Death Wish


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Judgment (JUD) Rare

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Death Wish


You may choose a card you own from outside the game and put it into your hand. You lose half your life, rounded up. Remove Death Wish from the game.

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Death Wish Discussion

Lord_Khaine on The Ultimate Budget Way to Troll EVERYONE

1 week ago

King_Sparis I like your style.

I sadly can't bring in Contract from Below with Death Wish, otherwise I'd start casting it repeatedly and using Hive Mind and Volrath's Dungeon to ante my opponent's entire collection, countering my own Contract from Below with Lullmage Mentor.

striker4395 on The Ultimate Budget Way to Troll EVERYONE

1 month ago

chosenone124, its risky, but does Harmless Offering work? For your protection death wish in plenty of counter spells and float plenty of mana before casting Infinite Reflection. Enchant a storm crow you control. Everything you control becomes storm crow, but you already floated the mana so you're fine. Harmless offering the aura, not the storm crow. You maintain control of Storm Crow while they permanently control Infinite Reflection. More importantly, your field returns to normal because you lost control of Infinite Reflection. Death Wish in another Infinite Reflection and repeat?

Lord_Khaine on Evolving: a Full-Collection Format

1 month ago

Some decks will do things... scary things. You don't even need to make a format, just a few tricks...

First, you want an infinite mana combo, a way to control your opponents on their turn, a way to cast sorcery spells at instant speed, Hive Mind, and Death Wish or Mastermind's Acquisition.

Now, get Hive Mind out, with the infinite mana combo.

Control your opponents on their next turn.

At instant speed, use Death Wish/Mastermind's Acquisition on their turn so Hive Mind lets each player copy it. Have a way to recur the spells for repeat casts. You control each player when you get them to resolve copies of Death Wish/Mastermind's Acquisition on their turn, and have them bring in their entire collection.

Now everyone is playing with their entire collection. Let the madness ensue!

Lord_Khaine on Can't wish for more wishes? Wish for more genies!

2 months ago


Now that is some wonderfully wicked thinking. While five mana for Paradox Engine is a bit much for this deck, I love the addition of Spellweaver Helix. It'd fit perfectly when getting out of a subgame and back into the main game, and the fact it can help two sorcery spells at once while only costing 3 makes it certainly worth using. I'll proxy and do some playtests, and if I like it, it'll earn a spot. If not, I'll hold onto some for grabbing with Death Wish anyway.

Lord_Khaine on Pattern Recognition #52 - Arabian ...

3 months ago

I'm the odd player who actually likes Shahrazad.

I remember Shahrazad only being $60 when I started Magic (2014, 2015?), and debating buying one, maybe a playset if I picked up extra hours at work. Now It'd cost me $1000 for a playset, though I'm not sure why the price spiked so much.

Though in memory of that card, I built a deck of four Enter the Dungeon, four Burning Wish, and four Death Wish, with the Wishes grabbing copies 5-12 of Enter the Dungeon.

RIP Shahrazad, banned from formats by Wizards and restricted from collections by price.

chosenone124 on The Ultimate Abzan Way to Troll EVERYONE

4 months ago

SamuraiNinjaSpy I will throw in Gonti, Lord of Luxury for Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. You can give them Gonti with Avarice Totem, exile Death Wish with Bojuka Bog, Riftsweeper Death Wish, force them to Mirrorpool Gonti (for ETB), then force them to Gonti to take your Death Wish, then force them to cast it. I'm always happy to add another layer of convolution to this deck.

The instructions will not represent this change until I have spare time. Thank you for your input.

Lord_Khaine on Hypergeometric Nightmare - Enter the ...

6 months ago

I've recently become obsessed with the idea of using Enter the Dungeon alongside Death Wish and Burning Wish to play a game that never truly ends, until I decide to pull off some jank combo.

Enter the Dungeon combos with the Wishes in that if you cast a Wish in the subgame, the exiled Wish goes back into your library once you end that subgame - along with the card you wished for. This allows Burning Wish and Death Wish to act as copies 5-12 of Enter the Dungeon, and actually more since casting them in a subgame means you can still use the new copies in the main game, or another subgame.

My problem is when I try approaching hypergeometric distribution to figure out how many copies of Enter the Dungeon I'm likely to pull into the game from my collection.

You see, in the main game, I have the following:

Population size: 60 (cards in deck)

Successes in population: 12 (4 Enter the Dungeon, 4 Burning Wish and 4 Death Wish)

Sample size: 9 (initial hand of 7 cards, and assuming +2 cards are drawn due to the turns required to play lands to cast the cards)

Successes in sample: 1 or greater.

In the main game, 2 of the 12 cards happening is most likely, at %32.872

Upon starting the first subgame (Subgame 1) from a main game, assuming we had 2 of the 12 in hand, success in the population drops to 10, but the population size is assumed to decrease to 51.

For the first subgame in Subgame 1, the statistics continue the trend of 2 of the successes in the population most likely to appear first 9 cards, the population size decreasing by 9 and the successes in the population most likely to decrease by two when going into the next subgame.

Repeating this pattern, I'm at a roadblock: how do I account for the odds of Wish-ing an additional copy of Enter the Dungeon into my deck in the process?

(Suggestions for the other 48 cards in the deck are appreciated, as long as it isn't duplication spells such as Fork.)

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