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zapyourtumor on Slimy Bears On Ice

4 days ago

Blue doesn't feel worth it here, and running 3 cards with Ayula's Influence is a nightmare. I'd cut it.

At least 2 copies of Seismic Assault would fit well here to machinegun creatures and deal damage to your opponent's face.

I'd also up the land count a bit. 30 seems like a good number for a deck like this, and you'll have space if you cut all the blue cards. Explore can replace some Growth Spiral.

Drellino on **Zendikar Update** CAUTION: LANDSLIDES IMMINENT

1 week ago

I tried a similar deck and i think Harrow is a good option, better than Cultivate that is too slow. For late game game i put Omnath, Locus of Rage or i was thinking about Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar; now i'll try Shatterskull Smashing  Flip, could be a good solution for ending a game. Explore is a good card draw for the deck. However nice deck there's a lot of nice tips that i could use for mine.

multimedia on Draconic Rage Precon Upgraded

1 week ago

Hey, you're welcome.

To add the two drop ramp sources (Fellwar and Steve) you could simply cut some lands: Underdark Rift and 1x Forest. Jeska's could replace Wild Endeavor. Greaves could replace Indomitable Might. Utvara could replace Neverwinter Hydra.

Some other cards that could be upgraded on a budget.

Icbrgr on Mono Green Creatures

3 weeks ago

I think id try a few Explore just for some draw/mana acceleration... dig it!

Shaffe_House on This Land is my Land

1 month ago

Part 2

Other Cards that you could consider cutting

  1. Ondu Giant => Seedguide Ash this card is one more mana expsive and has to die inorder to get the lands, but could be such a good upside. This dieing with your commander reads ramp 3 draw 3 cards and gain 3 life
  2. Soratami Mirror-Guard I get what you are doing here, but I feel like there are better payoffs for this
  3. Timbermaw Larva => Rampaging Brontodon trample is 1,000% better on this card
  4. Wakeroot Elemental 5 greens for a 5/5? way overcosted
  5. Wave-Wing Elemental again similar argument to Windrider Eel not that big of an impact
  6. Wild Wanderer good but could have better options
  7. Aetherflux Reservoir I know this is good in commander but why? No synergy at all, there has to be a better card slot here
  8. Elixir of Immortality I used to put this in all of my decks too, but it is counter productive to your stragay with cards like Splendid Reclamation and The Mending of Dominaria
  9. Wayfarer's Bauble There is better ramp than this in green
  10. I see why you have Jiang Yanggu but I feel like there is stronger cards than that. I cut the card to tutor Journey for the Elixir for him sorry :(
  11. There are a bunch of other better than Ranger's Path you could add, I'll show them in the recommendations
  12. Future Sight and Ominous Seas both seem strange here. I get future sight can draw cards, BUT I feel you should use mana sinks rather than off the top of your library draw
  13. Ghostly Flicker is on thin ice, like yes you have all the etb creatures but sometimes it is a dead card. meh at best?

Other Cards that you could consider adding

This is where the fun begins and your wallet cries

  1. You want Nissa, Who Shakes the World great card, it is a mana doubler ramp, and also you just win with the ultimate
  2. I heard you like ramp try Tireless Provisioner and pick up one for me while you are at it please
  3. Here is a gaint list of green ramp Harrow , Growth Spiral , Explore , Khalni Heart Expedition , Roiling Regrowth , Grow from the Ashes , Urban Evolution , Migration Path , Natural Connection , Nissa's Renewal , Nylea's Intervention , Spring / Mind , Animist's Awakening , Omen of the Hunt
  4. Keeping your life total at a high level Kazandu Nectarpot , Grazing Gladehart , Retreat to Kazandu , Jaddi Offshoot
  5. Mana Sinks, you are going to have a lot of mana, might as well do something with it Kamahl's Druidic Vow ummm.... yes? Kefnet the Mindful one of my favorite Gods, that doesn't have a place. I look forward to getting attacked by him Sprout Swarm it is really easy for this card to be "free"
  6. Win Cons Blackblade Reforged yes, all the yes Kamahl’s Will All the lands become creatures lol Crash of Rhino Beetles oh crap a 15/15 oh no Oran-Rief Hydra meh, but it could be good?

  7. Other just good cards Frilled Mystic , Trygon Predator , Plasm Capture Gush , Tragic Lesson , Simic Charm , Rampage of the Clans

That is all I can think of at the moment. I'm sure I'll have more la

Icbrgr on Oathbreaker Landfall

1 month ago

maybe Explore would be worth a slot?

kidsquid on Esix, the Fractal BOOM

2 months ago

golgarigirl WOW, the one with Mystic Reflection is indeed a sneaky one. Using it on my opponent is just nuts. Haha! Thanks again for your help! Just not sure what to remove for this wonderful card.

Also, Growth Spiral and Explore is very Simic in nature I love it. Draw plus land drop? Pure.

golgarigirl on Esix, the Fractal BOOM

2 months ago

I would leave the mana dorks question up to how you feel in your playgroup(s). If you feel like the deck needs to be faster, then they're a good option. I myself leaned into Explore , Farseek , and Growth Spiral for ramp in my deck, but my playgroup tends to be removal-heavy, so mana dorks just die before I can use them.

I also didn't mention Mystic Reflection last time. I think the card can be really sneaky in your deck. Either you can make small fractals or other unimpressive creatures (see: mana dorks) you have into something better, or you can make enemy creatures into fractals (they don't copy +1/+1 counters, so they're 0/0's) as removal.

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