Armillary Sphere


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 Common
Planechase 2012 Edition Common
Duel Decks: Venser vs. Koth Common
MTG: Commander Common
Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons Common
Conflux Common

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Armillary Sphere


, , Sacrifice Armillary Sphere: Search your library for up to two basic land cards, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

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Armillary Sphere Discussion

Doktor_wyvern on 5C Superfriends

4 days ago

If your meta has alot of combat matters decks, then instant speed removal is indeed a must. Kodama's Reach could be replaced by Armillary Sphere for a similar effect, but coming down on turn 2 (dodging 3 mana counters) and being an artifact (dodging sorcery hate counters like Flusterstorm) you could also try Crop Rotation to find a non basic land (at the cost of a land) you could also use Land Tax given your land hate. if you blow up all lands, you will probably get a land tax trigger. you could also try Far Wanderings if your deck has threshold consistently enough.

mattuch on Zakupy

2 weeks ago

Posortuj sobie po kolorze: tej licie powinny by wszystkie moje biae karty, przejrzyj se.

Poza tym mam:Tranquil Cove, Blossoming Sands, Thornwood Falls i Evolving Wilds

Tych bym nie bral:Reliquary Tower, Myriad Landscape bo s drogie $$ i nie wiem, czy warte swojej ceny.

Poza tym polecam:Burnished Hart, Everflowing Chalice, Armillary Sphere

Na biaych si w sumie nie znam, wic odnonie reszty si nie wypowiem (chocia commander zajebisty, cho duo mana).

alexsmith21 on The Stepford Cuckoos

1 month ago


So with these suggestions, I really wanted to commit to thoughtful suggestions that compliment your playstyle, upgrade existing cards, and give your deck a chance to set itself up for success.

Starting with lands. I know I preach lands and basics, and part of the reason for that is a deck is only as successful as its mana base. Looking at the basic lay out, you have 35 lands, which is kind of on the low end. In a color-scheme that doesn't land ramp well naturally, so we will work to address this. Current stat, 13 out of 35 of your lands enter tapped, meaning that if you keep a hand of 3 lands, on average 1 will end up entering tapped and with a average CMC of 3.6, this means you might be waiting until turn 4-5 to play a first spell. So we will fix the mana base first. We will do this by addressing lands and mana sources that enter tapped or don't further your goal:

DROP: Alloy Myr; ADD: A basic Land. The reason is because it sits at the top of your curve and needs a turn to activate, thus being prone to a board wipe.

DROP: Rupture Spire and Transguild Promenade; ADD: Exotic Orchard and Myriad Landscape. These multicolor lands actually set you back a turn without realizing it, since you have to pay into them as well. Exotic Orchard plays into your theme and actually gives you access to other colors of mana in your opponents hand. Myriad Landscape can be used to ramp too.

DROP: The guildgates; ADD: The pain lands. Each one of Caves of Koilos, Adarkar Wastes, and Underground River. Great cards that offer mana fixing without a hit to a budget. They also enter untapped, which is the key.

DROP: The Ravnica Karoos; ADD: The Check Lands. Again, a situation kinda like Rupture Spire, this sets you back early game and is unfortunate late game when you have momentum. The check lands, each one of Glacial Fortress, Drowned Catacomb, and Isolated Chapel. They don't enter tapped provided you have a basic land TYPE (key word there). Again, they enter untapped which is important.

OPTIONAL DROP: One of each Basic Land; ADD: The Shock lands. These guys are phenomenal, seriously. If you can swing it, I'd recommend it bigly.

OK! Now that we have hit the mana base, lets look at upgrading some of the utility cards that allow your deck to get the gas it needs in play, things like your ramp spells and tutors, and just generally better versions of what you're running. Since we added and fixed your lands up a bit, we can slow down on all the ramp artifacts. So here are some suggested adds to get more bang for your commander.

DROP: Armillary Sphere; ADD: Darksteel Plate. We took care of the basic function of Armillary Sphere with Myriad Landscape, so this card seems overpriced and slow for the effect now. Expedition Map will fetch you a utility land/Mana fixer and is better, which you already have in here, so lets use this slot to get some protection for your commander. Sen Triplets draw hate by their nature, so having ways to protect them is important. Darksteel Plate keeps them around and forces people to play their board wipes different if they want your gals gone.

DROP: Manalith; ADD: Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots. More protection for the commander. Manalith is redundant and weaker when compared to Darksteel Ingot, making it the subject of the pull. Nuff Said.

