Dark Bargain


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Common

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Dark Bargain


Look at the top three card of your library. Put two of them into your hand and the other two into your graveyard. Dark Bargain deals 2 damage to you.

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Dark Bargain Discussion

Sargeras on Seether [Black Devotion]

4 days ago

I'm not too big on standard, but I can already tell you want to be playing vehicles, Aethersphere Harvester and maybe Heart of Kiran seems like a good fit here. They have synergy with Night Market Lookout and are evasive threats.

Dark Bargain and Raiders' Wake seem really bad here.

I personally like Gonti, Lord of Luxury, as you get access to spells in your opponent's deck. You could maybe even play Yargle, Glutton of Urborg if the board gets cleared.

Conditional discard should be in the sideboard. You want to be mainboarding removal, it's what your color does best.

Vraska's Contempt would be good eventually

Strangelove on Muldrotha Recursion-Prototype

5 days ago

Definitely needs Wayfarer's Bauble and Voidmage Prodigy.

Move Nezahal, Primal Tide to Draw. The draw makes him good more than anything... Like another Sphinx.

Glacial Chasm Count it as a land and take a land out. Downsides: Requires Muldrotha in play; Pricey Fog that requires players to run MLD or recurring land removal to answer; Probably not fun/healthy. Idk... I would play it competively, but you might regret having it in casuals.

13 Cuts:

  • Yavimaya Elder I bet you the is going to be annoying and he's 5 mana to run. Muldrotha is going to be under a lot of pressure to get things out when she's alive so he's by himself, really, and blue has good draw... so more baubles imo.

  • World Shaper If the gimmick isn't fun, out with him.

  • Ramunap Excavator I think Muldrotha covers both of these and only good if you hit the dinosaur or oracle.

  • Perpetual Timepiece > Dreamborn Muse > Frantic Search. I would pick one. Probably the one that is worth and easy to cast with Muldrotha.
  • Sultai Charm Versatile, but also conditional. I think we just wheel/loot into the removal we need.

So... we have enough cards that are good when Muldrotha is in play. Lets pretend she's dead (indefinitely)...

  • Compulsive Research "Draw 2"
  • Dark Bargain "Draw 2, lose 2 life"
  • Birthing Pod < Sidisi, Undead Vizier < Final Parting cut two of these. Pod needs you to be creature based and to be built around... I think it interferes too much with the plan and is better with Elves and tokens. The latter two are close. Both want Muldrotha in play, but I think fetching Mimeoplasm or Ooze (or Dark Depths/Hexmage!) with Parting is stronger and less conditional. I love Sidisi though ;(
  • Swan Song and/or Pact of Negation Negation is better if you have lots of counterspells or have to storm. If someone can tap your lands, gg. Sub in Voidmage Prodigy (same thing but reusable).
  • Vedalken Orrery I don't think its worth when it doesn't interact with Muldrotha. You're running ramp and, again, not a lot of counterspells so you can just leave the mana open and spend it elsewhere instead of dumping into Orrery.

Also consider subbing more enchantment removal just to even the slots.

multimedia on Reign of Demons

1 week ago

Hey, I suggest more Demon flavor with reanimation less artifacts, less Marionette Master. This is a great deck name, but needs more Demons and more Demon strategy :)

Consider Rite of Belzenlok, Liliana, Death's Majesty, Dark Bargain and Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip?

Mokan on Rakdos Control

1 week ago

No, not at all :DD I wanted to give you more of a feedback, but I didn't have the time at the moment.

