Infernal Reckoning


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2019 (M19) Rare

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Infernal Reckoning


Exile target colourless creature. You gain life equal to its power.

Infernal Reckoning Discussion

GoldenAgeBatman on Sideboarding Against Tron

3 months ago

Does anyone have any suggestions for sideboarding against tron builds?

So far I'm thinking of 2-3x Alpine Moon and 3-4x Infernal Reckoning .

Edit: Here's my deck in question Dracu-Leeeee, Dracu-Laaaaa!

Murphy77 on B&E

4 months ago

On a similar build, I used Aether Tunnel in place of Curious Obsession . Make your Thief of Sanity unblockable and get it's steal effect every turn. Infernal Reckoning , or Cast Down in place of Sinister Sabotage gives you a bit of creature hate. Whenever I see a blue deck with Pteramander , I immediately start looking for options. in a U/B deck, Deadeye Tracker can manage your opponent's graveyard, grow in stature and draw lands.

Icbrgr on Modern shouldnt have a ban ...

4 months ago

agreed BBD does specifically call out eldrazi as a predator...however; i think we can all agree that hinging all of our opinions off a single event is a little rash.

if Abrupt Decay /any form of removal/interaction not having the corresponding charge counters doesn't explain dealing with/playing around Chalice of the Void then i guess i just cant go any further with that...let alone delve into how with Ceremonious Rejection / Disdainful Stroke or Alpine Moon / Blood Moon / Damping Sphere or Infernal Reckoning or Ensnaring Bridge would combat an eldrazi deck.

Icbrgr on Modern shouldnt have a ban ...

4 months ago

"if it looks like a duck... quacks like a duck...".... no Chalice of the Void is certainly not a permission spell that goes on the stack; but i think its obvious that its role in anyones deck is similar to Blood Moon in the sense that they are Restricting and denying resources and actions of the opponent... people who run Chalice/Moon build their decks around them....and in time the meta adapts to this.

when it comes to actual tournament results...i dont think one event is enough to be all anyone can do is theory craft. This is where i was going with "Aggro beats Control, Control beats Combo, Combo beats Aggro" fundamentals as well as making a case for new cards thats have been printed since Eye of Ugin with Ceremonious Rejection / Disdainful Stroke .... Alpine Moon ... Damping Sphere Infernal Reckoning and more....

with these things in mind i dont think decks are going to have to go "All-in" to beat eldrazi" anymore then just being aware it exists on the competitive scene like anything else.... Miricles placed 2nd in the actual tournement/event in a field of eldrazi...

Eye of Ugin is powerful but there are several accessible answers to it in the same way.....take jund for example....hand disruption with Thoughtseize ...easy enough to throw in Alpine Moon and Abrupt Decay / Assassin's Trophy .....there is just so much a lot of removal... to be able Fulminator Mage /Fulminate a land, Bloodbraid Elf /Cascade into Kolaghan's Command /K-Command, get Fulminator back.... im just not convinced that eldrazi cant be dealt with.

as far as the mulligan scenario is concerned... Serum Powder exists...but nobody is always gonna have there best cards every game...thats why its a game.

DAWT_PLAWT on Modern shouldnt have a ban ...

4 months ago

Personally, I think that either a dimir or mono black midrange would do the best against eldrazi currently, as Infernal Reckoning is probably the best removal against eldrazi currently, and both blue and black could be flexible enough to either attrition out or counter/ remove the threats presented

TypicalTimmy on Zendikar plotline

7 months ago

Essentially every story involves some sort of global war.

On Amonkhet, it was nearly a civil war between the citizens as they endured the Trials, but it inevitably turned into a literal war between the Gods and between the survivors and the Eternal.

On Kaladesh, the citizens and their ideas against the Consulate.

Pre-Coldsnap: Brother's War

Alara? Shards and their splitting and merging

Tarkir? Dragons and Clans

Innistrad? Well, original Innistrad I don't know much about but I know there was a heavy theme with scientific advancement in the form of Necromancy and wars against what appeared to be Humans and Angels. The second time around: People and Vampires against Nahiri and Eldrazi

So with regards to Zendikar, the wars involved were basically between the plane itself and the Eldrazi - with emphasis on literal global genocide, as opposed to just the genocide of a particular species.

Interestingly enough, it appears the context of some flavor text in both M19 and UMA hints toward a return to Zendikar, possibly with Ob Nixilis as the main antagonist.

I say this because the flavor text of Infernal Reckoning seems to elude toward this particular Demon seeking to take control of Zendikar. Recall that Ob Nixilis Reignited became trapped on Zendikar and vowed to make a swath of war and death to reignite his spark to escape. I believe he actually did, but that may not have stopped him from his rampage.

Turn to Ulamog's Crusher reprint, Ulamog's Crusher and the flavor text now speaks about his brood's ultimate demise.

So, something is actively hunting down Eldrazi to claim Zendikar as it's own - and I personally believe Wizard's is hinting at Ob Nixilis' return :)

Eledain on Arena Singleton

7 months ago

They are relatively equal splitted between the colors as I open mostly crap from packs like Infernal Reckoning. :-)

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