SUGGESTED DROP: Annex; ADD: Strionic Resonator. Now hear me out on this one Sen Triplets is a triggered ability, denoted by the "At the beginning..." in the card. Annex may net you a land or remove utility, but copying your commanders ability seems like its more your style. And targeting two players at once has obvious benefits that I don't have to overstate here.

DROP: Beguiler of Wills; ADD: Merieke Ri Berit. With only 15 creatures (after cutting Alloy Myr), the maximum effect you could get from Beguiler of Wills feels limited. The suggestion here is a straight upgrade, non-conditional creature steal. Just gotta keep her tapped. And with added protection from the new protection artifacts, thats easier to do.

SUGGESTED DROP: Memory Plunder; ADD: Stolen Goods. They sit at the same spot on the mana curve, however, and the reason I put suggested here, is the casting cost of Memory Plunder really eats into your colored mana available, whereas Stolen Goods does not. This is more of a preference call but one I wanted to make any way

SUGGESTED DROPS: Thrashing Wumpus + Charisma; ADD: Enchanted Evening + Aura Thief. This fits the comboo here in a similar fashion, however I'd argue the latter is much more powerful and fitting to your deck than the former. Adding a sac outlet like High Market which can be fetched by your Expedition Map ensures that you have your combo. These pieces aside, each of these cards can serve a purpose on the board separately as well.

DROP: Silence; ADD: Anguished Unmaking. Some of the best modern spot removal in the game. Silence is the lesser of the 3 spells that cancel out a person's spell casting ability.

DROP: Grand Arbiter Augustin IV; ADD: Supreme Verdict or Wrath of God. Now this is one where you could probably explain it a bit more to me, but it feels really out of place from the outside looking in. It unnecessarily draws hate when your commander already does that a lot for you. A board wipe here could help.

DROP: Sidisi, Undead Vizier; ADD: Dragonlord Silumgar. Sidisi lets you sac a creature you steal from your opponent, true, but if your commander isn't online or you don't have a large creature presence, its a dead draw. Adding Dragonlord Silumgar actually fits our fairly-heavy planeswalker meta well,or grabs a creature that a player has. Just imagine the look on Eric's face when you pay 6 mana for his 8 mana Ugin

DROP: Memory Lapse; ADD: Counterspell. Strict upgrade.

DROP: Seizan, Perverter of Truth; ADD: Keiga, the Tide Star or Recurring Insight. This one could go either way, depends on preference. I'm recommending cutting Seizan though because its the third effect of Howling Mine and Kami. It lands turn 5 if you have it in your opening hand, and you don't get the benefit until it comes back to you. 2 extra cards is a big deal in our meta as the faster decks just got more answers to kill stuff before it comes back to you. Recurring Insight sits in a similar spot on the curve and allows interaction with another player, and Keiga is a great trap that sits with your "Theft" theme.

DROP: Damnable Pact; ADD: Blue Sun's Zenith. While Damnable Pact gives you a way to deal damage to another player, if you can't kill them with this spell then you just gave them a ton of answers to kill you with or combo out. BSZ performs a similar function, however can be done at instant speed, hit you or another player, and shuffles back into your deck. Another viable option here would be Sphinx's Revelation

DROP: Knight of the White Orchid; ADD: Solemn Simulacrum. Its conditional land search at 2 mana, versus unconditional land search at 4 colorless mana. Sad robot is stronger in this case. Plus, Weathered Wayfarer does the knights job better.

SUGGESTED DROP: Fellwar Stone; ADD: Deep Analysis. Card draw that comes back. With a stronger mana base, less mana rocks is viable. I picked Fellwar Stone because of its effect, however only a suggested drop because I know it plays into your commander's strength. So up to you on this one.

SUGGESTED DROP: Plea for Guidance; ADD: A card draw spell, or another Jank spell of your choice. Plea for Guidance is a nice card, but at 6 mana its almost tapping you out in a given turn to get cards you can't play that turn. You also have 4 other tutors in the deck that give you an enchantment when you need it, so use this slot to play a different jank card that fits your playstyle and theme better.

So this is all I've got for now. Just a few thoughts I had immediately combing the deck. Again, these are all just suggestions and I tried to be cognizant of your playstyle and commit to adding thoughtful suggestions that also wouldn't break the bank.

Some other fun cards I stumbled across that were pure jank when looking for upgrades are below:

Mindleech MassAvarice TotemDomineering WillPreacher (from the dark so obviously you might like it...)Roil ElementalMeasure of Wickedness

Hope this helps!

VraskaTheCursed on Tis The Season For High Treason

2 months ago

hey, just wanted to say that I stumbled across this as I was looking for a Queen Marchesa deck for both playtesting against my deck Heroic Clash (Casual Kynaios and Tiro) and to look for some key cards to add into my own marchesa deck that I plan on making. Love the way this plays, as a casual deck that still has good cards and it was a blast to play against.

