Animation Module


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Animation Module


Whenever one or more +1/+1 counters are placed on a permanent you control, you may pay 1. If you do, create a 1/1 colorless Servo artifact creature token.

3, T: Choose a counter on target permanent or player. Give that permanent or player another counter of that kind.

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Animation Module Discussion

hungry000 on Magistrate's Sceptor

1 week ago

I can tell you play more standard than modern or just started playing recently from your card choices; if you're building the deck around Magistrate's Scepter, it'll be a lot better to focus on that part of the plan rather than make a hybrid +1/+1 counter stompy deck that also kind of works with the Scepter like what you have now. I suggest you drop all the Glint-Sleeve Siphoners, Jadelight Rangers, Merfolk Branchwalkers, Rishkars, Adventurous Impulses, Diabolic Tutor, Mastermind's Acquisition, Sorcerer's Wand, and Animation Modules, as they aren't necessary for the main plan (the Animation Modules are okay but they're not great).

Instead, it would be much faster and more consistent if you played some cards that can add charge counters to artifacts, such as Coretapper and Surge Node. They work well with Voltaic Servant, and you could also play some proliferate cards like Throne of Geth (which also works well with Voltaic Servant). Tezzeret's Gambit can proliferate and help find gas, and Ancient Stirrings fits perfectly in this deck since it can find Coretappers and Magistrate's Scepter. I think a more artifact-based deck is the way to go with this deck, the core of it would look something like this:

4 Magistrate's Scepter 4 Coretapper 4 Surge Node 3-4 Voltaic Servant 3-4 Voltaic Key

4 Ancient Stirrings 3 Tezzeret's Gambit

20ish lands (I don't really think you need Aether Hub but you could play it)

The rest of the deck you should fill out with combo protection, like 1-mana discard spells, maybe a couple Spellskite, etc. You could also consider going into Sultai or UG for the counterspells.

moldycrow83 on Rose of a Thousand Thorns (Elenda - EDH)

1 week ago

Hey EsperPanorama, thanks for the suggestions!

I'm starting to realize just how right you are. The deck does need a bit more to it for the late game. I run a Sadistic Hypnotist in my Teysa deck and it turns out I have another to spare!

I pulled Animation Module, Ghostly Prison, Chromatic Lantern, Reliquary Tower, and Darksteel Plate. I replaced them with Unburial Rites, Sadistic Hypnotist, Immortal Servitude, and Orzhov Cluestone. I don't have Reanimate, but I may drop Raise Dead for Whisper, Blood Liturgist

Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder is a great card that can pull his own quite well and I may have to find a slot for him.

EsperPanorama on Rose of a Thousand Thorns (Elenda - EDH)

1 week ago

Hey moldycrow83 here are some other suggestions. They have a high cmc but I think you really need to have some cards to carry you through the end game if you run out of gas with creature spells.

  • Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder can be especially good if you have a sac outlet and can sacrifice thrulls in response to the trigger
  • I first thought about including Shirei, Shizo's Caretaker but you do not run that many one power creatures. Maybe Athreos, God of Passage or Mikaeus, the Unhallowed serve you better. If you stick to non-token creatures you might want to reuse them.
  • Coat of Arms is another piece that buffs your vampires in addition to Cathars' Crusade
  • A personal favorite of mine is Sadistic Hypnotist. It's a total beast in destroying control players if you have enough creatures for sacrificing. Another addition to deliver a punch in the late game.
  • Depending on your need to swing with all your tokens for the win it might be good to make them virtually unblockable. I utilize Cover of Darkness in my Edgar Markov deck for this.
  • Whisper, Blood Liturgist can get you Elenda out of the graveyard which is paramount for your strategy.

Here are some potential cuts in your current list you might want to consider:

  • Animation Module You do not have a strong counter theme in the deck. The synergy with Cathars' Crusade are excellent but you need to have both in play which might not happen consistently enough.
  • Ghostly Prison You should have a lot of small creatures to throw in front of incoming attacks to not need the aditional protection of it.
  • I am not a big fan of Darksteel Plate for five mana it is quite expensive. Maybe you are better of using this card slot to add in another reanimator spell to make your reanimation more consistent in case Elenda dies.

hkhssweiss on The River Merfolk

2 weeks ago


Cards I would recommend cutting out: Darting Merfolk, Windrider Patrol, Animation Module, Inspiring Roar, Noble Purpose, Kindred Boon, Gleam of Authority, Celestial Mantle, Brave the Sands, Leonin Sun Standard, Throne of Geth, Beacon of Immortality, Scale Blessing, Harpoon Sniper, Reef Shaman, Silvergill Douser.

All the cards I mentioned above doesn't work with the build your going for, dilutes your deck, or is too slow on the curve for it to matter.

Hope that helps!

Ch0ppah on The River Merfolk

2 weeks ago

I saw this deck on a deck ad and decided to try to help out, mainly because I also enjoy playing Merfolk decks and I have one GU merfolk deck using Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca that's pretty fun to play. If you want the link, it's Alexander's Terrible Horrible No Good Merfolk Deck. If you like Merfolk, Kumena is an excellent commander to try out. I personally would get rid of Pyramid of the Pantheon because for your deck it's too slow. Most of your drops are already pretty cheap, and having to wait three turns (at minimum) to get the card's full power doesn't sound too great.

