Death Wish


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Judgment (JUD) Rare

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Death Wish


You may choose a card you own from outside the game and put it into your hand. You lose half your life, rounded up. Remove Death Wish from the game.

Death Wish Discussion

Hapix on The Scarab God's Arisen Horde

2 days ago

@multimedia, your comment is much appreciated! A lot of thought and play testing has gone into this deck (if I’m being honest though, this isn’t the first attempt as this is around the 8th iteration of scarab god due to play testing and not posting until now LOL).

I want to preface my response to your recommendations by saying that lowering the cmc of the deck is not really a priority as I usually have more than enough mana to do, but bringing down the amount of 5 drops and just generally increasing the tempo of this deck is on my radar. Furthermore, some inclusions (such as Consuming Aberration and Noosegraf Mob ) are in response to the meta of my table wherein they perform well (for example, one of my buddies plays an interesting Alesha, Who Smiles at Death homebrew that focuses on controlling the board state by altering base power/toughness of all creatures, Consuming Aberration on its own has saved my hide more times than one against Alesha lol).

Moving onto your recommendations:

Wonder > Grimoire of the Dead

Just the concept of Wonder alone is fantastic and it was even a part of the original iteration of this deck, but during playtesting (and this might just be me being unlucky) but it was often a mid-game dead draw and when I would have it in my graveyard, having a handful of flying zombies was nice, but not often game ending – hence non-inclusion. Grimoire of the Dead is slow AF and it the second eff is not easy to pull off, the only reason it is in the deck right now is I do not have a Rise of the Dark Realms , not sure what I will replace it with yet but I will take it out.

Windfall > Ancient Excavation

I like Windfall , it is a great wheel and I would like to include it. As it is right now Ancient Excavation is a card I keep in for the versatility of both self-mill and the basic landcycling, although I might swap it out for the Lim-Dul's Vault that you brought up later in your comment (I really like its’ effect tho).

Diabolic Intent > Exsanguinate

Diabolic Intent is a good card and that I plan to add in someday, but just to save $ I’m looking at Wishclaw Talisman as a budget alternative with some inbuilt politicking mechanisms. When it comes to Exsanguinate , it was a filler card I tossed in for play testing I’ll replace it with the aforementioned Wishclaw Talisman most likely

Relentless Dead > Noosegraf Mob

Relentless Dead is a card I used to have in here but I removed it since it felt slow and I just never really utilized the secondary eff I’m looking at getting a Gilded Drake in as a replacement. I agree though that Noosegraf Mob , as a six drop, is quite lackluster in comparison to the other high cmc cards. The potential value of 6 ETBs and/or death triggers is enough to keep him around for now, but if there is something I find I like more I’ll probably take mod out.

Graveborn Muse > Liliana's Reaver

Graveborn Muse I tested it out and saw myself dying to it more often than not, if I move further away from the zombie tribal aspect I might reconsider it. As for Liliana's Reaver , It isn’t to flashy but it works, no need to remove it rn but if anything better comes along I might.

“2 drop mana rocks > Commander's Sphere

Commander's Sphere is place holder card that I had socketed in while I was looking for some better mana rock options. Thanks for bring Arcane Signet to my attention, I’ll probably toss that or the signet in.

Arcane Denial > Countersquall

Arcane Denial isn’t a card I’d normally consider since the +2 for my opponent kind of hurts, but in a format like EDH with the 99 filling up a library, it seems pretty negligible so I’ll add it but won’t remover Countersquall since Its not that hard to get either {B} or {U} mana on demand. This though does touch on a different subject, I do want to add in some more counter magic, tutors, and removal (I’m looking at Arcane Denial , Swan Song , Pact of Negation , Mystical Tutor , Mastermind's Acquisition , Cunning Wish , Death Wish , Wishclaw Talisman , Victim of Night , Hero's Downfall , Murder , and Doom Blade but am stuck on evaluating which are the most beneficial inclusions).

To wrap up, thank you very much for your input it has been really helpful in reevaluating this deck. I sure do have some tinkering to do, haha. The nature of deckbuilding in EDH to me is everlasting and I hope I can continue to improve and refine my decks with recommendations and insight from other kind folks, like you, on this site :D

One last question, a friend is considering selling their Mana Vault to me at a discount, is this a card that I should seriously consider including or not?