As a sidenote, just a couple of suggestions that I can think of: Thalia, Heretic Cathar is pretty cheap now, maybe replace Armillary Sphere (I thought maybe a bit too much ramp as I playtested); Authority of the Consuls may be decent as a second Blind Obedience, and Norn's Annex is definitely really good if you're going for the pillow fort-esque diplomatic playstyle.

Keep it up +1 :)

MoonTurtle7 on Korlash, Heir to the Castle in the Swamp

2 months ago

It's not necessarily ramp, the point is to put as many swamps as possible. the key here is swamps. Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth would be nice, slipped my mind for some reason. (wtf brain?!) Tho Armillary Sphere and Myriad Landscape wouldn't be bad here. tho in hand is a little meh. sol ring is in here, my bad xD I edited this thing to be the same as the one I own at like 3am. Nykthos fills some seeing as it's mono black. (still kinda testing it) Magus of the Coffers adds some to that. So I apologize for some confusion. (especially on sol ring)

JaceTheSwagSculptor on Korlash, Heir to the Castle in the Swamp

2 months ago

Also you claim that mana should not be an issue for Korlash decks yet you run a minimal amount of ramp. This is quite contradictory...There are plenty of decent artifacts and lands you could be running such as Myriad Landscape, Lake of the Dead, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Ancient Tomb, Armillary Sphere, Mind Stone, Thran Dynamo, Gilded Lotus, Sol Ring, and Mana Vault.

joshuaizac on Landfall edh

3 months ago

I like the deck in general...

... after staring at it for a few minutes the things that pop out at me;

you were right to question your mana base. Not just the lands themselves, but 1st off this deck doesn't want mana rocks. Khalni Gem is ok, you could keep Sol Ring, but I wouldn't. All the Signets though....these have no place in this deck at all. You want land fetching cards for ramp. Wayfarer's Bauble and Burnished Hart are pretty good options that don't require green mana to start with for budget Solemn Simulacrum a little less budget. The rest would require green mana options would include cards such as Rampant Growth, Cultivate, Kodama's Reach, Explosive Vegetation, Harrow. Armillary Sphere and Seek the Horizon are also good, but are fetch rather than actual ramp. The lands themselves; You need more basics and a few fetch lands. If you can't afford "the good" fetchlands like most of us, Terramorphic Expanse, Evolving Wilds, Bant Panorama and a Naya Panorama would work just fine. I'd probably get rid of City of Brass, and all the pain lands, and bump your total land count up to 42 lands total.

Creatures; Sakura-Tribe Scout, Skyshroud Ranger, Kiora's Follower are all a little underwhelming. Birds of Paradise great in your opening hand, but also pretty underwhelming after turn 3-4. Sylvan Safekeeper, Grazing Gladehart, Undergrowth Champion and Liege of the Tangle would be better options I think. (just don't make too many of your lands 8/8's with Liege or board wipes will really hurt)

Other things; while Purphoros, God of the Forge is great, Impact Tremors is an underwhelming "win more" card in a deck with few creatures, hoping to go berserk with Meloku or Omnath (even with Perilous Forays). Rites of Flourishing should be in this deck as it gives you card draw you desperately need, and an extra land drop (like several other cards here) even if it does help others...Horn of Greed likes you playing extra lands per turn. (Note this is "play" a land NOT whenever a land comes into play. A LOT of people misread this which is why I clarify.) Splendid Reclamation could be (more) useful in this deck after the changes I proposed ( Sylvan Safekeeper, Liege of the Tangle, fetchlands, ) and would also allow you to get more value out of your Trade Routes. Last but not least, Amulet of Vigor. This card is pretty much MANDATORY for your deck...

...anyways enough of my wall of text, gl & hf

Optimator on Soldiers of Kjeldor

3 months ago

I love the deck!

If I were you I'd add even more mana ramp. Your commander is expensive and will have a huge target on his back. Armillary Sphere, Wayfarer's Bauble, Mind Stone, Hedron Archive, Everflowing Chalice, Worn Powerstone, and Burnished Hart are solid budget options. I would try to squeeze in Oblivion Ring and Banishing Light as well. I personally find their versatility worth their fragility.

Card draw in monowhite isn't easy. It's not quite budget but Well of Lost Dreams is perfect. Avarice Amulet is one of my favorite budget card-draw artifacts but it loses its power with a general that comes out so late.

On a budget Mask of Avacyn is okay protection. Might allow your commander to attack with more frequency.

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