole. Blight should work aswel 2$

3 Drain Life 1$

3 Nevinyrral's Disk in main always good to clean the table and work very good with animate dead.

1 Sol Ring revised 5$