Death's Approach

Death's Approach

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creatureEnchanted creature gets -X/-X, where X is the number of creature cards in its controller's graveyard.

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Death's Approach Discussion

LeClown on Dimir Mill

1 month ago

Death's Approach would work well against decks like zoo and melira pod. However, against tron, splintertwin, storm, blue moon etc. it's very well a dead card.

Nightstlkr on Dimir Mill

1 month ago

someone forgot Archive Trap .. Nephalia Drownyard can also be placed in here but you are somewhat mana intesnive so not sure how many would work. also Death's Approach is more of a sideboard card since it can be a dead card in many matchups

MTG.addict on Dimir Mill

1 month ago

The higher costing creatures are in the deck in case the game goes longer than I hope, i.e when I come across Elixir of Immortality . As for Death's Approach , it works against creatures with indestructible whereas Go for the Throat does not. I haven't run into any decks with few creatures, but I thank you for the suggestions all the same

MrBrightsideX11 on Standard Mill

1 month ago

I'd take out your Codex Shredder s and put in an extra Consuming Aberration and Traumatize . Trust me, I used to run mill in this standard environment, and those things are bonkers. I'd also put in some other removal besides Grisly Spectacle ; stuff like Hero's Downfall and Doom Blade . Death's Approach might be sideboard playable.

magicmonstr on Vampiric Immortality

1 month ago

Thank you for the feedback. For what it is right now i looked at all vampire or vampire related cards I had and my collection and threw this together. Thus the bad variety. What I plan on doing is replacing Shadow Alley Denizen and Blood Bairn and Bloodcrazed Neonate for another Stromkirk Captain and 2 Captivating Vampire . Then replacing Falkenrath Noble and Vampire Outcasts with 2 Bloodline Keeper  Flip . Once I get the money to do so. I will also pick up 4 Dragonskull Summit for mana fixing. Much better than gates. Death's Approach does need to go, I just need a replacement. Terminate or Dreadbore ? Absorb Vis was mostly used for landcycling, but is hilarious to kill people with. It can go. Crypt Incursion is for lifegain, it helps a lot in certain games as even exiling two creatures is 6 life. They can be my own and it has saved me at instant speed surprising opponents and giving me an edge or an extra turn to finish the game. March of the Returned is sometimes useful, othertimes not. Thank you so much for the help and feedback.

NorthernRaven on Waste No Whispering Squids!

1 month ago

Demigoron, but, then I will not have any creature destroy! :O

I actually thinks that 4 Dictate of Kruphix is too much! I only need 3 Thoughtseize .... Or else I will loose too much life! :P

So -1 Thoughtseize , -1 Dictate of Kruphix and -1 Death's Approach ?

Demigoron on Waste No Whispering Squids!

1 month ago

I'd take out Death's Approach because it's cycling anyway, but if you want to keep it take out a Duress and a Dictate of Kruphix or two.

NorthernRaven on You've killed the mother but not her spawns 2.0

1 month ago

Okay! I finally got time to make some suggestions! :D

Waste No Whispering Squids! is almost the same deck. I just have:

Death's Approach , Ordeal of Erebos , Duress and 2 more Whispering Madness and Dictate of Kruphix . While you have Brain Maggot , Master of the Feast , Aqueous Form , Liliana Vess and Ultimate Price .

Oh, and I have 1 more Thoughtseize than you have ;D

So.... Where to start.....

I don't understand why you have Brain Maggot . It is good, but it exiles rather than discard. Then it dosn't work with Waste Not . What is your thoughts behind that card?

Ordeal of Erebos is pretty awesome with Chasm Skulker . It's like "Play it, attack, discard". Because it has so many counters on it! :D

Duress was more like a filler card....

I like that you have Master of the Feast , Aqueous Form and Liliana Vess . Master is good. It is really good with Fate Unraveler :D. And you get a 5/5 body!!!

Aqueous Form is sooooo awesome with Chasm Skulker . But, what will happen if you have it, without a Chasm Skulker ? Then it's almost a dead card?

Liliana Vess might be a little to expensive.....? What is your thoughts on her?

Ultimate Price vs Death's Approach .... Which one is better? Maybe even Doom Blade ....?

I actually thinks, that having 3 Thoughtseize is good enough :D

But.... I would really want more Whispering Madness . That card is a BEAST in this deck! When the opponent have like 6 cards in his/her hand (because of Master of the Feast , Dictate of Kruphix etc) it can really be soooo good! :D Thoughts on that card?

Only 2 Dictate of Kruphix ? Hm.... Why? Why not 4?

Yea.... That was all! :D Price

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Color(s) Black
Cost B
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 8.30
Avg. cube pick 3.45


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Gatecrash Common

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