Selfless Squire


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 (C16) Rare

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Selfless Squire

Creature — Human Soldier


When Selfless Squire enters the battlefield, prevent all damage that would be dealt to you this turn.

Whenever damage that would be dealt to you is prevented, put that many +1/+1 counters on Selfless Squire.

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Selfless Squire Discussion

lilgiantrobot on Avacyn, Guardian Angel - The Fog of War

3 months ago

RubyOrzhov - The deck didn't start out to expensive, but its been one I play and tweak the most over the past couple of years. Looking at it now yikes, lol. Snow-Covered Plains are important for Sunstone, but you can ditch Scrying Sheets if you're trying to knock down the budget. Kor Haven can slot in for the Maze of Ith for a couple of bucks cheaper, and it taps for mana (or more straight up removal like Condemn works too!). Glacial Chasm is a new edition, but before then it was just a plains and I was still running a Selfless Squire as another fog. Serra's Sanctum is completely non-essential. I'm not even running enough enchantments to get as much value from it as I'd like.

Land Tax and Tithe can be Gift of Estates and Oreskos Explorer. Temporary Truce is from Portal so it costs a few bucks because of that, but for much less you can run Truce, which is the instant version of it. Or just slot back in the Mentor of the Meek I took out. Angel of Finality can be Stonecloaker. In the general theme, you can run Mobilization and Knight-Captain of Eos for a nice repeatable fog as well. This works well if you've got out a way to protect the Captain.

Academy Rector and Crucible of Worlds are the two expensive cards I put the closest to be needed, but you can work around that too. Just the way EDH works there's still cards I've NEVER drawn in the deck, so I can't say any one is completely needed unless its the actual wincon. Plea for Guidance is your budget Idyllic Tutor or Rector. And White has enough ways to find land (including Eternal Dragon) that CoW is just something nice to have if you can run it.

Thanks for the comment, I hadn't really taken the time to think about a more budget friendly version of this lately!

KidBukid on Iroas Aggro Tokens

3 months ago

Honestly, the more I leaned into the tokens aspect, the more reliable it got. I don't need to keep playing creatures to keep the pressure on the board, which makes me less vulnerable to wraths.

Repeating token generators in Hanweir Garrison and Goblin Rabblemaster are all stars, and having them with any of the anthems out are amazing.

And thanks for the suggestions, DespairFaction. I've thought about Gisela, Blade of Goldnight but i find the cmc too expensive for such a vulnerable creature. Selfless Squire, I'm not a fan of, since it's basically just an expensive fog that turns into a vanilla beater.

What got me thinking is Comeuppance. It can be a pseudo-wrath if timed right and it can be fetched by Sunforger!. This is great because I actually am thinking of cutting Flamerush Rider. The dream was repeatedly copying an ETB token generator but that hasn't happened so it's been stuck in my hand for a few games doing nothing.

I'll try a couple of games with it and see what happens. Thanks again!

DespairFaction on Iroas Aggro Tokens

3 months ago

How was this list performed? What problems does it have? If possible, I would add Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, Crescendo of War could also be interesting. I am also a fan of Selfless Squire and Comeuppance. Otherwise your choices look solid.

Muglacious_NiceFaceToad on Slow Deck... Any help?

4 months ago


Boros is always difficult for card draw and ramp. I'm going to list all the ones I have been playing with some of the budget ones are really great and some of the expensive ones really are worth the cost.

Here are some of the things I have been playing with and found useful for my Angel Tribal (work in progress) deck.

Ramp; Knight of the White Orchid, Burnished Hart, Wild-Field Scarecrow, Solemn Simulacrum, Pilgrim's Eye, Myriad Landscape, Pearl Medallion, Sword of the Animist, Khalni Gem, Armillary Sphere, Land Tax, Gift of Estates, Tithe, Oath of Lieges, Sword of Feast and Famine and Crucible of Worlds(which will allow you to hit all your land drops if you have fetch lands)

Mana rocks that can be used as ramp to get your fatties out early;Sol Ring, Worn Powerstone, Gilded Lotus, Hedron Archive, Boros Signet, Coalition Relic, Thran Dynamo, Coldsteel Heart, Chrome Mox, Chromatic Lantern, Commander's Sphere, Cultivator's Caravan, Manalith, Star Compass, Doubling Cube

Card Draw;Mind's Eye, Sword of Fire and Ice, Staff of Nin, Rogue's Gloves, Sin Prodder(Absolutely try this guy), Tamiyo's Journal, Slate of Ancestry, Loreseeker's Stone.

