Animation Module


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Animation Module


Whenever one or more +1/+1 counters are placed on a permanent you control, you may pay 1. If you do, create a 1/1 colorless Servo artifact creature token.

3, T: Choose a counter on target permanent or player. Give that permanent or player another counter of that kind.

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Animation Module Discussion

torimino on Exploration Vegetation

2 weeks ago

Nice! I also toyed with a G/B version of this deck. How does the Deadeye Tracker play? It's great that he's a mainboard answer to The Scarab God, God-Pharoah's Gift, and Torrential Gearhulk. I ultimately focused my deck heavily on dig cards to assemble the Path of Discovery+Animation Module combo.

I would also consider Kitesail Freebooter, probably as a board card. A coincidental flying body is nice to pump with Path of Discovery and Rishkar, Peema Renegade. Then again, maybe the Duress makes more sense.

Also, since you're so creature heavy, consider Lifecrafter's Bestiary as a 1x.

+1. See my latest Simic version here

clayperce on Any cards with similar triggers ...

2 weeks ago

Warstorm Surge, maybe?

Seems like there might be some SUPER-janky possibilities with Module-Tron too (Animation Module, Decoction Module, and Fabrication Module)

Toxic5pikes on You belong to me now

3 weeks ago

The color white doesn't seem to fit here except for Anointed Procession which only works with Animation Module and Golden Guardian  Flip. I don't think it's worth it to include that color which could slow down your mana base. You could replace Cast Out with more Vraska's Contempt. Maybe consider using some early death touch creatures like Gifted Aetherborn or Aether Poisoner to instantly kill Golden Guardian  Flip when they fight? Maybe Scrapheap Scrounger since it can be recycled for yourself sacrifice cards like Costly Plunder? As for sideboard against a creatureless decks, something like Duress or Dreamstealer would be very strong since you can pull/discard their win conditions from there hand.

torimino on

1 month ago

Huh. Samut, Voice of Dissent plus Rishkar, Peema Renegade allows you to do a truly infinite combo with Animation Module and Path of Discovery.

Coward_Token on Superstition, Fear, & Jealousy | Sidisi EDH

1 month ago

Yeah, the Bow wasn't meant as a suggestion, just an example of a swizz-army knife kind of card (my Meren deck is dabbling in +1/+1 counters with e.g. Animation Module, so that on top of both graveyard hate resiliency and flying hate plus conditional deathtouch is why I'm considering it). Like you, I don't see much use for it in this deck.

Yep, making Bitterblossom work would probably require including e.g. Blood Artist and that's a whole lot of extra effort that's unlikely to entirely address the original flying problem.

When it comes to rotating out removal I'm not very confident giving advice here (partially because it depends on the meta). Still, I like the artifact hate subtheme that's going on here; if I'd rotate out any mass removal I'd sooner name In Garruk's Wake because of its steep CMC, your deck's decent ability to remove creatures without it and Cyclonic Rift already filling a similar niche when it comes to leaving you alone on the board

Yeah, not too surprised those weren't very helpful, just threw them out there hoping something would stick

Bone Shredder is interesting, I'm going to have to consider it myself since it's easier for Meren to reanimate due to the lower CMC in addition to it having flying, Echo or no Echo

Really glad to hear you're getting mileage out of Path! I think that its versatility (Jeez, land thinning or graveyard filling and +1/+1 counters with no extra cost?), reasonable CMC and potential to trigger often makes it a killer addition to most decks that uses the graveyard

ThallionDarkshine on We're Gonna Need a LOT of Dice

1 month ago

So... It kind of doesn't really do anything without Ezuri on the table, though honestly I've never really tried. I just keep on casting it as its mana cost goes through the roof. I threw in Forgotten Ancient to serve as a backup Ezuri, but I'm not sure that's enough. The way I like to play, I generate a bunch of experience counters, and then spend my turns holding up mana to protect my board as it grows out of control. One of the cards I really like to help keep Ezuri's cost manageable and maintain a board state is Temur Sabertooth. It lets me stick a threat through many board wipes, and lets me return Ezuri to my hand to prevent his cost from snowballing out of control. Not to mention all the other powerful things it can do like bouncing Mystic Snake or Eternal Witness.

I'm trying to stick to cards $5 or less, so unfortunately Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and Walking Ballista are a little out of range. I really want to get a Walking Ballista at some point for this deck though, since it lets me build an incredibly strong Trinket Mage package with Animation Module, Sol Ring, Walking Ballista, and maybe even a Hangarback Walker.

I really like Curse of the Swine, and had it in a previous form of the deck that was much more controlling. I think it definitely belongs in this iteration of the deck, but I'm very unsure of what cuts to make. I have so many pet cards in the deck that there's not all that much room for generally strong cards after I fill in all the necessities. River's Rebuke seems like an interesting card, but I kind of dislike the idea of tapping out to bounce only one player's stuff at sorcery speed. I suppose it is a pretty great way to push through damage, so I'll consider it in the future. Reins of Power is another card I really like the idea of, since it gives me a win condition that doesn't require me to ever generate a board state of my own. Not to mention all the ridiculous things that it can enable.

Thanks so much for the suggestions!

JuQ on 4 Color Counters

1 month ago

I don't know if you should include a sacrifice theme, I just know that paying 1G sorcery and sacrificing a power 4 creature to draw four cards is already great, the bigger the creature the better. And that Momentous Fall and Greater Good allow for sacrife at instant speed and you can sac creatures that are already going to die due to some removal or board wipe. Sacrifice outlets are good anyway in any deck, I think most of my decks have High Market.

Once you have Master Biomancer in a deck, the natural flow of synergy takes you to token strategies. Master Biomancer, then Bloodspore Thrinax, then Cathars' Crusade then huge tokens that when die put counters on other creatures. You already have Ashnod's Altar which is also kinda leads to tokens mechanics. I don't mean you should change the theme of the deck to tokens, just that some token cards can synergize explosively.
Master Biomancer or any other card that puts counters on creatures entering battlefield + Animation Module means you can make as many tokens with counters as you want for 1 mana each. If you add your Ashnod's Altar to the mix, you get limitless colorless mana.

In my experience, Path of Discovery performs amazingly, but of course the more creatures you have entering the battlefield, the better. This Meren of Clan Nel Toth deck is quite refined and well made and it's whole strategy revolves around Path of Discovery: Meren's Path of Diescovery. The best part of the card is you can choose if you want to leave the nonland card on the top of the library, so if you are having several creatures entering the battlefield and you want counters on them, you can just keep showing the same card for all of them.

By the way, I remembered later these cards than can also be good in the deck Managorger Hydra, Scourge of Skola Vale and Juniper Order Ranger. If you had the Atraxa deck before making this one you may have a Kalonian Hydra hanging around.

JuQ on 4 Color Counters

1 month ago

Journey to Eternity  Flip would work great as you need your creatures to die to trigger the commander. Also some sac outlets and more card draw Greater Good, Momentous Fall, Life's Legacy. The take part of Give / Take can also be a powerful drawing utility in this deck. Don't waste your card slots with black card draw when you have blue and green that can do it better.
Bloodspore Thrinax for a second Master Biomancer.
Path of Discovery and Cathars' Crusade also great counters producers.
Animation Module and Mycoloth for extra synergy with the counters.
Hadana's Climb  Flip, Ordeal of Nylea and Ordeal of Thassa can also work great on this kind of decks, you get a counter and reap the profits right away.

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