Psychic Spiral


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Uncommon

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Psychic Spiral


Shuffle all cards from your graveyard into your library. Target player puts that many cards from the top of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Psychic Spiral Discussion

Pieguy396 on Mirko Vosk, god of mill

2 weeks ago

Hey there! This deck looks pretty solid already, and I don't know how much I can help - it's already in great shape. Here's a few suggestions:

  • Grisly Spectacle is a little expensive for an EDH removal spell, but it accomplishes two tasks at once, which can be very valuable.
  • Cyclonic Rift is one of the best EDH board wipes in existence, and belongs in pretty much every Blue deck ever.
  • Sire of Stagnation can get out of hand pretty quickly with all of the card draw and mill it provides.
  • Counterspell also belongs in pretty much every Blue deck ever due to its extreme efficiency and versatility.
  • Wrexial, the Risen Deep doesn't mill by itself, but takes heavy advantage of the mill effects in your deck.
  • Sepulchral Primordial for the same reason as above.
  • Whispersilk Cloak can protect your commander and ensure his attacks connect.
  • Whispering Madness is sneakily a mill card, forcing your opponents to draw and discard repeatedly.
  • Windfall also has the same effect.
  • Same with Jace's Archivist.
  • Undead Alchemist also causes some serious mill stuff.
  • There's basically no reason not to run Command Tower.
  • Bojuka Bog turns off any graveyard shenanigans your opponents have going on.

If you're looking for cards to cut, I'd start with:

In any case, hope this helps!

NV_1980 on Toughness > Power

2 weeks ago


Nice deck! I am a little amazed though, that Mind Funeral and Traumatize are not in here. Also, since blue-black aren't phenomenal ramping colors, you might want to think about either adding some more mana rocks like Dimir Keyrune, Dimir Signet and/or Talisman of Dominance. I also always have a Dark Ritual in any decks I use that include black; it comes in handy more often than not.

Other stuff worth considering:

  • Startled Awake  Flip; recurring sorcery that mills 13;
  • Sphinx's Tutelage; cheap to cast, does a lot of harm;
  • Notion Thief; you're not just draining opponents' libraries, you are also draining their hands (by not allowing them to draw that much);
  • Psychic Spiral; great mid-game sorcery to play; forced discard + recursion.
  • Leyline of the Void; because why just fill graveyards if you can fill the exile-pile instead? :)

Hope any of this helps. Happy gaming!



Tegratphil on Memory Loss

2 weeks ago

I don't particularly like Bident of Thassa because it comes out late and you aren't really attacking. Honestly, I don't even like Thassa, God of the Sea but I know your mind probably won't be changed on that.

Psychic Spiral shouldn't be too great for you because you shouldn't have a full graveyard yourself.

Mind Sculpt is very mana inefficient, take it out. Tome Scour is a good card, but you have a lot of late game mill. I would think you'd want to spend your early mana on your small creatures and 2 drops. You already have so many 1 drops! I wonder if it would be good to replace it with things that'll sure-up your midgame like counterspells.

Other than that, I like the direction. I still like Tragic Lesson because Kefnet the Mindful + Tragic Lesson , Hedron Crab + Tragic Lesson , and Sphinx's Tutelage + Tragic Lesson all combo.

I think you could benefit from having a counterspell of a kind or some other defensive instant of some sort, just to keep your opponents guessing. If you do that, you need more instant speed stuff to dump mana on if you don't want to counter, so maybe Tragic Lesson or more Thought Scours.

greatdevourer on Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

3 weeks ago

I suppose it would really depend on where you want to take the deck. Are you looking for a more combo oriented deck? More aggro? Something in between? How important is the theme? What kind of budget are you looking at to expand the deck? I'm goiung to assume that you really want to keep the budget low so I'm going to keep my recommendations cheap. I will mention a few cards that cost a bit more, but I'll point those out.