Creatures;Sunblast Angel kills all your opponents creatures and is a nice flyer, Pristine Angel Can only be dealt damage by non-artifact colorless creatures aka eldrazi while untapped. If you give her vigilance she can't be blocked either. Color protection is Really really good. Mother of Runes you can use her color protection to counter removal spells on your creatures one per turn. Eight-and-a-Half-Tails more protection!, Blinding Angel if they can't attack you..., Angelic Skirmisher super effective for all your creatures to choose Each combat lifelink, vigilance, first strike. Giving all your creatures lifelink is definitely something. Iroas, God of Victory he's low mana cost & exceptional, Oketra the True, Steel Hellkite super utility removal. Duplicant Also exceptional removal of even indestructible things, which it seems you like with your current removal. Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs great with gisela, I see you like stuffy doll and boros reckoner how aboutCoalhauler Swine, Mogg Maniac, and Spitemare. They work Really well with damage doublers. When they pull out all the stops and attack you fora lethal 20+ damage, Selfless Squire and you get a 21+/21+ creature to attack past their tapped creatures on your turn.

If you like Deflecting Palm I'd like to recommend Ride Down, & Boros Fury-Shield. Pyrohemia is incredible with Gisela, as long as she is out and you only activate one at a time all damage is prevented to you and doubled to your opponents and their creatures. For stuffy doll and reckoner definitely enchant them with Pariah so when ever you are attacked that damage goes to your opponents instead!

Anyway sorry for the novel. I'm sure I gave you too much but hey it's better than too little eh?

Suns_Champion on Bad Luck Brion

4 months ago

TheHamster Welcome back haha! Thanks for those suggestions! Selfless Squire I considered, but I never felt the need for him. I normally die after multiple strikes from my friend's commanders haha. Balefire Liege is great but somewhat over budget, so I didn't pick it up. Which I could for all my boros decks haha

brokendwarf thanks for the comment! I have Illusionist's Bracers and Thornbite Staff, both of which float in and out of the 99 and sideboard. Problem is they're aren't repeatable as I'd like, so spending 8 mana then trying to spend more to sac creatures is hard. but if Thornbite Staff was attached to Bloodshot Cyclops...

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

4 months ago

As an additional comment on the deck, Acidic Soil and Price of Progress are amazingly powerful cards! I frequently do a combined 40+ damage with them, usually taking out at least one opponent, and I can almost always make the damage asymmetric, even though I have only nonbasic lands. Solitary Confinement, Delaying Shield, Gideon of the Trials, and Selfless Squire all can prevent the damage, and Sun Droplet can regain that lost life over a few rounds. Damage per CMC, these cards smash serious face, and are probably the most powerful offense in the deck. Think about that, Price of Progress has a CMC of 2, is instant speed, is searchable by both Sunforger and Shred Memory, and it commonly does 40+ damage! That. Is. Insane.

TheHamster on Bad Luck Brion

4 months ago

Back with more under $5 suggestions for you Karmic Guide for some more recursion. Brion like recursion. Yosei, the Morning Star 5 damage + essentially makes an opponent skip their next turn. Selfless Squire Suprise fogs into a big dude you can throw the damage they were going to deal to you back at them. This one is TECHNICALLY over $5 but i kinda deem as an essential. Balefire Liege pumps all your dudes for more throwing power, turns Brion and all your other multi-colored spells into a Lightning Helix in addition to whatever they were. and just adds all around value, so if you were to ever break the $5 rule. high recommend for that. And I know I already convinced you but another cool thing about Sundial of the Infinite is that with it and you're Ball Lightning type creatures, say something went wrong and you dont have a way to sack it with Brion. you can use sundial to keep them around by ending the turn with the sac it at the end of turn effect on the stack. also it goes infinite with Isochron Scepter + Final Fortune for infinite turns in mono red.

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