Myr Enforcer

Myr Enforcer

Artifact Creature — Myr

Affinity for artifacts (This spell costs less to cast for each artifact you control.)

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Myr Enforcer Discussion

mattzim666 on Muzzio, Visionary architect

2 weeks ago

Some cards which I think should be cut because I think they are not too great or have fallen out of love with them are: Inkwell Leviathan, Jhoira's Toolbox, Myr Battlesphere, Myr Enforcer, Scarecrone, Willbender, Brittle Effigy, Darksteel Ingot, Dreamstone Hedron, Lux Cannon (unless you have a way of getting counters more quickly), Staff of Nin, Tower of Fortunes, Trading Post, Dismiss, Dissipate, and Dream Fracture.

Balaam__ on American Pickers

1 month ago

I suppose Myr Enforcer is the closest, but as was mentioned above it loses the artifact land tutoring. Maybe I should try one of the improvise enabled creatures and change things up a bit. Thanks sergiodelrio for the suggestions.

rb701 on artifact aggro

4 months ago

i don't quite understand what you're trying to achieve here. it's like a race-horse that's fast in every direction but straight. my first attempt in using this, by turn 6 i was able to force out the Colossus. the second and third attempt, a sitting duck

i would start with switching the lands for artifact land. Darksteel Citadel was the sixth artifact land made, and was originally the only modern-legal for some time; to my understanding, they just made a bunch more that are colored and indestructible. the Forgemaster is good, but paints a glaring target on itself for the potential of a combo, you need something to distract or protect. Frogmite can come in quickly, Welding Jar to restore, or gear like Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots to protect it. i would also switch out the Manalith for the Darksteel Ingot; same cost, but cant be destroyed. the Pyramid becomes an easy target for at least 4 colors for removal and can stunt your resource development; simply trade that out for cheat creatures (such as Myr Enforcer) or more protection (Voyager Staff could be fun here). finally, Everflowing Chalice is only good if you have the resources to build it up AND the infrastructure to keep it for more than a turn, which you do not. that card could be better served with another creature that can do lots of damage, be quite the deterrent, and demands an answer - Lodestone Myr. it's not a perfect creature, of course, but the likelihood of a natural or cheat play of Colossus in modern against anything greater than a "kitchen table" deck is not good

hope this helps

TheOfficialCreator on Legendary Assembly Worker

5 months ago

Hicvelox might be a good name. It's Latin for "Quick Builder".

But overall, I think it's decently balanced for a legend, even if it is a strictly better Myr Enforcer. As an Assembly-Worker the flavor is spot-on; it reminds me heavily of Mishra's Self-Replicator.

Roak on Affinity

6 months ago

I see what your saying but I just got ride of Carapace Forger because first it isn't a artifact and second it wont get hit by Ancient Stirrings . I kept Myr Enforcer because it counts for the artifact count and i has the chance to be free where Carapace Forger will always be 2 mana. Seek the Wilds is a good card but i can hit so much more with Ancient Stirrings like my other artifacts.

Nicklaffy2302 on Affinity

6 months ago

Nice decklist. Only thing I would consider changing out is Myr Enforcer for 3 Carapace Forger if you're looking for more aggro. High chance that you would be able to play Forger on turn two and have it as a 4/4, and Enforcer would most likely come out turn 3 with reduced cost. If it's too much colour when digging with Ancient Stirrings , maybe try out Seek the Wilds . I like the versatility of Sojourner's Companion .

tman007 on Neoform Affinity

6 months ago

mlequesne thanks for the suggestion and +1! I have considered Myr Enforcer but I'm not sure there's room with 8 7drops already in the deck.

mlequesne on Neoform Affinity

6 months ago

Love it! Myr Enforcer can work like another Sojourner's Companion in case you didn't know.

See you!

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