Psychic Spiral


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica (RTR) Uncommon

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Psychic Spiral


Shuffle all cards from your graveyard into your library. Target player puts that many cards from the top of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Psychic Spiral Discussion

Xorik_McCloud on Maniac self-milling (help please!)

1 day ago

Perpetual Timepiece to grab him from the grave and it also mills your cardsFraying Sanity on yourself and use Traumatize once or twice to mill yourself out quickly;Deranged Assistant its far less specific and restrictive and it moves your self mill along quickly;Vedalken AEthermage to make sure that you get through a lot of the mill;Psychic Spiral would be a good idea, especially if you decide to mill them out instead. though if you put a couple Fraying Sanity in as well and enchant each other you can either end in a draw or a win. if things go in their favor, a lose, however i would honestly suggest getting Tormod's Crypt its a great card to have. mill them, then exile the grave

Fiftyshotzlater on Nicolopolis

1 week ago

I'm not a mjor fan of a lot of the choices you have made with this deck. I even went and watched the youtube video and some of your logic for cards in this deck are just sorta meh. A full discard theme with Nicol Bolas isn't a bad way to go don't get me wrong but again some choices here just don't feel justified. You have a ton of wheel effects but any graveyard recursion decks will be able to take full advantage of this. So I feel you should be running Leyline of the Void. And I feel you should drop the scarb god (yes there is def flavor there which I know you were also going with but with so many wheel effects his cost along with the price of his ability will be putting you behind.

Ankh of Mishra just flat out needs to be dropped. You will reap these effects almost as much as anyone else since you have so many wheel effects. You are better off running either Obelisk of Grixis or Darksteel Ingot instead. The latter is probably the better choice as it is indestructible. Disciple of Bolas should also be dropped as you have no effects to gain control of your opponents creatures and will then be sacing one of you own to get that life and card draw. If you wanted to keep him then you should be running more effects like Slave of Bolas. Should also see about running some form of recursion yourself with cards like Psychic Spiral or commit//memory.

As I have seen others mention, for bolas to get the discard effect it just has to be damage not combat damage. So things like Dragon Tempest or Warstorm Surge give bolas a whole lot more deadlier options for an opponents hand. Consider running Chandra's Ignition to help with something like that, pseudo board wipe and mas hand discard!

If interested on a variation of Nicol Bolas which is by far my favorite deck to play check mine out at

There have been some changes since and haven't updated but that is the basic run of the deck (also a lot of flavor) in which a lot of people have said I play this deck as if Nicol Bolas himself were playing!


1 week ago

My Suggestions:


Those "big butts" are perfect with Phenax, God of Deception

-ArchaeomancerorMnemonic Wall:It could be powerful to get back a TraumatizeorCyclonic Riftand play it again :)

-Eater of the Dead..With Phenax makes a Devastating combo. The price is under 5-6

Other cards:

-Mesmeric Orb:i know it's not a cheap card but I love it.It makes a nice combo with Psychic Spiral.

Propaganda:to protect yourself specially in the first turns.

Relic of Progenitus and Crypt Incursion are great graveyard removals.

Thousand-Year Elixir:to activate Phenax's ability immediately!

Anyway nice Deck, have fun:D

WalkingIllusion on Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

2 weeks ago

To be honest if you have a few of All Is Dust you dont need to worry if creatures need to be blocked or are unblockable, once one of those nasty spells resolve when you have other spells suspended is where you usually either take the lead or cripple everyone.

Things I would cut...

Bearer of the Heavens, Veiling Oddity, Tromokratis, Timebender, Deep-Sea Kraken, maybe Jori En, Ruin Diver, Breaker of Armies, Colossus of Akros, Teleportal, Invoke the Firemind, Blustersquall, Psychic Spiral, and Mizzium Skin.

Also I noticed you don't have any tutors in the deck... I would look into those...

babushkasara on All hail the ancient crab

2 weeks ago

You do have Drift of Phantasms but more tutors are always good - like Dark Petition or Diabolic Tutor. I don't recommend adding tons of them, but those are some options.

Also, you don't have very much removal in the deck so far, I don't think, and you don't have much recursion. I'd also recommend more land than 29. Mortuary Mire is a good start for two of those.

More suggestions:

hellspawned on Breakfast Hulk

3 weeks ago

To people asking for budget options for Timetwister:

Outside of the very unlikely scenario that you'll be stuck with a mulligan down to below 4, and having to use TT to get a new hand, to have a sporting chance in the game, you'll only ever use TT after Bomberman Loops, i.e. infinite card draw. So the card draw portion of the card is academic.

Thus, I imagine that Mnemonic Nexus and Psychic Spiral are good cards to have instead. Mnemonic Nexus is the cheaper of the two, mana-wise, but is a symmetrical effect, and Psychic Spiral also mills your opponents for their entire library, or close to it.

I'm guessing you'd go for Psychic Spiral if you're in a meta that runs a lot of instant speed interruption (i.e. you don't want them to be able to use their interrupts against you several times over), and Mnemonic Nexus in a slightly less interactive meta.

Both of them also have the upside of being instant, so they are another way out, if someone manages to interrupt your mill combos. Sure, it's an effective reset of your progress, but it's still preferable to losing! :)

roeletje123489 on Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur :D

1 month ago

i would also add these :

Since the deck is pretty late game, u could use some bord wipes.. untill u are able to get your commander into play (sometimes it happens, that u need to wait about 10 turns to get your commander into play.. So u have to at least be able to drop some of the oponents creatures to their hands.)

landofMordor on Mairsil Kill & Mill|Mairsil EDH-Grixis Wizards #2

1 month ago

lol use self-mill like Mirror-Mad Phantasm, Keening Stone, and then kill with Psychic Spiral (for style points, not really as your main plan). For value, TONs of flicker effects (to give Mairsil more ETB triggers), AEtherling.

I would take out most of the "activated ability goodstuff creatures" like the Morphlings that don't a) gain hexproof or protection of some kind, b) flicker themselves, or c) help you win the game via mill. Otherwise, this deck will be impossibly, teeth-grindingly slow.

for mill: Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker, Consuming Aberration, Fleet Swallower, Jace's Archivist, Sire of Stagnation, Dreamborn Muse, Havengul Lich, Stitcher Geralf, mass bounce like Evacuation, River's Rebuke.

And don't forget a healthy amount of draw/ramp/control to stay alive long enough to mill your opponents out!

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