Thought Monitor

Thought Monitor

Artifact Creature — Construct

Affinity for artifacts (This spell costs less to cast for each artifact you control.)


When this enters the battlefield, draw two cards.

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Thought Monitor Discussion

zapyourtumor on Grixis Academy

3 days ago

Urza's Saga makes fat constructs that make use of all the artifacts you're spitting out with manufactor (always has bothered me that it's not manufacturer, tf is a manufactor??). And it fetches Oven if you have a cat, or Cookbook to make some more food. Of course if you run saga you could run some 1 of toolbox artifacts like Pithing Needle and Shadowspear (and Necrogen Spellbomb in the sideboard).

Urza, Lord High Artificer is similarly very strong in any manufactor deck with blue.

For cards to cut, I would probably cut Glaze Fiend. The card is cute, but all the X/X constructs can take over the beatstick slot so Glaze isn't as important anymore. Fireweaver burns the opponent, but doesn't really do much if manufactor is being removed. I would probably cut this as well if you need to make space.

Thought Monitor helps draw some cards and stuff.

jacobpmesser on Get a Clue!

2 weeks ago

I've done something like this with Erayo, Soratami Ascendant  Flip and later Genesis Chamber. The latter turned into Bushwhacker Affinity that RIPped when Mox got banned.

But Lonis... that's interesting. Youve got a lot of crap in there you don't need. - Etherium Sculptor, Abundant Harvest, Brainstone, Confront the Unknown + Ornithopter, Thought Monitor, and you could go the Neoform/Oswald Fiddlebender route to crazy stuff (Craterhoof Behemoth or go wide + big w/cards like Master of Etherium, Nettlecyst, Urza's Saga.

You're also missing interaction. Gotta fix that or it's just a gimmick that will lose more times than not.

wallisface on Need help finding a focus …

1 month ago

I’m currently running Junk Winder in this deck, which has performed surprisingly well considering what it is. It’s also a deck where Junk Winder can really shine - being able to both come down for minimal mana, and provide lots of pressure by itself.

My only current concern with it in this deck, is that it’s directly competing with Thought Monitor, which makes it hard to run a full playset of either card without gumming the deck up.

wallisface on Eldrazi PanharmoniTron

1 month ago

deathjunky If I were trying to build a Modern Panharmonicon with Tron Lands deck, I think i’d initially set myself the following restrictions:

  1. Make sure there’s a full playset of Panharmonicon. The card is important to have in play, so we should be ensuring we get it.

  2. Ensure that the vast majority of the deck benefits from Panharmonicon. I would ditch the Eldrazi entirely for this, and focus on artifacts to make for a toolboxy build using Whir of Invention (this would allow us to get setup, while also getting pieces we need).

  3. Figure out how much we need Tron active. We either need low-ish cmc with Chalice of the Void, or we need to splash green to ensure Tron becomes active. I’m personally in favour of option A, though i think i’d still splash green for the likes of Thragtusk.

I think i’d end up with something like this (just spitballing, so this can easily be refined):

(Note, after going through that exercise, the biggest takeaway I have is that I don’t think Panharmonicon wants to be in the same deck as Tron-lands. If i’d just built this as a UG creature list, instead of a tron based build, i think it’d have been easier to ramp, and have access to better payoffs (i.e Hornet Queen). I think the best path forward for your Panharmonicon might be to ditch Tron)

raefgall on Infect & Proliferate

3 months ago

Other random thoughts: Thoughtcast and Thought Monitor are good with your artifacts. Tainted Strike can give you a surprise win. Rogue's Passage lets you sneak damage through. Serrated Arrows is great with proliferate. Triumph of the Hordes is pricey, but a good finisher. Black Sun's Zenith is a great, versatile board wipe, and with proliferate X=1 means your creatures survive while you proliferate theirs out of existence.

wallisface on The Assassination of Captain Planet

4 months ago

I would have thought Thought Monitor would have fit in well here as a 1 mana artifact that draws you two cards.

Brian-123 on The Ultimate Bio Weapon

5 months ago

Grubbernaut..thank you but this is for the old original affinity play list cards before modern horizon 2 came out but please check out the next eck list I already mad another..the ultimate bio weapon moc-2,its a new affinity version based on the new card like the Thought Monitor you just mentioned, I mad that new deck identical to this one so should do fine but that was is basically and with card in hand a removal type deck

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