Comrade_Gabe on Mono Black Storm

1 month ago

Thank you! It's been through a few revisions and I think I've got it relatively consistent. I'll keep working on it but Death Wish was a huge upgrade.

HappyMilkXD on The Actual Weirdest Cards

3 months ago

I was looking for the wierdest Magic cards in Google, and stumbled with this magnificence. But I also think you're missing some good stuff:
- Chaos Orb : demands physical interaction with the game
- Shahrazad : the card that created
- Divine Intervention : 8 mana to just tie
- Floral Spuzzem :
- Goblin Game
- Scrambleverse
- Furnace of Rath
- Shared Fate

And then there are the cards that make you play cards from outside the game:
- Mastermind's Acquisition
- Burning Wish
- Coax from the Blind Eternities
- Cunning Wish
- Death Wish
- Research
- Glittering Wish
- Golden Wish
- Karn, the Great Creator
- Living Wish
- Ring of Ma'ruf
- Spawnsire of Ulamog

Hope any of these cards work for your list!

burferking on Giving Good People Bad Permanents

4 months ago

Oh, now I understand why you have some expansive cards like Three Visits ! You play online! Of all the players that I asked if I could search in my sideboard with Mastermind's Acquisition , all said «yes», but I never actually tutored outside a deck's library. I asked to see what kind of players they were and it was also to do some politics (to make them wonder what I'd tutor and «get in their head») lol. I asked a judge for the «layers» and was told those rules are in the section 613 of the comprehensive rules. I went only for the part intriguing us. From what I understood, you do have to check the order of the cards when their continuous effects contradict each other. They call that the «timestamp order», but if 2 layers enter at the same time, «dependancy» is checked. Usually the last effect «wins».

You could add some wheel effects in your game to make it harder for your opponents to find responses once you have set a winning combo. Many are in the chaos list I posted, like Teferi's Puzzle Box .

Since a couple of your cards change life, I would have suggested to add Platinum Emperion , but you wrote that you are avoiding pillowforting in this deck. It could be something to tutor with Living Wish , Death Wish (and regain the life lost with Tainted Sigil or Children of Korlis ) or Mastermind's Acquisition in your sideboard if you're in deep shit? haha

DrukenReaps on Need help with this lost ...

6 months ago

I dunno if Rayenous will make it viewable or even has the list still so I would start by looking over the following stolen from that forum and build from there.

KrazyCaley said "Rayenous has it.

There are multiple ways to do it, but they all involve variations on the same basic pattern.

Step 1 - Mindslaver + Academy Ruins lock.

Step 2 - Prevent your opponent and preferably also yourself from losing (since this procedure will take a long time) through the use of Platinum Angel or Abyssal Persecutor .

Step 3 - Donate a mechanism to your opponent whereby they can put cards they own into their deck. Rayenous used Research on an Isochron Scepter . My version of this deck used Death Wish (which works since our opponent can't lose the game while we have the Angel/Persecutor out), but Research is faster. Repeatedly have them add in cards until their entire collection is in the deck. Note that you will probably also need to Donate something that generates any color mana to your opponent as well.

Step 4 - Use Amulet of Quoz to convert their entire deck, which is now their entire collection, into their ante (true, we'd have to be playing with ante rules, which are now gone, but hey, that's the fun).

Step 5 - Blow up whatever thing you set up to prevent your opponent from losing.

Step 6 - Enjoy all your friend's Magic cards."

Now I don't foresee anyone agreeing to ante so you might leave that part out... Also a lot of people even in casual games will say that only a side board can be added in with wish cards and commander doesn't use a side board. So most people play with the idea that if you use wish cards you need to let them know ahead of time.

At this point I would be looking at a commander. Maybe? Could add in another color if you want... Parhaps use Lazav, Dimir Mastermind and mill their crazy sized library to the grave? Actually a better option might be The Mimeoplasm for the commander. Cards like Villainous Wealth would be great.

thom-le on Doomsday Plot (Lazav)

7 months ago

Both cards have special functions for this deck

  • Silas Renn, Seeker Adept : There are some very useful artifacts in this deck, it's another way to get them back from the graveyard. The 2/2 body with deathtouch can force an opponent not to attack (you).
  • Death Wish : In my playgroup we play with a wishboard. That means, that you have up to 15 cards in exile (like the sideboard). In the current commander rules no wishboard allowed, but as always this is something you have to clear this specific rule with your friedns and opponents before the game. You may change this card with any other of the listed Maybeboard or any other card.