I would also get rid of Leonin Sun Standard, while the buff is a good mana dump and synergizes with any unblockable effects you can slap onto your merfolk, since the buff doesn't count as a +1/+1 counter buff and isn't proliferate-able, I wouldn't run it.

Windrider Patrol is too expensive for your deck. The scry is nice, but if thsi is a UW Aggro deck, it's probably best to stick to smaller, more easily swarmable creatures.

Animation Module is too slow too. 3 mana for a semi-prolif on only one permanent as opposed to something that can proliferate on everything.

Brave the Sands doesn't really make too much sense to me in this deck. The vigilance effect and being able to block multiple things doesn't really help either since if your creatures are big enough and able to block you probably won't get swung at anyway. If anything, run Intruder Alarm instead (it's so much fun trust me).

Noble Purpose can also be taken out. The lifegain from unblockable creatures is nice, but at 5 mana I wouldn't run it.

In my opinion, Kopala, Warden of Waves sounds good in theory, but against a swarm strategy like this deck is, you can bet people will probably save their single target removal for either other players or just use non-target board wipes on you.

Sea Scryer is a merfolk, but in a (mana-wise) cheap deck like this I don't think he'll be too useful. If he's in your opening hand or shows up in the first 3 turns or so he can be useful, but if you don't draw him before then he's kind of a dead draw.

Heartstone doesn't synergize enough with your deck. There's not enough activated ability creatures in your deck to warrant running it in my opinion. There's probably more you can do to get rid of things, but I think those are good suggestions to start with. Try to assess your big cards and see if they're really worth their mana cost.

Commanda_Panda on No Opal Scales

2 weeks ago

You have pointed out Mimic's strengths, but not it's weaknesses.

  • Mimic doesn't mimic Snek's ability to supercharge Arcy B like Scales does.
  • It is a terrible top deck. Snek is a good top deck if you have any amount of board presence. This is relevant in my build as it is designed to grind out to a longer game. I've often Traverse tutored for a lategame Snek to close the game. Mimic is best when seen in your opening 7, but I'm not even sold on the first 1, let alone a playset to increase those odds.
  • Mimic isn't a must-answer threat like Snek. I am content when Snek eats a removal spell because now my follow-up threat didn't.
  • Mimic is amazing with nut draws! I can imagine the dream hand with T1 Scales, T2 Mimic + a combination of Walkers & Ballistas. You are probably winning those games anyways, which labels Mimic as a trap card in my book with a high ceiling, and low floor.

I do find it is interesting that Metallic Mimic + Animation Module + Krark-Clan Ironworks creates infinite 2/2's.

I definitely am going to start trying to squeeze Jar & Throne back into the 75.

Commanda_Panda on No Opal Scales

2 weeks ago

Thanks for the suggestions!

Your argument against Snek is that if he dies to removal (ironically not Doom Blade), then it is GG. But then you state that T2 is when you must play Overseer or Walker. However, when either of those alternatives die to removal, then it feels WAY worse (Overseer is more valuable to the deck & walker only gets 1 thop-thop). I have become fond of Snek because dropping it on T2 becomes a must answer threat that also alleviates my more powerful artifact creatures by becoming a magnet.

I did test 2 Voltaic Servant in the Mono Green version (Animation Module slot). It was great when paired with the 2 creatures that you mentioned, but underwhelming in all other cases. Also, idk how they were applying pressure the turn they were dropped? I also tried Metallic Mimic, which was better, but I can't get over the fact that Arcy B isn't a Construct. Mimic does deserve more testing.

I dropped the sidekick artifacts due to my midrange playstyle preference. There is definitely merit to keeping them in the main, then boarding into removal. However, that would eliminate the Traverse package, which I have fallen in love with. Maybe boarding them in could work, that way you know when you need them?

BMHKain on Sliver Queen, Spark Harvesting Hive Mind

2 weeks ago

@DrkNinja: Maybe you can help with this? I'm looking for a card to compliment Jace, Unraveler of Secrets's Emblem. I want to lockdown my opponents; & not be a Rule of Law-type card if possible. Also, I'm keeping Narset Transcendent as it locks down so many things; maybe her Ult. can be used w/ Jace's? Also, I want to know if Animation Module is worth keeping instead of Contagion Engine. It's a One Drop, & is similar to even Contagion Clasp; & can potentially create Tokens. Also, do I need aforementioned Jace at all? or should I keep Narset w/ Mirari's Wake & Night of Souls' Betrayal? Should I cut both of those? Elspeth does have an Emblem for my Creature (Tokens) to back it up, so should I cut at least Mirari's Wake because of this? What 5 cards would you cut? Should I keep Narset Transcendent for Creature Lock? or Jace, Unraveler of Secrets in case you suggest something that can help him? What other cards would you cut & why? & no, Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast is a lot better than you'd think; he compliments well w/ Rings of Brighthearth, & Contagion Engine/Animation Module, creates Tokens that can attack w. Humility in play, sac it to blow up a Creature or Artifact, but what about Tawnos, Urza's Apprentice? Is he worth cutting, or Daretti? I'd like some thoughts if you wish, sir. Thanks again in advance! :)

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