Baleful Ammit


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Baleful Ammit

Creature — Crocodile

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Baleful Ammit Discussion

Wespoint808 on Mikaeus, Extreme Sub $20 Budget EDH

2 weeks ago

What are your thoughts on Nest of Scarabs Soulstinger and Baleful Ammit? Also would you be able to stack the undying trigger with a Festering Mummy so that it could give itself the negative counter when it returns?

pytawidmo on Bring Out 'yer Dead

2 weeks ago

Why not get some Evolving Wilds? simplest way to trigger revolt and with most creatures at 2 mana cost it won't slow you down (and will filter some lands out, 24 for a 2 CMC average sounds like too much, imo).

I agree that Nest of Scarabs or at least Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons would work great. Scrapheap Scrounger also seems to fit very well in here.

I would probably consider adding some Baleful Ammit at least as sideboard, for its lifelink.

@TheNotoriousIPD - Decimator of the Provinces actually does not give the +2/+2 trample effect to itself, because it triggers when it is cast, therefore not yet on the battlefield. Still, a decent way to break stale.

BlueBallsMgee on Decay by Negatives

3 weeks ago

Considering Baleful Ammit ??

CleanlyRhyme568 on Snakes and scarabs

3 weeks ago

This deck could be better as a midrange Black Green deck, using cards like Hapatra's Mark and Shed Weakness to further manipulate your neg 1 counters. If you do keep the red, look at cards more like Fiery Temper and Lightning Axe over Sweltering Suns, though do keep that in the sideboard. Also, if anything, run Baleful Ammit over Plague Belcher.

TheUltimateM on Counters: +1 for me, -1 for you

3 weeks ago

Quick question here: Have you considered running Baleful Ammit and Defiant Greatmaw. I only ask cause im currently in the midst of building this deck because I love the idea and I have quite a few of the cards. I was thinking you could run the Ammit in the sideboard just in case you need lifegain and the Greatmaw for negative counter control on your end, just in case its a long game and you need to remove counters. It also adds to your Soulstinger too and triggers Hapatra for more snakes. Anyways great deck +1 from me!

DEDmaster on Vizier of the Negative Counters

3 weeks ago

I feel like you are to focused on putting -1/-1 counters on your own stuff, which could be good. but in the end doesn't make for a great board state. you should be more focused on them. then the opposition changes if a player with control is pushing to control you you can keep their mind steady on stopping the counters on their little to few creatures by putting -1/-1 counters on their stuff. cause they have little to actually play and when they do they dont want their final play to be smashed into a small 1/1 or nothing at all. so instead of trying to sneak one over their eyes sneak one under. distracting the player from seeing the real hand and push for a archfiend first. then play hapatra. but things like Decimator Beetle and Baleful Ammit will just slow you down sure they will make a snake here or there but not enough to take pure advantage of it before they hit the target on Hapatra's face. If it doesnt get countered right away.

Prowling Serpopard I dont feel like its going to do much for you here. because they should be more worried about Hapatra then anyone else and you drop that before you drop any cat snakes it wont do you any good.

I would go more on the opposition here and do Collective Brutality to slow down the play and feed your combo. something to cycle and something to discard with value. the best discards I found is in the aftermath and embalm. you want those in the grave they do way more there then on the field. plus you dont have to worry about bringing them back from the grave freeing up more slots.

this is what I did with hapatra see if it gives you any ideas.

olivia vizier of ifrin

crosstiger23 on Vizier of the Negative Counters

4 weeks ago

Hey, I'm building a deck similar to this one. BesidesHapatra, Vizier of Poisons I would also run Nest of Scarabs. Maybe include Manglehorn in the sideboard since its good not only against any deck running important artifacts, but also against the Saheeli combo (cat clones are also artifacts). Key to the City is another nice way to discard cards, makes your big beefy creatures unblockable and can even draw you cards if you need to. Other than that I'd take out Defiant Greatmaw and replace it for either Baleful Ammit or Crocodile of the Crossing. As MadMadison said, Shefet Monitor is also not a great card son this deck so I'd probably take that one out too and replace it with another Archfiend of Ifnir and some other creature I've already suggested. Also, Dissenter's Deliverance is a rather specific card so I would sideboard it instead of including it on the main deck. Other than that, the deck seems pretty fun to play. Hope my advice helped you :)

MadMadison on Vizier of the Negative Counters

4 weeks ago

I think you've got a really great foundation here for an awesomely fun deck and I agree that Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons can be an absolute bomb when used correctly, but I think you're trying to do a few too many things here. You've got -1/-1 counters, cycling, and discard all going on, some of which are actively causing problems for others.

I'd say make a decision between cycling or discard, rather than trying to do both. If you go for discard, include some powerful embalm creatures like Honored Hydra or other ways to pull creatures out of your graveyard, like Gravedigger. With regards to enabling discard, Noose Constrictor is a solid card that also deals with fliers.

I really like Hapatra's Mark as a nice combat trick, but I would personally sideboard Dissenter's Deliverance as you'll only need it against artifact heavy match-ups, and then you'll probably want 3 or 4.

I'd say all of your creatures are absolutely on point except for Shefet Monitor, whose high cycling cost doesn't really justify a second rate ability. If you're going for cycling, I'd say Stir the Sands offers a better ability for the same cost and, if you do manage to cast it, three zombies that act as little -1/-1 counter dorks for your Decimator Beetle are ideal. Scarab Feast would also made a fine sideboard option against Mardu Vehicles or any Zombie deck and Stinging Shot is perfect in the sideboard for any match-up with a bunch of fliers.

In terms of creatures, I'd replace Shefet Monitor with Baleful Ammit or Crocodile of the Crossing because they're both nice, fat creatures with -1/-1 synergies and they've both got the toughness to act as -1/-1 dorks if necessary.

I love the removal you've included, but maybe try Splendid Agony for the -1/-1 synergies. It's quite high-costed, but it does allow you to distribute two counters between two creatures, meaning you could potentially get 2 triggers off of Hapatra.

Sorry this is so long, hope it helps!

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