I see that this deck is in a budget view really expensive and I unterstand to switch some cards due budget reasons. To your specific question I recommend the following:

Many cards have the Guilds of Ravnica Dimir ability "Surveil", wich is useful for the commander Lazav, the Multifarious . If you don't play many Surveil cards, than skip Enhanced Surveillance .

Mongo_the_Arcane on EPIC TROLLING with Lich's Mirror

10 months ago

So you have won, your opponents carry the weight of this defeat in their hearts forever. But, if your playgroup is anything like mine, there memory of this will fade and they will start saying things like "well if I had x I totally could have done something about x. Or that never would have happened against my x deck. We cannot allow this insolence. This isn't where the card Death Wish comes in. Combined with any copy spell, and the tools already mentioned in this deck, we can make each opponent bring their entire magic collection into their hands. You can then proceed to exile every card they own. Or have them tell you how many cards are in their hand, because that is public knowledge :) I know technically commander sideboard is 15 cards in competitive, but if they have let you get this far, chances are you are not in a competitive event.

Dango on Invincible Under the Sun 天下無双

11 months ago

gdm1989 That's the thing about playing Toshiro that I both love and hate. He tends to be completely underestimated when played in a group who hasn't seen you use him before, and he'll more than likely be brushed off and ignored for the duration of the game until you let loose some explosive finish out of nowhere and you start getting targeted in game two or really any other time you pull the deck from its box which makes me sad. I've been really careful in this rendition of the deck to be as subtle as possible and try not to pose clear threats on the board. The whole purpose of my deck is to be ignored and unappealing to attack, so that I'm kept in the game long enough to thin out everyone's board state and slip a win condition through when the blue player at the table isn't expecting it. Unfortunately in my new playgroup there is a Chain Veil Teferi main who has a very finely tuned competitive deck, so I need to be extra careful about him.

I know what you mean about Death Wish, if anything I think I will more likely end up slotting in Mastermind's Acquisition for one more mana to avoid the hefty drawback, and it doubles as a tutor aside from its Wish mode which is really nice. I'll try working on a package for it in the sideboard soon enough.

Thrilling Encore looks like a lot of fun. Battlebond had a lot of interesting things to offer and I was unfortunately on a bit of a hiatus at the time of its release so I never got the chance to try the new cards from that set. I like Encore a lot because it reminds me of a sort of cheaper pseudo version of Rise of the Dark Realms, and I like that card a lot too especially in a deck like this. I've been aiming for this deck to have a Reanimator subtheme without it feeling highly prevalent and taking away from the main playstyle, and I believe Encore more than adequately achieves the sense of subtlety that I am aiming for, because it can be used in a reserved fashion or it can be abused if I have enough ramp and chain together a ton of kill spells in a single turn... which this deck tends to do very often haha. Also Encore is an instant spell which Toshiro is a fan of! Excellent suggestion once again!

I can see Nightmare Incursion as means to ruin the heavy combo player's day and Choice of Damnations to play politics (also flavorful with the Toshiro quote). I can also see practical application of Wand of Vertebrae in this deck to bury instant spells, and to also return cards back into my library if I accidentally bury something I don't want in my graveyard or if something gets removed and I'm unable to reanimate it. Thank you for bringing these cards to my attention, I have seen them in other Toshiro decks, but I never actually tried them out in mine. I think this deck is going to be undergoing a lot of testing in the near future, so I'm very open minded when it comes to testing new things out.

Thank you again for your suggestions, as well as your praise and support. I've been alluding to bringing back my "filthy casual" deck (which is this one) in this newer playgroup of mine for a while now, which is funny because others may view Toshiro as a casual general while people like you and I who have experienced piloting a deck around him know that he has lots of potential. I initially turned my head toward "higher tier" generals, but I've been wanting to go back to my roots and work on this deck again which was the first commander deck I ever built. I'm going to be conducting some tweaking and tuning to hopefully gear the deck around this meta, and I'll be sure to update my description with all the decks I tend to see in this playgroup of mine so you as well as others can more appropriately help make suggestions based on meta calls.

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