Here are some ideas to consider. The following cards are kinda weak or disrupt your own game plan. You should consider swapping them out.
Deep Spawn and Tolarian Serpent would be good cards for running in a deck where you are self milling in order to fill the graveyard for reanimation effects or a Laboratory Maniac. But I don't think that is the strategy that you are going for. I do see the interactions with Back from the Brink but it seems pretty weak to me.
Denizen of the Deep is a good fattie. But it wipes your board and leaves your opponents with all of their threats. If you are using it to reset ETB triggers, there are better ways.
Homarid Shaman only targets green creatures. This could be a meta choice, but there are so many better things to run.
Island Fish Jasconius is another decent fattie, but the investment of three mana each turn becomes a problem when you need that mana for other spells.
Leviathan would work for me if it did NOT have the requirment of sacrificing two lands for each attack. Without the ability to return Islands form the graveyard to the battlefield, this just eats your mana base.
Marjhan can eat a creature 'borrowed' with Seasinger's ability. Without the Seasinger then you have to use the Crab Umbra to untap it. I do like the shoot attacking creature ability. Adding deathtouch via Gorgon Flail could kill several attackers each turn.
Polar Kraken really needs to go. That cumulative upkeep is just TOO much.
Thing from the Deep is another creature that just eats your mana base and doesn't provide enough benefit for the self induced land destruction.
Sunken City is a great card as long as nobody else is playing blue. The card does not say "you control" so it helps your opponents creatures too.
Vanishing is kinda cute. But keep in mind that phasing does NOT trigger enter the battlefield abilities. There are better choices.
High Tide is a great card in competitive Legacy decks where you combo off and kill in a single turn. As a one-shot effect, not very good for commander games.

Scent of Brine requires you to show everyone what cards you have. I think a simple Cancel would be better.

If you have the budget for it consider the following cards:
Freed from the Real and Pemmin's Aura would act as additional copies of Crab Umbra.
Phyrexian Vault would work well with the Seasinger to eat other peoples creatures and give you some card draw. There are other artifacts, enchantments, and some lands that can sacrifice creatures. Altar of Dementia is a great sacrifice outlet but it is $2-$3.
Tidal Flats would give your attackers first strike unless your opponents tap mana for each attacker.
Minion Reflector could be a lot of fun.
Tromokratis, Shrouded Serpent, Lorthos, the Tidemaker, and Ring of Evos Isle are cards I use in my deck that work fairly well.
Consider adding a Learn from the Past, Psychic Spiral, or Reminisce into you deck to get cards back and add some resilency.

Let me know what you think. As always, temper these recommendations with your collection and your budget.

inari82 on Modern Mill Pro Level

1 month ago

Crypt Incursion has been too much of a life saver I think. Even in the decks like Storm or Burn that don't run a ton creatures, it's generally enough to put me out of range. In creature heavy decks like Elves or Merfolk, I tend to easily be in the 30-40 life range by the end of the game. I do like Psychic Spiral specially at instant speed and a good finisher, I will have to find a spot for it.

KnightSolaire on Modern Mill Pro Level

1 month ago

i feel like the Crypt Incursion may be counter intuitive seeing as you would be taking things out of their graveyard and into exile unless you are going against a heavy graveyard interactive deck i don't feel it is quite needed in that slot.. potentially putting in an Elixir of Immortality or Psychic Spiral so you can get things back into your deck if you get into late game, another option which i feel would be a solid one is playing a 2 or 3 of Wight of Precinct Six because against creature heavy decks you would have more bodies on the field than just your hedron crabs.

Guizee on Obliterate + Crucible of Worlds

1 month ago

darkmatter32x I understand. So Obliterate won't prevent me from casting lands from the graveyard neither will stop me from casting Psychic Spiral. Nice, thanks for the help.

colton815 on Obliterate + Crucible of Worlds

1 month ago

and how exactly are you doing this? Obliterate will destroy any Crucible of Worlds you have. you would have to cast a Crucible of Worlds AFTER the Obliterate. which will be harder to do after destroying all your lands. what makes you think you "wouldn't" be able to play the lands from your graveyard, when you have a card that says "you may play land cards from your graveyard"? as for your second question, that one is also obvious. you would have to mill yourself with the Psychic Spiral, and hope you mill lands. as for cards that only destroy an opponents lands, do a gatherer search. there are plenty of cards that destroy target land, in any format.

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