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Asder says... #1

I'm an amateur deck builder and a huge fan I was wondering if you could take a look a deck I just made Two Very Similar Combo Decks I would really appreciate it. thanks, broski. also real quick ç̵̠͎̯̳̩̘̈͗̊ͅā̶̲͕͙̝͍͙͓̽̑̌̊͊̕n̵̛͚̣̤͈̞̭̜͔̓̅͒̂̈͊̐̾͆͛́͜ͅ ̷̨̜̗̪͙̮̦̣̠̼͌͛̉̌͑̽̈̀̽͝i̵̧̧̝̫̳͚͍̭̼̠̞͌̐́̒̀͗͋̇̇̑̈́̒̈́͘͜ ̴̼̟͎̣̦̎̾́͂ͅͅh̴͒͒̅̂͜a̵̧̟͑̓̽̏̀͆̓̎́̎̉͘v̸̪̈́̉̒̊̉̉̓͑͐̋̿̐͌̐ę̴͈̤̗̝̼͉̳̫̜͓̤̲̉͋͌ ̶̛̹͕͍͓͉̩̜͗̋̆͊͌̋͛y̶̻̪̹͚͉̰̋͆̎͑͛͌͑͆̑̕̚ǫ̵̢̬̰̫̩̰͓͎͈̜̉̀̓͑͊̂̾̌̆̌̇̕͝͝͝ủ̵̢̢̦̳̟̥̱̙̙̣̲̓r̴̦͈̭͚̯̼͕̬̘͒́ ̴̡̂ş̷̞͚̯̿̋̅͘͘̕ò̸̻̖̫̼̯͓̰̲̠͍̀͑̈́̑̆͆̊̃͐̽̔̎̓u̵̻̣͖͆̆́͂̍͝

June 14, 2018 8:19 a.m.

livinggeo says... #2

Huge fan of this deck and I am glad you are still working on it. I have been playing this deck in paper since Sam Pardee posted a video of it on channel fireball and have been adding/ cutting cards since. Match ups that this decks finds the most difficult, as you have found out are, removal laden decks such as Jund, Jeski and linner aggro decks that can enter/ grow as large as this deck does e.a Humans (currently at a 33% GWP and 16.5% MWP) and Hollow One (1 match so far). My current list can be seen at

I will be playing your first list you made a video of this Tuesday and Friday in two 5 round tournaments. I think the higher velocity that your version produces might help vs the other linear aggro decks and linear combo decks while simultaneously helping the removal heavy deck match up by taxing the number of threats on the battlefield at on time.

Cards that might be worth considering adding to the 75 which could help the Jund/ Jeski match up are Shapers' Sanctuary, Fecundity, Evolutionary Leap, Heroic Intervention, Scrap Trawler and Animation Module.

Out of these I have test the Fecundity, Evolutionary Leap, and Animation Module. Fecundity was cute with Arcbound Ravager for lots of card draw but at that point I was already winning and when behind it was a lame top deck. But I only had in the deck for a short time and could need a revisit. Note: your opennent get to draw off it too.

Evolutionary Leap was in there at the start but I always sided it out and hated it when every time was in hand or in play, might be better with Aether Vial freeing up mana for it. My version of the deck is so mana hungry for the first five turns that have a green mana to spare and a willing creature is not the easiest thing to ask of the deck.

Shapers' Sanctuary - On paper this should be boss in the Jund/ Jeski match up and any other match up where we expect a lot of targeted hate to be sided in vs us. I'll be adding some to my sideboard and giving a test this week. I am worried that is it is too slow, at first is is card disadvantage then after one removal spell is equal then after that it starts paying off. It also does nothing vs sweepers

Heroic Intervention - seems too cute but this card is also super valuable in a ton more match ups post board in which we expect sweepers. Such as Jund, Scapeshift, U/W Control, Storm, Tron variants, Seath Shadow, Ad Nauseum and more. Holding 2 mana might be tight but casting it at at the right time might just be a blow out.

Animation Module - this card has had a home in my main for a good amount of time, it goes with the synergy with the deck, a bit more with your version of the deck. It makes Arcbound Ravager its own food, makes Walking Ballista ability cost one less ( whoopty doo) and in youR version of the deck it can add poison counters to the opponent and -1/-1 counters to creatures. In grindy matchups it helps fight their removal and forces them to find a sweeper. You have already seen the combo it has with Metallic Mimic. If this card has a con it is the fact that if you have been hit by a board wipe, it does not do anything without a +1/+1 to start the fun again.

Scrap Trawler - may be some cool spice that can be mainboarded to help the grindy matchups, reusable Walking Ballista and Hangarback Walker seem sweet.

Blasting Station - again might be to cute but has great synergy with your version of the deck. It work with Animation Module severos, Hangarback Walker death trigger, triggering modular off of Arcbound Worker and Voltaic Servant end of turn ability.

Lifecrafter's Bestiary - might be in the same realm as Fecundity but scry 1 every turn plus drawing a card on every cast of a creature spell that sound good right? ...Right1?

Throne of Geth - I see that you cut it out completely. Not sure if that is right but not sure if it is wrong. It is great vs targeted removal when we don't have a Arcbound Ravager. I understand why you made that cut to fit the life’s legacy but instant speed sacrifice outlet is so important vs Path of Exile.

Life's Legacy - I never thought of this card when building and testing, seems to cute with little plus side. I watched your games and you only casted it once but that one time is looked like it won you the game where if it was a Throne of Geth it would have taken at least one additional turn, if you were still alive after a prime time attack. In many of you match you sided it out so it didn't get a lot of game time. Though it won you that game I’m still not sold.

My current sideboard philosophy with this version of the deck has been have multiple copies of card that hose specific archetypes and us my 3 copy of Ancient Stirrings to dig for them. There are a number of Human decks at my local meta so i want to test out the Torpor Orb and I wish it has gone better than it has. This may be due to variance but it has not really slowed down the deck enough or it may be a result that post board they get to resolve their Kataki, War's Wage and i don't have a Gut Shot/ Walking Ballista in play.

Once I cut the Ancient Stirrings I will have a more diverse sideboard. This biggest question that I have been asking myself is is I should be using Tormod's Crypt over Grafdigger's Cage. The idea s to help turn on Mox Opal turn one for a faster plays vs fast graveyard decks

Other considerations which I have given thought bt haven not looked into is doing into more then once color. I see that you have gone into white but are we sure that is the best splash? Other people have gone into black for the Winding Constrictor and sweet black sideboard tech, if i was to splash black I would gravitate towards Dark Confidant.

Other youtube videos of the deck that I have found areL Sam Pardee Really good game vs Hollow one- Ross Meriam

Jarvis Yu First 2:30 hours is him playing the deck. If you watch is you should watch at 2 time speed

Zyrnak-very good online affinity player

TCG- Corban Hosler

There are others but as a youtube I am sure you have seen these already

May 28, 2018 1:37 p.m.

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Let me know what you guys think of the deck!!

June 9, 2018 7:46 a.m.



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