Divest should be a really good addition to your deck, and I'd probably remove the Duress from the mainboard, or at least greatly lower the count, cause it might be a dead draw in a lot of situations (take it from a guy who's been playing playsets of Kitesail Freebooter). Doomfall is also real good hand disruption and takes care of gods. You should definitely put in some copies of Dark Bargain, cause what's a control deck without draw! Also, since you're going for control purely, Shivan Fire might be a lot better than Shock. I think you could definitely use some Noxious Gearhulk and Ravenous Chupacabra action, cause you're a bit lacking in the win conditions department (they're cheap anyway!); on that note - Glorybringer might be a good win con for you as well. Moment of Craving might be very good if you have a lot of aggro in your local meta. If you wanna do the whole curse thingie, you could put some Trespasser's Curse in your sideboard against creature based decks (btw I really don't get your sideboard). Finally, if you're willing to upgrade the deck in the longterm, I suggest you check out SBMtG's Lich's Mastery mono black control list on the youtubz for ideas and directions.

Anywho, happy brewing to you!

awfulitis on Brewer's Torment (Dominaria Update!)

1 week ago

Hey ArcticJohn unfortunately I haven't been able to test out this deck in the new format. I've been super busy at work and have had a lot on my schedule the past couple of weekends. In the one Standard Showdown I was able to make it to I decided to bring a / Control Deck built around Lich's Mastery that I've been tinkering with as a more casual deck. But I will be trying to devote some more time in the coming weeks to this deck as it has a pretty special place in my heart, and will ensure that I regularly update this list with my results and thoughts.

As far as changes are concerned, For a starting point I'm probably just going to make minor quality of life changes. I'd be pretty happy just swapping Painful Lesson with Dark Bargain (as it's basically a strictly better card) and the mainboard Bontu's Last Reckoning for Phyrexian Scriptures (As it can buff and clear the way for the few creatures the deck runs). If you are lucky enough to own a few Karn, Scion of Urzas I'd definitely look to make room for them, repeatable card advantage is something the deck sorely needs.

Depending on how the meta shapes up this list is definitely liable to change dramatically. I am particularly concerned about both Lyra Dawnbringer and the removal suite's poor match up with Mono- Stompy (Steel Leaf Champion in particular). I think that finding the right balance between proactive ways to attack the opponent's hand and answers to threats already on the battlefield will be key to ensuring the deck's survival.

multimedia on Shadow and Flame

2 weeks ago

Hey, it's already been said, draw and looting helps reanimation strategies in the early game.

Consider adding:

Consider cutting:

  • Rage Reflection
  • Deathrender
  • Hammer of Nazahn
  • Conjurer's Closet
  • Panharmonicon

Other suggestions for more early game plays consider: Rakdos Signet, Talisman of Indulgence, Jet Medallion and Ruby Medallion? For lands consider: Blood Crypt, Graven Cairns, Sulfurous Springs and Dragonskull Summit?

Exhume is also a powerful reanimation spell for two mana.

Wintermoon on Victory or Seppuku

3 weeks ago

PedroMarcello Yeah I was actually thinking about adding more card draw into the deck, already put Dark Bargain in there, and will also put Harvester of Souls when I buy one.

predation on

3 weeks ago

21 land, really? And two of them are Cabal Stronghold which require a ton of land in play to start working. Not to mention you run an X spell which won't really do anything unless you have a ton of mana.

Making yourself lose life is very bad. But at least you run Essence Extraction. I would include Battle at the Bridge as well since it provides a way of picking off gods like Hazoret and Rhonas.

The format has Scrapheap Scrounger, Rekindling Pheonix, and creatures with Eternalize, so you want exile effects. Unfortunately most of these are in white. Black just has Vraska's Contempt. Because of that you have to win quickly. You could even maindeck Lost Legacy since it exiles the creatures, you can even hit them before they enter play.

-6 Torments, -3 Sword Point Diplomacy, -3 Dire Fleet Ravager, -8 Duress/Divest

Add 4x Dark Bargain, 4x Battle at the Bridge, and 4-5 more Swamps. Then add some of these:Dread Shade... Josu Vess, Lich Knight ... Liliana, Death's Majesty.

That's just an example of what I might do. I guess all my suggestions just turn the deck into a regular mono black control deck without the pox theme. But maybe that's not a bad thing since from what I can gather MBC is pretty atypical right now.

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