Aether Hub


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Uncommon
FNM Promos Rare

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Aether Hub


When Aether Hub enters the battlefield, you get (an energy counter).

: Add to your mana pool.

, Pay : Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

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Aether Hub Discussion

Babuchas3000 on 7 Deadly Sins, 7 Ways to Win... 7 Your Desires

1 day ago

Done!. There are the changes so far. I used your manabase TheBooman as, well... base, hahaha

I hope with this changes the deck will start to feel a little more smooth

Also thought of changing Aether Hub with 2 Evolving Wilds/Terramorphic Expanse (choose the one in turn, XD) and 2 other basic lands, and with that change we can also change Glimmer of Genius for Hieroglyphic Illumination, but that just as a thought...

Darkwolf1601 on Elephants Never Forget (Elephant Tribal)

2 days ago

Oloro_Magic the earliest Greenbelt Rampager can be played is on turn two, even with Aether Hub. I can play a forest turn one and turn two to achieve the same effect, either playing Greenbelt Rampager once on turn one and twice on turn two, or by playing Arbor Elf on turn one and then playing Greenbelt Rampager three times on turn two. Aether Hub means paying more money for something I can achieve with two forests.

Oloro_Magic on Elephants Never Forget (Elephant Tribal)

2 days ago

Have you considered Aether Hub, it can help get Greenbelt Rampager down a bit earlier.

TheBooman on 7 Deadly Sins, 7 Ways to Win... 7 Your Desires

2 days ago

I agree with all these changes, as for mana base, here's what I am running and what is working for me at the moment:

4xAether Hub

1xBlighted Fen

3xFetid Pools



2xSpirebluff Canal


2xWandering Fumarole

2xSmoldering Marsh

multimedia on Energy Elves

6 days ago

Variux, I'm having fun playing the deck. It had a terrible Marvel matchup, but Marvel is now banned so this deck is much more viable since it has a good matchup vs Temur/GB Energy and Mardu Vehicles. Zombies are a problem.

ACDAMAN, sounds great, that was fast. As far as lands go 4x Aether Hub, 4x Botanical Sanctum are the most important. You can get away with not using Game Trail if they are not of your price range or you can't get them, but I recommend 4x Trail also. Rogue Refiner is a must and are very cheap.

Replacements for Refiner are Tireless Tracker, you said you had 3x Tracker if so just main deck them. There's also Whirler Virtuoso; I used Virtuoso for a while, but he was ultimately cut for other cards. However, he's a fine energy producer replacement for Refiner. A recommend 2x Tracker and 3x Virtuoso if you're choosing this route. Another option is to increase the amount of Bristling Hydra to 3-4x for more energy and main deck Tracker for draw.

Manglehorn is less needed if you don't expect any Mardu Vehicles with Heart of Kiran and Aethersphere Harvester at your FNM. Mardu is the real reason for Manglehorn in the sideboard.

BillyButcher on Welcome to MY nightmare

6 days ago


Aether Hub is for the chase i miss a specific colour and Live Fast was also for leloading it. I will think about trashing the energy theme and take the instant speed and basic lands instead.

Whale_politics on Naya Exert Standard

6 days ago

Are you only using Attune with Aether to power Aether Hub? Because if so, then I don't think that it does much, and only takes up space.

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