Death's Approach

Death's Approach

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creatureEnchanted creature gets -X/-X, where X is the number of creature cards in its controller's graveyard.

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Death's Approach Discussion

Peisistratos on

1 day ago

This deck is designed in order to make mill strategy competitive in Modern.In order to do so, it maximizes the chances to make a big play as early as turn 3: Visions of Beyond to draw 3, Darkness + other spell(s), or Crypt Incursion.


On sideaboard:

Sadly, I couldn't find room in the 75 for these cards:

Cards and combinations I found bad:

  • Jace's Phantasm or Wight of Precinct Six: creatures either to block or to attack are not the way to go: decks can either go wide with creatures or cast a removal after having cast their relevant spells (no tempo loss: opportunity cost to cast removal at that point is negligible or null).

  • Ensnaring Bridge: it suffers incidental artifact/permanent hate: you cannot afford to lose that easily your only line of defence. It works bad with Archive Trap that can remain stuck in hand, with untimely Visions of Beyond (even if cast in opponent's end phase) and with land-heavy/light draw (lands/cards stuck in hand).

  • Mesmeric Orb: it needs at least a fog effect to mill enough cards to turn on Visions of Beyond, then you have to draw another fog to stay alive; like Ensnaring Bridge, it suffers incidental artifact/permanent hate.

  • Manic Scribe: like Mesmeric Orb, it need a lot of work to be effective: it requires at least to play 2 playsets of any of these cards: Mesmeric Orb, Jace's Phantasm, Death's Approach. The latter is a solid removal spell that also charges the scribe. However, Manic Scribe curves out poorly into Mesmeric Orb: if you play the artifact on turn 2, you can't block; if you play the creature, you mill less cards and fail to charge the scribe. In addition, Mesmeric Orb requires fog effects to work, and not defences in the form of creatures; in that case Manic Scribe is to consider a mill spell (a very bad one) with minor upside.

  • Ghost Quarter/Path to Exile + Archive Trap: removal spell are bad against wide-aggro decks, and even exile a creature for one mana with no downside is not what you want here. Ghost Quarter is effective only in the early stages of the game: but then you are behind of a land drop and a card just to be able to cast a card in your hand (that is not even that good: if you sacrifice Ghost Quarter on turn 2 and the game lasts 5 turns, casting Archive Trap cost you 4 mana).

Because of Path to Exile is not an option in the defence slot, and because against Leyline of Sanctity we can use Set Adrift, adding white is not worth the troble: U/B build loses less life from shocklands and is more reliable against Blood Moon due to the 2-3 more basics.

Given all this, mill as it stands will never be a tier (even if it wins consistently against combo and control) because it is pretty slow, so it need defence cards: but defence cards are not critically effective (expect sometimes Crypt Incursion); finally, compared to burn that plays a similar strategy, our cards have a lower value/cost ratio and cannot affect the board (expect Hedron Crab that provides a body).

But if you want to empty opponents' libraries, I think you should try this list.

Comments are surely welcome.

Quicksilver on Get back up, the fight's not over!

3 months ago

Death's Approach is a little too specific. Only really useful in late game. Serpentine Spike is too intensive and slow to be all that effective.

filoito on Mill Thrill // Draw = Mill = Win

3 months ago


Thinking about using Propaganda instead of Death's Approach. Any thoughts??

torridus on Unbeaten Budget R/B Deck (T4 Win)

5 months ago

Why Death's Approach instead of a kill spell like Doom Blade or Vendetta? Even an enchantment like Dead Weight may be more consistent if you want something for devotion.


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common

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