Harbinger of the Tides


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare
Magic Origins (ORI) Rare

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Harbinger of the Tides

Creature — Merfolk Wizard

You may cast Harbinger of the Tides as though it had flash if you pay more to cast it. (You may cast it at any time you could cast an instant.)

When Harbinger of the Tides enters the battlefield, you may return target tapped creature an opponent controls to its owner's hand.

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Harbinger of the Tides Discussion

rothgar13 on Potential from Dominaria?

4 days ago

Creatures with ETB effects, vigilance, and simply hanging back to block are things Harbinger doesn't deal with very well. Trickster, on the other hand, can deal with pretty much any creature that's in the way of your attackers very efficiently, to say nothing of its defensive applications. If you can't see how tapping a creature down AND removing its abilities is better than a bounce effect that requires the target be tapped (not even going to touch on how the flash doesn't cost extra, but that's obviously a huge deal), I don't know what else to tell you. It really should be obvious.

As for incorporation, it's pretty easy to be honest. You take a playset of all of the Merfolk you want (Cursecatcher, Harbinger of the Tides, Lord of Atlantis, Master of the Pearl Trident, Master of Waves, Merfolk Trickster, Merrow Reejerey, Silvergill Adept), add Aether Vial and Spreading Seas, and that's the deck. Just add lands.

PhotogenicParasympathetic on Potential from Dominaria?

5 days ago

rothgar13: Merfolk trickster seems fine, but this is a deck that's VERY crowded at the two-drop slot. What are you cutting for your "windmill-slam 4-of" trickster? How does that increase your efficiency? You either remove one the two-drop lords, or further crowd the 2-drop slot by removing the already very few one-drops.

It's a sideboard card, sure, but Harbinger of the Tides gets the same effect with the added tempo play of actually bouncing a thing.

abby315 on Potential from Dominaria?

5 days ago

rothgar13: You think Trickster is good in modern merfolk? I just started playing the deck (G/U version) and I am on the fence about it. Seems like a great sideboard card against creature combo decks like Counters Company, but I don't know what other abilities we really need to turn off on crucial turns.

I can see it being useful against E-Tron or other big mana decks perhaps -- maybe Ponza -- to push through damage or to bounce creatures with Harbinger of the Tides. But the 12-lord build I run Ill Gills doesn't have as much room for interaction in order to have t4 lethal as consistently as possible. I'm interested in which matchups you really want it for!

I'm pretty excited for Damping Sphere for legacy. :)

FastnFurious123 on What's Under Jalira's Hat?

6 days ago

I wouldn't want to run Riverwise Augur or Harbinger of the Tides in this deck since I wouldn't want to bump into them while I'm having fun polymorphing. Secondly, you don't have enough creature makers to polymorph. Cards like Throne of Empires, Vedalken Shackles, Myr Turbine, Roil Elemental, and Flayer Husk would do the job. Just in case if your commander and Proteus Staff gets removed or controlled, you would probably have to have extra polymorph cards like polymorph, Mass Polymorph, Synthetic Destiny, and Blessed Reincarnation. Lastly, you might need extra activations of your commander's ability to summon giants and monsters even faster. This means cards like Stifle and Illusionist's Bracers.

Bulldawg1310 on Hope You Dont Get Sea Sick

1 month ago

rothgar13 what would you add in the absence of Cavern of Souls if i can save some money im down for that... should i go with 4 Harbinger of the Tides and drop waters and 2 COS? Do you have another suggestion?

VeggiesaurusRex on Hope You Dont Get Sea Sick

1 month ago

Hi, Bulldawg1310!

I'm a bit confused by your decklist. Where are your 3-4 copies of Harbinger of the Tides? Why are you running two Kira and two Kopala? Why are you running Aether Vial and Deeproot Waters together in the main even though they don't work together? Have you tested this list or is it something you just kinda dreamed up?

If you're looking for a great base to build a merfolk deck around, I can't help but recommend rothgar13's deck, In Waves. It's a great deck by a great dude.

shaftdiggity on Wizards Azorius Tribal

1 month ago

Would you rather go with merfolk or faeries? Merfolk can go wider and bigger and may be better for flexibility being decent at 1v1 and strong in multiplayer. faeries are the better 1v1 option. Both are kinda ditching your current wizard frame-work. In either event, adding 4 x Cyclonic Rift is a must for multi=player.

This is a fairly straight-forward aggro approach with some counter for tempo and value. In multi-player, counters are card disadvantage, so only counter stuff that really adversely affects you. You may want to add a couple lands and tweak to your playgroup.

4x Lord of Atlantis4x Master of the Pearl Trident4x Merfolk Sovereign4x Merrow Reejerey4x Dissolve4x Mana Leak4x Lullmage Mentor4x Cyclonic Rift4x Rune Snag4x Remand20x Island


Harbinger of the TidesTalrand, Sky SummonerCursecatcherBoomerangUnsummon

shaftdiggity on Wizards Azorius Tribal

1 month ago

What are you trying to accomplish with this deck? Is this for a casual fun group of friends? Are you trying to be more competitive? How married are you to the wizard concept? Azami and Archon need to go, Docent and voidmage as well. Bar the Door, decommission, reprisal all should be cut, with other options for sideboard in their stead . Mono blue with either merfolk or faeries could work better with faeries, focus on flash and Spellstutter Sprite as you could either hold up mana for a flash creature to play on their turn, or a counterspell. Vapor Snag is a must. Boomerang and Unsummon are options. You can boomerang their land to put them behind. With merfolk, Harbinger of the Tides, all the lords, and Cursecatcher Lullmage Mentor and Talrand, Sky Summoner would be great. With either option, adding more counterspells are a must.

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