Carnival of Souls


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Urza's Destiny (UDS) Rare

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Carnival of Souls


Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, you lose 1 life and add (Black) to your mana pool.

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Carnival of Souls Discussion

EarthBound33 on Blood Artist Sacrifice Deck (Turn 1 Win)

1 week ago

Thanks for the comments guys! Glad you liked the deck. I really like playing it and it keeps getting more and more consistent every time I tweak it. I really appreciate the suggestions. While I do agree that Blood Pet and Cremate are probably the weakest cards in the deck right now, I really don't want to take out Doomsday because it just wins me the game so consistently. Infernal Contract looks really fun I think that'd be a good fit for this deck, maybe I could use that for my card draw instead of Cremate. Blood Pet really helps me when I'm having a hard time drawing lands. He's basically just a Swamp for me that also triggers Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat when I sacrifice him. I even profit mana when Carnival of Souls in in play because I get one when he enters AND another one when I sacrifice him with his ability. Diabolic Intent looks like a really cool card for this deck too, but for that kind of money I'd probably just get Entombs, because 90% of the time the last card I'm looking for is Gravecrawler, and for one less mana and not having to sacrifice a creature I can just put him in my graveyard, which is where he belongs anyway. That reminds me, do you know of any good 1 drop zombies that I could use to ensure I can always play Gravecrawler? Carrion Feeder was really the only good one I could find and he's incredibly good in this deck because not only can I use him to play Gravecrawler from my graveyard, I can also sacrifice him to him as well (for only 1 mana it seems almost too good to be true). Thanks again for the comments guys. I really appreciate it.

SupremeSnowSpork42 on Infinite combo challenge

1 month ago

Mycosynth Lattice + Artificer's Hex + Karn, Silver Golem Krark-Clan Ironworks+ Gemstone Array + Enduring Renewal + Carnival of Souls + any equipment + Reckless Fireweaver

  1. Have all the cards above on the field
  2. activate karn turning hex into a creature
  3. sac the hex to ironworks floating 2 mana, hex comes back do to renewal
  4. with the 2 floating mana put a charge counter on the Gemstone Array, remove the counter from array adding a black mana to pool
  5. cast the hex again triggering the carnival of souls
  6. use the mana from the carnival of souls to activate karn ability targeting hex
  7. repeat steps 2-6 with the highest life total to win do to Reckless Fireweaver triggers.

Now use the card Radiate

chadsansing on Elenda, the Dusk Rose

2 months ago

Spawning Pit looks great here. Have you ever tested with Gemstone Array as another mana sink with Ashnod's Altar? Carnival of Souls, Bitterblossom, and Comeuppance might also be fun here. You might also like Karlov of the Ghost Council.

Happy brewing!

chadsansing on Edgar Markov's Vampires and The Light

2 months ago

Herald's Horn, Metallic Mimic, Mirror Entity, Butcher of Malakir, Stoneforge Masterwork, Voldaren Pariah  Flip, and Viscera Seer come to mind. Settle the Wreckage and/or Comeuppance. Or, if you want to upset two opponents at once, Fight to the Death. Impact Tremors.

I'm also really curious about testing Carnival of Souls in vampire tribal. Working on a list at Markov's Token Buffet.

Have fun!

ERoss8 on There will be no absolution.

2 months ago


Thanks for looking over the deck! Carnival of Souls seems pretty good, but I dont know what to cut for it, and I already have a good amount of cards Im looking to make space for, without much space. Pretty nice card though, and at least a consideration I havent thought of.

chadsansing on There will be no absolution.

2 months ago

Super dope.

I've been thinking of playing Carnival of Souls in a deck like this - thoughts?

polyglitch on Occult Athreos

2 months ago

Consider adding Carnival of Souls and Black Market.

Triton on You Can Call Me Grandaddy

3 months ago

hoardofnotions I could cut the Monument pretty easy, my thoughts were since a majority of my creatures are black, most of their mana costs are lowered. It's nice for an aggro deck, but I may cut it.

After thinking about it, Door of Destinies is pretty slow for what it does and has no immediate impact, so I'll cut it for Reconnaissance. Same goes for Well of Lost Dreams, as I'm slowly going away from the life drain part of the deck. I'll cut the latter for Read the Bones.

Bxbx Carnival of Souls looks interesting, and sadly I don't have the money for Urza's Incubator. I may consider Bloodflow Connoisseur from the vampires you've mentioned, I don't really care for those effects too much in EDH but I may change my mind if they prove effective.

Thanks for the suggestions and upvote!

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