Temporal Extortion


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Planar Chaos Rare

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Temporal Extortion


When you play Temporal Extortion, any player may pay half his or her life, rounded up. If a player does, counter Temporal Extortion.

Take an extra turn after this one.

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Temporal Extortion Discussion

Chandelier on Atraxa Superfriends

16 hours ago

I like your deck a lot. It seems fun for you, not for other people though lol.A couple suggestions, Deepglow Skate and Tezzeret's Gambit would both be really good in this deck. Your mana dorks don't seem to synergize with your deck. I would consider something like Coalition Relic and Gyre Sage in order to maximize the advantage Atraxa gives. Also an Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth should definitely be in your deck if you are trying to run cards like Phyrexian Arena and Temporal Extortion. You could probably include somePropaganda effects too.

Funkydiscogod on Choose Your Own Horrible Adventure!

2 weeks ago

I always thought the most fun "choose" card was Choice of Damnations, but I've had more success with Temporal Extortion.

Dakota on Mono Black

3 weeks ago

List seems pretty tight. Like the lineup. Been thinking about a mono black deck myself. Your thoughts on Dash Hopes or Temporal Extortion ? Prolly always what you don't want it to be in the matchup?

casmiel on Mono Black Aggro

3 weeks ago

Hey, thanks for your comment!

I also considered Dash Hopes, as I really love 'painful choice' cards in the style of Temporal Extortion and Curse of the Cabal. I think it is fine as a casual choice, but it has some issues. It could be OK in game 1 if the opponent doesn't understand the deck yet, but from then on it will be a counterspell if I need a quick clock and a burn spell if I need to save the team from Wrath of God. I could chooice not to play 2 1CMC creatures on turn 2 and hold up Dash Hopes only to find the opponent not playing anything significant on his turn, so I just wasted 4 power on board and I have no Instants to salvage the lost mana. Cards like Dash Hopes always look great on paper, but they never really play out the way one initially planned. That said, I'm not dismissing it entirely, might have to test it out a bit to come to a clear conclusion.

Rzepkanut on Greel, Making you Hate the Game

4 weeks ago

I forgot to suggest Expedition Map that card is important to be able to get your good lands more often. And Palace Siege is another great way to refill your hand each turn to use Greel more easily. I think Mutilate is great in your deck since you actually have very few creatures to worry about killing. Now that I'm looking for cuts maybe forget the Mind Sludge suggestion i made...because my first inclination is getting rid of 1 use discard spells like it and Duress and Persecute. They seem unnecessary with so many other repeatable discard effects in addition to your commander's ability. Other cuts and reasons... Whip of Erebos it exiles and you don't have many creatures to use, Feast on the Fallen there's more efficient ways to kill opponents, Mindcrank mill strategies don't work unless you are all in, Contamination not enough fodder to sacrifice to make it stick, Temporal Extortion opponent always chooses life every time...I guess that could be good still, Sangromancer is just a life gain spell basically, & Sewer Nemesis is okay as a big creature but the mill angle seems pointless. Cheers :D

MRDOOM3 on Oloro, Ageless Potato

1 month ago

Crypt Ghast, in my opinion, is not really useful in this deck, unless there's also Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth.

Exsanguinate is another nice lifedrain card.

Paradox Haze is another card that interacts well with Oloro.

Also, have you considered Pontiff of Blight, along with Divinity of Pride, Serra Ascendant, Blood Baron of Vizkopa, and Test of Endurance?

Koskun Falls is another pillowfort enchantment you can run.

Another life doubler is Boon Reflection.

I also personally do not really like Sublime Exhalation, but since my playgroup tends to play Avacyn, Angel of Hope, you can keep it if you want. I was going to suggest sweepers like Merciless Eviction or Cyclonic Rift.

Vindicate is another nice removal spell, so are Path to Exile and Ashes to Ashes.

A meh spell you can run is Temporal Extortion, although it may not be too great, since giving your opponent choices isn't always too great. You also can try out Quietus Spike and Scytheclaw.

Sorin, Grim Nemesis also interacts well with lifegain decks.

InflateTheToad on Scary Vamps, Much Scare

1 month ago

Ashes to Ashes because removal

Vial Smasher the Fierce just to smash some vials

Temporal Extortion for those extra turns

Sign in Blood for extra cards

mahbucket on It's just a 1/1, Don't worry about it...

2 months ago

After some play testing, I removed Aetherflux Reservoir & Gutless Ghoul because they felt slightly off theme, and too much of a closed combo. In their place I added Temporal Extortion, Slaughter Pact. As well as putting Spawning Pit back in for more free sac outlets, as well as instant speed blockers, and Thief of Blood makes its way to back into the main board as an alternate win condition.

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