Ensoul Artifact

Ensoul Artifact

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant artifact

Enchanted artifact is a creature with base power and toughness 5/5 in addition to its other types.

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Format Legality
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Modern Legal
Limited Legal
Highlander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Unformat Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal

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Ensoul Artifact Discussion

legendofa on Manascape Refractor

1 week ago

If you find a way to turn it into a Griffin you could smack someone with a rock the size of the universe. (That was a fun sentence to write.) Ensoul Artifact and Arcane Adaptation ?

thenewlollipopjam on Cosima, God of the Voyage

3 weeks ago

I don't know what your budget options are like, but I think that you could include some stronger hitters. Urza, Lord High Artificer is one such powerhouse, another more budget viable option being Master of Etherium , both of which can help you crew your more demanding crew costs. March of the Machines is an enchantment that will make all of your artifact cards into creatures without needing to crew them, as will Ensoul Artifact . One particularly funny synergy I see is you being able to crew all of your vehicles with other vehicles and then hitting people with a surprise Throne of the God-Pharaoh .

lil_cheez on Affinity is Dead - So Let's Play Tempered Steel!

4 months ago

Fun deck! Maybe there's room for a couple Ensoul Artifact ?

Lanzo493 on Colorless/Blue Artifact Deck Help!

5 months ago

ToxicHawk, it does depend on what you want to do. I will say, though, that Unwinding Clock is bad because you lack a way to flash in your creatures, and adding a sufficient infrastructure to do that would dilute the deck and make it less consistent. Paradox Engine has the same issue of getting you mana you can’t necessarily use since it needs card draw to work well.

If you have any Mystical Tutor, they go great with Tinker. As for the rest of the cards, I’d suggest Thoughtcast for draw and Seat of the Synod since it’s an artifact. Even Darksteel Citadel would be good as a playset. Another decent card to run is Ensoul Artifact

zapyourtumor on cheerio prowess jank

6 months ago

Actually performed pretty decently in playtesting

Have you considered Puresteel Paladin for extra copies of Sram, Senior Edificer? (although it doesn't trigger off of Ensoul Artifact)

Also maybe a single Grapeshot for the storm kill to finish off an opponent?

Tylord2894 on Does World Slayer destroy Ensoul …

6 months ago

Ensoul Artifact would be destroyed which will cause Worldslayer to "fall off".

In your scenario, the only thing that has Indestructible is Darksteel Citadel. The Citadel doesn't not grant Indestructible to Ensoul, so Ensoul will be destroyed. Immediately thereafter, the Citadel will no longer be a creature, so Worldslayer will fall off if the Citadel when SBAs are checked after the resolution of the Worldslayer trigger.

Hope this helps!!

Battlehax on Does World Slayer destroy Ensoul …

6 months ago

If you have your cookie cutter Darksteel Citadel + Ensoul Artifact on the board and equip a World Slayer and hit your opponent, does the Ensoul Artifact get destroyed?

And if so, would the World Slayer then be unequipped and the Darksteel Citadel become simply an Indestructible land?

I just want to play the interaction correctly, so thank you all in advance for the rules breakdown.

TriusMalarky on Why Does WotC Not Print …

6 months ago

To drive the point home.... Darksteel Citadel is Ancient Tomb or Mishra's Workshop or sometimes even better(and it's indestructible) when used with Affinity(Frogmite and friends), gives one or more of your creatures +1/+0(Cranial Plating, is a 5/5 indestructible(Ensoul Artifact), can be sacrificed to give any of your artifact creatures a +1/+1 counter(Arcbound Ravager), fixes your mana(Glimmervoid and Spire of Industry), all at once.

That's not counting Krark-Clan Ironworks and Mox Opal which are banned in Modern, and everything in Legacy and Vintage that I don't know about because I don't pay attention.

It would be really awesome if we suddenly had 8 or 12 or, if we unbanned the original colored artifact lands, up to 24 total copies of that. Not that you need that many, but still.

And, with the combination of affinity and improvise, as well as some other specific cards, it is not only that but also Black Lotus. Of course, in that deck every thing is Workshop + Lotus + whatever else it was anyways, so the point is sorta moot.... until you realize that you can have a deck where everything, even your win conditions, are Lotus Workshops and the only reason the deck isn't good is because your 10+ t1 power has no evasion, even if it's partially consistent.

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