Tome Scour


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 Common
2011 Core Set Common
2010 Core Set Common

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Tome Scour


Target player puts the top five cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Tome Scour Discussion

Skryv on One in a MILLion

3 days ago

TheSurgeon, GeminiSpartanX and TMSandro4, I believe your playful banter has given me the solution! I believe the less land suggestion will seal the deal for me. If I take out two swamps and replace them with either Visions of Beyond or Tome Scour like suggested above, I believe that will ramp up the speed just enough for what I need.

Thanks again to the three of you for your always helpful contribution to the deck. Much love.

TMSandro4 on One in a MILLion

4 days ago

Skryv, I definitely see your issue with freeing up some cards to toss in Mind Sculpt, Tome Scour, etc. Although, thanks to TheSurgeon it looks like you might be able to free up some cards with less land.

Another suggestion would be to play your game more slowly. You could add in cards such as Traumatize, and use it as a combo with Keening Stone. Obviously, that's a lot of mana and I can see if you wouldn't want to use both or even one of those cards. I have simply found that in my experience if you get both out early enough you can do some serious damage turn 6 or 7. But once again, that's if you want to slow your game down.

As I suggested before, you could speed up your early mill by adding Tome Scour and/or Mind Sculpt which I believe would completely add to your deck. Honestly, the decision becomes up to you and whether or not you'd like to make your opponent truly suffer or win the game quickly. In all seriousness though, you have a very good deck here; perhaps one of the most creative mill decks I've seen.

TheSurgeon on One in a MILLion

4 days ago

I have suggestions on how to make some room for some early mill.

First, your curve is off. To better represent what I'm going to discuss, you should take out the "/entering" part of Breaking/Entering. This will just leave Breaking in your list, and your curve more accurate.

Moving on, your cmc should be closer to 2.2 (guesstimating). A formula for land that seems to work for me consistently is 7 x avgcmc. With no less than 19 lands. So, you should be running only 19-20 lands in this deck, freeing up 2-3 slots for Tome Scour, Shriekhorn or Mind Sculpt.

Hope this helps

Darth_Savage on Mill Deck

4 days ago

Your deck is a bit unfocused to be playing a mill strategy, stealing creature doesn't help you for example. In a mono blue mill deck I'd expect:

  1. 4x Hedron Crab, go to creature for mill, since you want to play at least 1 land every turn. To back it up 2x Drowner Initiate, you will be casting blue spells.
  2. 4x Tome Scour, mill 5 for , its a good efficient spell.
  3. 4x Sanity Grinding, your mono blue, so this mills a fair bit normally.
  4. 4x Archive Trap, most modern decks use fetches or tutors, mill 13 for . To back it up 2x Trapmaker's Snare
  5. Either Altar of the Brood or Mindcrank depending on how creature based you want the deck to be.
  6. Either Tormod's Crypt or Relic of Progenitus to exile the milled cards, 2x main-decked and 2x in the sideboard.

Aside from this, if you are going creature based, both Jace's Phantasm and Nightveil Specter are worth looking at. If you want to maximise the effectiveness of Hedron Crab (and you do) then Evolving Wilds or Terramorphic Expanse are cheap ways to get two triggers.

TMSandro4 on One in a MILLion

5 days ago

Skryv, if you want this deck to become a little faster and toss in some more mill cards, why not add in Mind Sculpt or Tome Scour instead of Path to Exile and Archive Trap? Don't get me wrong the combo is definitely great, but as many people have commented before me I'm not sure the splash of white is truly worth it. And, once your opponent catches on to your combo with Path to Exile and Archive Trap, they just wont search their library. I'd hope that someone who has been playing MTG for long enough would realize that combo but I guess I'm not too sure. Regardless, I'd add some quick mill cards into this deck that'll disrupt your opponent earlier in the game.

Darth_Savage on Back to the Old Mill

1 week ago

First off, Riddlekeeper isn't modern legal.

Next, if you are planning to use Mindcrank effectively you need to run 4. at the same time I'd suggest Altar of the Brood and Tome Scour and far fewer cards that cost 4 or more. When chatting about a mill deck previously I threw together an example list, you might find it helpful; Mind Mill note that even that list isn't optimal since it doesn't include Glimpse the Unthinkable...

Peisistratos on Competitive Modern Mill

1 week ago

Hjaltrohir it doesn't seem to me that your removal plan can keep you alive long enough to net the small value those inefficient value cards can give you (Snapcaster Mage, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip..). Also, half of the removal suit is dead against the half of aggro decks, and against some creature decks they are useless overall; not to mention combo and control decks.

And in my deck (fog-plan against aggro) Snapcaster Mage, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip are so ineffient that they make fogs useless because they hinder you in trying to win the game the following turn: at that amount of mana (4 mana to net game-progressing value, for each of them) I'd be better casting two mill spells. And Mill is so slow that you will surely have 2 spare mill spells to play on turn 4. (That is also why Shriekhorn taking turns to do its work is not a real problem: later in the game we will cast our expensive spells still in hand).

The limits of any other removal suit makes turn-1 plays worthless aside from mill spells. I initially included Tome Scour for fast metagames, but then the meta slowed down and together with the great aboundance of discard spells made me want more powerful (and expensive) spells. Shriekhorn, on the other hand, is still worth it: it's a turn 1 play (which is more important that other turn-1 cards due to the previous considerations) which smooths your toil of getting good Visions of Beyond, Crypt Incursion and Shelldock Isle and makes your Mesmeric Orb better in that you can still play Mesmeric Orb AND get early Visions of Beyond, Crypt Incursion and Shelldock Isle without giving up the late-game power (if played early) of Mesmeric Orb. And, unlike Tome Scour, Shriekhorn is good with Set Adrift and can let you draw 3 from Visions of Beyond alongside a lone Archive Trap (13+1+6=20).

Hjaltrohir on Competitive Modern Mill

1 week ago

Shriekhorn seems really weak, only 4 cards over two turns. Yes it is a 1-drop but it isn't worth it. If the deck is to be truly competitive, then I would recommend replacing them with a playset of Snapcaster Mage. It allows you to flashback Glimpse the Unthinkable for pure value and mill. Also, why no Tome Scour?

My mill deck is here if you want to get some inspiration.

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