Tome Scour


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 (M14) Common
2011 Core Set (M11) Common
2010 Core Set (M10) Common

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Tome Scour


Target player puts the top five cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Tome Scour Discussion

TheVectornaut on Fraying Sanity Mill Deck

2 weeks ago

I think the weakest cards in the deck are probably Dreadwaters and Chant of the Skifsang. Rather than waiting until turn 5 or 7 for Dreadwaters to be as good as Tome Scour or Mind Sculpt, I'd want recurring mill triggers from a creature. Hedron Crab is the go-to option, but Manic Scribe could be built around too. As for the Chant, you could use a Commit, Anchor to the Aether, or something to that effect to put threats onto an opponent's library and immediately mill them. If you're worried about cards you don't want in graveyards, Surgical Extraction is a tech option. I'd definitely mainboard Visions of Beyond over Divination since it will almost always give you more resources for less mana. An interesting alternative is Skyscribing since it forces the opponent to draw from their thinning deck while interacting favorably with Sphinx's Tutelage. Finally, I'd look at including some Ghost Quarters. The card is just good in general, but it really gets nasty with Archive Trap.

WolverineSR_71 on Fraying Sanity Mill Deck

2 weeks ago

Tome Scour, Fraying Sanity, and Traumatize could all find a place in this deck.

imafreak05 on

3 weeks ago

You should look at either getting more or removing anything that is a single card. With Modern and Standard you want as many copies for your win-con to be in your deck.

Some of the card ideas don't really run with your synergy idea. There are more efficient cards that you can utilize in modern for some cards.For example: Rampant Growth for Dawntreader Elk. You can use Two spells (Thought Scour and Tome Scour) for the CMC of Armored Skaab and you can cast them onto yourself.

Play around with some other cards that exploit how many cards are in graveyard (Nighthowler).

Hope I was able to help you some. Nice idea for a modern deck.

ellie-is on Voracious Spellcasting

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the suggestion!

I think that at four mana Gifts Ungiven doesn't really fit in with the theme of the deck much, as by that point there are usually more than enough cards on the graveyard already, it costs too much to cast in a row with other spells to trigger Prowess, and this deck doesn't really have any cards that are powerful enough on their own to justify running Gifts to fetch them.

The other two are nice, compared to Tome Scour, because they let me choose which cards are going in, but I'm a bit wary of them because they cost an extra mana. I'll have to think about it. But again, thanks for taking the time to comment!

Funkydiscogod on FNM

1 month ago

The question 1 is kind of depends what other people are playing.

Burn, dredge and infect are all good ~budgetish~ archetypes. They can all be bought cheap with budget alternatives, and upgraded to full power as you get the real cards.

My LGS was overrun with them. I know how to metagame, so I made a deck built around Harmless Offering an Immortal Coil, designed to kill those three decks: Dredge couldn't handle the face I was trying to keep clean opponent graveyard for the kill. Burn and infect couldn't handle the "life gain". Once Immortal Coil came online, the fetchlands I crack gain me life, and Tome Scour became a cantrip "gain 3 life". It wasn't a tier deck, but it beat those three types more often than not. 8'd and won a pack. A week later I ran into Blue-Tron, Storm and Jund and got my face murdered off. Could never run that deck again...

The point of the story is that if you know how to metagame, then you can win. So, who are you up against?

Pieguy396 on How come Mill isn't a ...

1 month ago

Rzepkanut is right. Tome Scour is one of the most efficient mill cards - 1 mana for 5 cards, which, assuming your opponent draws or fetches 15 cards over the course of the game, is 1/9 of their deck. Lava Spike, on the other hand, is usually 1/6 of your opponent's life total, assuming they deal 2 damage to themselves with Dark Confidant or their manabase.

That's just with a very efficient mill card, though. What about Mind Sculpt? 2 mana for 7 cards is significantly worse than something like Boros Charm or Searing Blaze. Add on the fact that you can point your burn spells at opposing creatures if you need to and mill just pales in comparison.

antacidbrn on Help me tune this Duskmantle ...

1 month ago

If you aren't worried about budget, 2x more Thoughtseize instead of Durress is not a bad idea. It seems like Dusk/Crank is your only win condition as well, maybe replace Opt with Thought Scour and add a few other cheap mill spells with the goal of kicking out Jace's Phantasm as. 5/5 flyer on T2. Archive Trap, Tome Scour and Glimpse are all good.

BobJeph on Deck Killer

1 month ago

If your trying to win by mill, Mind Funeral and Tome Scour both work very well.
If you can afford it Thoughtseize and Surgical Extraction work well, if not you can go with Extirpate and Duress
Hedron Crab is another good creature, and Languish might work as well.

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